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Eric Cross' Top 100 Dynasty Prospect Rankings for Fantasy Baseball (May 2024)

Wyatt Langford - Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Draft Sleepers, MLB Prospects

It's hard to believe that we're already over a month into the season. At this point, all minor league levels are in full swing outside of the Dominican Summer League, and we're starting to see plenty of player movement up and down prospect rankings. This first in season upside is always an exciting one as new seasons bring new breakouts, new struggles, and new data to work with.

These rankings are geared toward standard 5x5 leagues (AVG) and consider many factors, including performance to date, scouting grades, future projection, and video and data analysis. Or, as I like to call it... PPP. Which stands for profile, performance, projection.

While these rankings are more slanted towards long-term fantasy value, proximity and short-term value do play a part in where a prospect lands in my rankings. If you want to see the full Top-500, then head on over to my Patreon!

Be sure to check all of our fantasy baseball lineup tools and weekly lineup resources:


Top 100 Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Prospects

Prospect notes and analysis can be found following the rankings table below.

Prospect Eligibility: Less than 130 MLB AB or 50 IP (I'm ignoring service time)

Rankings Updated: May 9th, 2024

Rank Player Position Team Age ETA Prev
1 Wyatt Langford OF TEX 22.47 Debuted 1
2 Jackson Holliday SS BAL 20.41 Debuted 2
3 Jackson Chourio OF MIL 20.15 Debuted 3
4 Junior Caminero 3B TBR 20.83 Debuted 4
5 James Wood OF WAS 21.63 2024 9
6 Jordan Lawlar SS ARI 21.80 Debuted 5
7 Coby Mayo 3B BAL 22.40 2024 11
8 Paul Skenes P PIT 21.93 2024 21
9 Dylan Crews OF WAS 21.86 2024 6
10 Noelvi Marte 3B CIN 22.55 Debuted 10
11 Colt Emerson SS/2B SEA 18.79 2025 42
12 Chase DeLauter OF CLE 22.57 2024 8
13 Jasson Dominguez OF NYY 21.24 Debuted 12
14 Spencer Jones OF NYY 22.97 2024 19
15 Matt Shaw SS/2B CHC 22.49 2024 17
16 Jackson Jobe P DET 21.76 2024 15
17 Walker Jenkins OF MIN 19.20 2026 14
18 Kyle Manzardo 1B CLE 23.80 2024 28
19 Carson Williams SS TBR 20.86 2024 37
20 Samuel Basallo C/1B BAL 19.72 Brock 18
21 Joey Loperfido OF/1B/2B HOU 24.98 Debuted 47
22 Jared Jones P PIT 20.76 Debuted 86
23 Andy Pages OF LAD 23.40 Debuted 96
24 Cade Horton P CHC 22.70 2024 25
25 Emmanuel Rodriguez OF MIN 21.18 2025 36
26 Jordan Beck OF COL 23.04 Debuted 63
27 Lazaro Montes OF SEA 19.53 2025 30
28 Colt Keith 2B/3B DET 22.72 Debuted 13
29 Jackson Merrill OF SDP 21.04 Debuted 20
30 Harry Ford C SEA 21.20 2025 35
31 Roman Anthony OF BOS 19.97 2025 22
32 Heston Kjerstad OF BAL 25.23 Debuted 55
33 Andrew Painter P PHI 21.07 2025 29
34 Graham Pauley 3B SDP 23.61 Debuted 46
35 Tyler Black 1B/3B MIL 23.77 Debuted 48
36 Max Clark OF DET 19.37 2026 33
37 Tyler Locklear 1B SEA 23.44 2024 39
38 Brock WIlken 3B MIL 21.88 2025 34
39 Christian Scott P NYM 24.89 2024 85
40 Jett Williams SS NYM 20.50 2025 23
41 Adael Amador 2B/SS COL 21.06 2025 16
42 Pete Crow-Armstrong OF CHC 22.11 Debuted 26
43 Jonatan Clase OF SEA 21.95 Debuted 72
44 Marcelo Mayer SS BOS 21.39 2024 49
45 Owen Caissie OF CHC 21.82 2024 31
46 Abimelec Ortiz 1B TEX 22.20 2025 41
47 Robby Snelling P SDP 20.37 2025 43
48 Brooks Lee SS MIN 23.22 2024 53
49 Ronny Mauricio 2B/SS NYM 23.08 Debuted 54
50 Brady House 3B WAS 20.92 2025 56
51 Luisangel Acuna 2B,SS NYM 22.15 2024 45
52 Thomas Saggese 2B/3B STL 22.06 2024 57
53 Ricky Tiedemann P TOR 21.71 2024 32
54 Kevin Alcantara OF CHC 21.81 2025 59
55 Joendry Vargas SS LAD 18.48 2026 60
56 Jacob Misiorowski P MIL 22.09 2024 62
57 Colson Montgomery SS CHW 22.18 2024 51
58 Ben Rice C/1B NYY 25.20 2024 78
59 Victor Scott II OF STL 23.22 Debuted 38
60 Gabriel Gonzalez OF MIN 20.09 2025 68
61 Drew Gilbert OF NYM 23.60 2024 40
62 Xavier Isaac 1B TBR 20.38 2025 44
63 Hector Rodriguez OF CIN 20.15 2025 69
64 Blake Dunn OF CIN 25.66 2024 50
65 Connor Norby 2B BAL 23.90 2024 74
66 Rhett Lowder P CIN 22.16 2025 94
67 Aidan Miller 3B,SS PHI 19.90 2026 107
68 Ricardo Cabrera SS CIN 19.50 2025 83
69 Roderick Arias SS NYY 19.65 2026 76
70 Orelvis Martinez 2B TOR 22.46 2024 136
71 Leo De Vries SS SDP 17.54 2027 77
72 Joey Ortiz 2B/SS MIL 25.81 Debuted 75
73 Tink Hence P STL 21.74 2025 112
74 Zach Dezenzo 3B HOU 23.98 2024 80
75 Ethan Salas C SDP 17.92 2026 67
76 Noah Schultz P CHW 20.75 2025 106
77 Josue De Paula OF LAD 18.94 2026 81
78 Noble Meyer P MIA 19.31 2026 70
79 Eduardo Quintero OF LAD 18.63 2026 84
80 Max Meyer P MIA 25.15 Debuted 130
81 Jace Jung 2B DET 23.58 2024 95
82 Dustin Harris OF TEX 24.83 2024 210
83 Hurston Waldrep P ATL 22.18 2024 58
84 James Triantos 2B CHC 21.26 2024 102
85 Dylan Beavers OF BAL 22.73 2024 98
86 Dalton Rushing C/1B LAD 23.20 2024 113
87 Owen Murphy P ATL 20.60 2025 229
88 Sebastian Walcott SS TEX 18.14 2026 66
89 Jefferson Rojas SS CHC 19.02 2026 128
90 Cam Collier 3B CIN 19.45 2025 127
91 Drew Thorpe P CHW 23.59 2024 100
92 Ralphy Velazquez C/1B CLE 18.93 2026 176
93 Jairo Iriarte P CHW 22.38 2025 124
94 Felnin Celesten SS SEA 18.63 2026 103
95 Jacob Melton OF HOU 23.66 2024 104
96 Addison Barger SS/3B/OF TOR 24.48 Debuted 155
97 Jaison Chourio OF CLE 18.96 2025 173
98 Samuel Zavala OF CHW 19.80 2025 65
99 Dylan Lesko P SDP 20.67 2025 82
100 Termarr Johnson 2B/SS PIT 19.89 2025 73

Top 10 Prospect Rankings By Position

Rank Catcher 1st Base 2nd Base 3rd Base
1 Samuel Basallo Kyle Manzardo Colt Emerson Junior Caminero
2 Harry Ford Samuel Basallo Matt Shaw Coby Mayo
3 Ben Rice Joey Loperfido Joey Loperfido Noelvi Marte
4 Ethan Salas Tyler Black Colt Keith Colt Keith
5 Dalton Rushing Tyler Locklear Adael Amador Graham Pauley
6 Ralphy Velazquez Abimelec Ortiz Ronny Mauricio Tyler Black
7 Moises Ballesteros Ben Rice Luisangel Acuna Brock Wilken
8 Austin Wells Xavier Isaac Thomas Saggese Brady House
9 Alfredo Duno Dalton Rushing Connor Norby Thomas Saggese
10 Kyle Teel Ralphy Velazquez Orelvis Martinez Aidan Miller


Rank Shortstop Outfield Pitcher
1 Jackson Holliday Wyatt Langford Paul Skenes
2 Jordan Lawlar Jackson Chourio Jackson Jobe
3 Colt Emerson James Wood Jared Jones
4 Matt Shaw Dylan Crews Cade Horton
5 Carson Williams Chase DeLauter Andrew Painter
6 Jett Williams Jasson Dominguez Christian Scott
7 Adael Amador Spencer Jones Robby Snelling
8 Marcelo Mayer Walker Jenkins Ricky Tiedemann
9 Brooks Lee Joey Loperfido Jacob Misiorowski
10 Ronny Mauricio Andy Pages Rhett Lowder


Fantasy Baseball Prospect Rankings Notes

Dylan Crews, Washington Nationals

For now, Dylan Crews holds a spot in my Top 10 overall, but that's not going to last much longer unless he turns his season around in the coming weeks. In 83 plate appearances this season, Crews is slashing .236/.317/.458 with a 34.9% strikeout rate. And since arriving in Double-A late last season, he's only hit .222 at the level in 39 games. It's a small sample size, and I'm not going to drop him too far yet as I'm a believer in the hit/power/approach blend he showed at LSU, but Crews' rising strikeout rate is a bit concerning.

Lazaro Montes, Seattle Mariners

After slashing .303/.440/.560 between the Complex Level and Lo-A in 2023, Lazaro Montes' encore this season has been equally as impressive. In 27 games for Lo-A Modesto, Montes is currently slashing .327/.432/.564 with six doubles, six home runs, and as many walks as strikeouts (19). Despite the high averages, Montes' contact rates are still on the lower side and continue to create some long-term concern. However, even if he can just get to around a 70% contact rate, Montes could be a middle of the order force when you factor in his massive power upside and rock-solid approach at the plate. His stock is trending up in a hurry.

Harry Ford, Seattle Mariners vs Ethan Salas, San Diego Padres

There's plenty of discussion right now surrounding who the top catching prospect is. If you think Samuel Basallo will stick at the position (I don't), then he'd be my #1. Outside of him, the next two in the mix are Seattle's Harry Ford and San Diego's Ethan Salas. When I put a poll up for these two on Twitter last week, Salas won the poll with 60.7% of the vote. If you were ranking for real life and wanted to put Salas ahead of Ford, I wouldn't gripe about it. But for fantasy-focused prospect rankings, I sure as heck will.

We need to remember what a particular set of rankings are for and for fantasy, Ford is solidly ahead of Salas in my rankings. Let's start with the fact that there's a significant speed difference between the two with Ford grading as a plus runner and Salas more as an average to slightly below average runner long-term. Sure. Salas could provide a handful of steals, but Ford has been and should continue to be a player that provides more than 20 steals annually thanks to his plus speed and elite OBP abilities.

That's the other area that Ford stands out in over Salas. It's still too early to truly tell what type of OBP range Salas will settle in at, but it's probably not going to be the .400-.425 range that Ford is at. And for the bats, I think they're going to be closer than people thing. I'd be fine with someone projecting a slightly better bat for Salas, but at the moment, my mindset is that they're both going to be around 55-hit and 55-power long-term. Yes, I'm still a believer in more consistent power coming from Ford and he's shown glimpses of that level of power upside over the last couple of seasons.

Even if Ford is a slightly better bat, I don't believe it will be enough of an edge to offset the higher OBP and additional speed that Ford brings to the table.

Roman Anthony, Boston Red Sox

After seeing Roman Anthony several times between the end of 2023 and so far this season, my long-term outlook on him isn't all sunshine and rainbows as it was last summer. To put it simply, Anthony's swing decisions have been subpar, to say the least. He's been chasing plenty of breaking pitches below the zone and taking fastballs over the heart of the plate. Sure, he's walking at a solid clip, but the 31.9% strikeout rate is becoming rather concerning. I'm not going to drastically drop him down my rankings yet, but he did drop nine spots this month and will continue to slide if I don't see some improvements from him in the areas outlined above.

With that said, there's still plenty of upside here with Anthony, so I wouldn't necessarily be rushing to sell him in dynasty leagues.

Adael Amador, Colorado Rockies

I've always thought that Adael Amador was underrated due to his lack of big power or speed. He's always been a fringe-average power/speed guy, but I thought he could still project to 15-20 homers thanks to Coors Field and his elite blend of contact and approach. Well, maybe not.

In 2024, Amador is still showing an elite approach with more walks (18) than strikeouts (16) and has 11 steals in 23 games, but he's doing absolutely nothing with the bat, currently hitting .124 with a .136 SLG, .012 ISO, and a whopping one extra-base hit (double). I'm not one to think an elite hitter magically stops being an elite hitter, so I'd be willing to buy low on Amador right now in dynasty leagues given how far his perceived value has dropped.

Owen Murphy, Atlanta Braves

Outside of Jared Jones, the most notable pitching riser in my May update was Atlanta's Owen Murphy. In six starts this season for Hi-A Rome, Murphy has recorded a 1.82 ERA, 0.78 WHIP, 9% walk rate, and a 36.6% strikeout rate. That's a lofty 27.6% K-BB rate, which is up 6.4% from his already impressive 21.2% mark in 2023. It's becoming a real three-horse race in the Atlanta system between Murphy, AJ Smith-Shawver, and Hurston Waldrep to see who will be the best arm moving forward. And at this point, the momentum is shifting heavily towards Murphy thanks to his three above-average to plus pitches and above-average command and control.

Ralphy Velazquez, Cleveland Guardians

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll already know that I've tweeted about Ralphy Velazquez a few times this season. So it should come as no surprise that he's risen considerably up my rankings and into my Top 100 overall. Velazquez has six home runs in 25 games so far for Lo-A Lynchburg along with a .276/.345/.486 slash line.

The bat is going to need to stand out as Velazquez is a 1B/DH long-term, but I certainly believe it will. Velazquez projects as an above-average hitter with plus or better raw power and he's shown a decent approach as well. The major question though is where does he fit in long-term with Bo Naylor, Josh Naylor, and Kyle Manzardo already in the picture in Cleveland.

Termarr Johnson, Pittsburgh Pirates

Rounding things out at spot #100 this month is Pittsburgh Pirates second base prospect, Termarr Johnson. And honestly, I probably should've dropped him further. After slashing .244/.422/.438 in 2023, Johnson has struggled to the tune of a .171/.373/.239 slash line this season in 118 plate appearances. He's always walked a ton and probably always will, but the rest of the profile is a giant question mark. When drafted, Johnson was considered a hit over power prospect and subsequently sold out for power in 2023. Now, he's struggling to make contact or hit for power. Will he ever be able to find that happy medium? I'm not so sure.


If you enjoyed these rankings and want to see the full Top 500 along with additional rankings, analysis, and more, check out Eric's Toolshed Fantasy Patreon.

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It is important to know the difference between PPR (points per reception) and standard scoring leagues (no points per reception) when deciding to take a tight end in your 2024 fantasy football drafts. While standard leagues concentrate primarily on yards and touchdowns, PPR leagues have an extra reward for receptions. Tight ends who are continually... Read More

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One-Hit Wonder? Recent Fantasy Football Breakouts to Sell in 2024 Dynasty Leagues

There’s nothing more fun than watching a player have a breakout season on your dynasty fantasy football team. It can be the ace in the hole needed to capture that elusive dynasty championship. While we have seen breakout performances launch players into superstardom, there are also times when they fizzle out after a banner year.... Read More

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Three Fantasy Football Rookies To Target In 2024 FFPC Best Ball Drafts

While we aren't yet close to the traditional draft season for fantasy football redraft leagues, June is here, which means best ball drafts are shifting into high gear. Several fantasy football sites have already released their flagship contests, including one of the most popular sites in the game: Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC). If you... Read More