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PrizePicks DFS Prop Picks Tool - Over/Under Props


PrizePicks DFS Tool - Over/Under Prop Picks

Select from the various sports and DFS props contests on PrizePicks.

Once you select the prop, compare the PrizePicks prop line vs. the PrizePicks projection, and see which over/under picks we like best.


PrizePicks DFS Props Tool Overview

PrizePicks offers various DFS props contests, where you pick over/under on their props. If you pick right, you win. The more props you pair together, the higher the payouts. This PrizePicks DFS tools shows various props and lines from PrizePicks, compared to our PrizePicks DFS projections.


PrizePicks DFS Projections - Powering The Props Tool

Our PrizePicks DFS projections will show whether we think the pick should be "over" or "under" for any line. For example PrizePicks may have a strikeout props for a pitcher, with a line of five strikeouts. Since the tool's projections show seven strikeouts, our pick would be "over" on that prop.


Which Sports Are Supported In PrizePicks DFS Props Tool?

The PrizePicks DFS Props Tool supports NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL props. Simply select any of the four sports, and you will see a list of various props for that day's games.


PrizePicks MLB Props Contests

PrizePicks offers a variety of MLB props, and the PrizePicks DFS Props tool provides recommended picks for: Earned Runs Allowed, H + R + RBI, Hits Allowed, Hitter Fantasy Points, Outs recorded, Pitcher Fantasy Points, Runs Scored, Strikeouts, Total Bases, Walks Allowed.


PrizePicks NBA Props Contests

PrizePicks offers a variety of NBA props, and the PrizePicks DFS Props tool provides recommended picks for: 3-Point Field Goals, Assists, BLK+STL, Blocks, Fantasy Points, Free Throws, PTS+AST, PTS+AST+RB, PTS+RB, Points, RB+AST, Steals, Total Rebounds, Turnovers