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About Brett Mitchell - RotoBaller

Brett Mitchell - RotoBaller has written 18 articles so far, you can find them below.

Using FAAB Strategically to Make a Playoff Run

The myth that using all of your FAAB early will hurt you toward the end of the season. We’ve all heard it many times before from analysts, league mates, the voice in our heads. What are you saving that FAAB for? I’ve even written about using your FAAB early if you have a losing record... Read More

8 months ago

Prep for the Playoffs With #AllBenchRB

What’s up RotoBallers? I’m back to remind you of a topic that happens to be relevant each and every week and that is a strategy I’ve coined #AllBenchRB. I’ll give you a quick reminder of the strategy and then get to what we all care about - how to apply the strategy to your roster... Read More

8 months ago

Using the #AllBenchRB Strategy

I apologize to my millions of fans for my absence these past few weeks. I was busy completing an Ironman whilst studying for the Mensa exam. During my training and study breaks, I pondered a topic I wrote about last year that I coined #AllBenchRB. I submitted my analysis to the Mensa Board, who instantly... Read More

9 months ago

How to Trade in Fantasy and Win at Life

One of the greatest, yet underutilized tools of roster management is trading. There are teams in every league with varying strengths, weaknesses and records and therefore unrealized trade opportunities to be had. But trading is infrequent in most leagues and I implore we join together as a powerful community of nerds to change the paradigm.... Read More

10 months ago

Early Season Roster Savvy

Whether you have a winning or losing record, it is imperative that you follow a roster strategy rather than simply winging it on the wire over every highly-touted player. In-season roster management is paramount to winning titles. That’s right, it is even more important than the draft. So, check out the following tactics to stay... Read More

10 months ago

Last-Minute Draft Strategies

Lucky Fantasy Players! Why are you lucky? Because it's draft time. Is there a better time of the season? It's like Friday night with the whole weekend ahead of us. Or the first day of an amazing vacation. And most of you will screw it up. Let me guess, you're going to draft best value... Read More

11 months ago

The Deep Stack - How to Win Your League by Watching One Game on Sundays

Zero RB, WR Value, Best Player Available, Valued Based Drafting, Team Constitution and on and on. What strategy have you locked yourself into come this year’s draft? There is validity to each and every one of these along with analysts and corresponding data to help you along the way. But I have a strategy that... Read More

11 months ago

Boom or Bust that ADP

Last year I wrote about the seismic shift that took place amidst the RB renaissance and coined the concept #AllBenchRB. This year, I'm starting off with a new concept called #BBADP, which stands for Boom/Bust ADP. You see, I think rankings and ADPs are limited. The range of outcomes for two players juxtaposed in ADP... Read More

12 months ago

The Million Dollar Question - RB or WR in 2018?

What’s up fantasy Jabronis?  I’m taking a stab at answering the biggest question of all: What is the meaning of life? Is there life on other planets? What does wearing pleated pants in today's age say about you? Nope. You’ll have to ask el Camello or Raphstradamus about the pants.  But I am here to... Read More

1 year ago

Risk it All to Win it All - Fantasy Playoff Hail Marys

If you’ve made the playoffs, you’re either a Have or Have Not. You’re either a team that feels confident having seen your team boom over the past few weeks, or you’ve limped in with some luck and face an uphill battle against juggernaut teams. Are you really going to put that same team out there that... Read More

2 years ago

Defying Logic - Scrubs Over Stars for Week 10

Not only have we heard this argument on podcasts, websites and among fellow fantasy football players, but we go through it in our heads every single week. Hopefully by this point in the season, you have established a bench with some worthy starters and are afforded the privilege of even considering such a blasphemous concept as... Read More

2 years ago

Is Zero RB Actually Working in 2017?

Zero RB truthers (that’s me) - this article is for you. Did you do the right thing by sticking to your guns after a rough go in 2016? If you were savvy/lucky enough to select the right WRs in the first 4-5 rounds (Antonio Brown, Tyreek Hill, DeAndre Hopkins, Brandin Cooks, Michael Crabtree, Larry Fitzgerald,... Read More

2 years ago

Doubling Down on All-RB Bench in Week 8

Consider this article like the movie Paranormal Activity or the second season of Mr. Robot. There’s going to be a lot of build-up until you die or wake up in prison. If you really want to jump the gun because you don’t have the time to read my article (you’re a busy and important fantasy... Read More

2 years ago

Say Goodbye to "Your Guys" - Trade to Win in Week 8

Trading is hard. People looooove their guys and love big names. The tendency is for us to evaluate players based on potential over reality. “Wait, you want to trade who for LeSean McCoy? He was the RB4 last year!” “Julio is still a target monster and will finish with eight TD!” Other common responses include... Read More

2 years ago

Going Extreme with All Bench RB in Week 7

Zero RB is a widely discussed strategy that I happen to buy into.  I love the WR position and don’t enjoy the injury risk at RB, therefore avoiding the use of my high draft capital on the position. Today I’d like to discuss a strategy that compliments Zero RB very well but can also apply... Read More

2 years ago

N-JO-KU NOW! - Why You Should Add David Njoku This Week

You need to grab David Njoku now. You should have grabbed him last week, because his breakout potential for week 6 was high. Fortunately for you, he did not deliver and is still available in nearly 90% of Yahoo leagues. Here is your opportunity to pick up a player a week or two early and... Read More

2 years ago

Fantasy Football Hacks - Sneaky Loopholes to Give You an Advantage

Where there are rules, there are loopholes. There are ways to implement sneaky strategies that could either be viewed as genius or sketchy.  The two questions are: 1) How far are you willing to go to get an advantage in your league?  2) How long can you keep it going until others pick up on... Read More

2 years ago

What’s Your Record? Winning Strategies for Week 6

If you’re hanging with models and bottles while clocking in and out, you are out of your lane. And if you are holding on to David Johnson with a 2-3 record, yes you too are way out of your lane. Your roster construction should be reflective of your record throughout the season, period. To put... Read More

2 years ago