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About Rick Lucks - RotoBaller

Hello fellow Rotoballers! I'm a guy that was reading fantasy baseball magazines before I was old enough to legally play. Now that I am, lets win some leagues together!

Rick Lucks - RotoBaller has written 565 articles so far, you can find them below.

Exit Velocity (EV): Using Sabermetrics For 2024 Fantasy Baseball

If you've watched a baseball broadcast in the Statcast era, you have undoubtedly noticed the broadcasters commenting on a batted ball's exit velocity or EV. Many have taken to using stats like Hard% and Soft% to forecast how a player should be performing, expecting larger Hard% rates to produce larger BABIP and HR/FB figures. There... Read More

1 hour ago

Ryan Noda - Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Draft Sleepers, MLB Injury News

Rick Lucks' 2024 Fantasy Baseball Bold Predictions

Eric Cross kicked off our 2024 fantasy baseball bold predictions series, and now I'm going to build on that momentum and share 10 bold predictions of my own. As a reminder, bold predictions aren't supposed to be likely outcomes but long shots with a purpose. My predictions in particular all do one of two things.... Read More

24 hours ago

James Outman - Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Draft Sleepers, MLB Prospects News

MiLB Stats: Using Sabermetrics For 2024 Fantasy Baseball

Once you've grown accustomed to having advanced tools to help make fantasy decisions, it can feel disorientating to be without them. Prospects are increasingly becoming a focal point in both real and fantasy baseball, but the minors simply don't have all of the data available for MLB players. For example, advanced plate discipline stats, Pitch... Read More

1 week ago

charlie blackmon fantasy baseball rankings draft sleepers outfield MLB DFS lineup picks

Park Factors: Using Sabermetrics For 2024 Fantasy Baseball

If you have ever selected a streamable pitcher based on a home park or benched an otherwise must-start arm at Coors Field, you already know how much a stadium can impact a player's bottom line. Ballpark factors quantify the influence each stadium has, allowing you to make the most of your fantasy team's real-life schedule.... Read More

1 week ago

Intro To NL/AL-Only Leagues: Draft Strategies for Fantasy Baseball

If you're looking to liven up your fantasy baseball experience, trying your hand at an Only league could be a great way to bring a fresh perspective to one of your favorite pastimes. While standard mixed leagues are largely a race to accumulate as many elite performers as possible, Only leagues allow gamers to demonstrate... Read More

2 weeks ago

Spencer Strider fantasy baseball rankings waiver wire pickups draft sleepers starting pitchers

Pitch Info: Using Sabermetrics for 2024 Fantasy Baseball

One of the most fundamental questions in fantasy sports is if a player's current performance is sustainable. More than any other sport, baseball has many statistical measures that can be dissected in numerous ways to analyze player performance. Pitch Info is a public pitch tracking system providing a lot of data to help fantasy managers... Read More

2 weeks ago

Corbin Carroll - Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Draft Sleepers, MLB Injury News

Batting Order: Using Sabermetrics for 2024 Fantasy Baseball

You may be wondering why there aren't any advanced stats aimed at predicting a player's counting stats like runs and RBI. The answer is simple: modern sabermetrics reject the idea of a "clutch RBI guy" and therefore do not bother inventing predictive metrics for it. Runs and RBI are team-dependent stats and are unhelpful in ascertaining... Read More

3 weeks ago

Pull%: Using Sabermetrics for 2024 Fantasy Baseball

We have previously determined that fantasy managers generally prefer batters to hit the ball into the air to have a chance at a home run. Yet, all fly balls are not equal for this purpose. A player can maximize his power production by pulling the ball in the air. One way to illustrate this is... Read More

3 weeks ago

justin verlander fantasy baseball rankings pitchers draft sleepers MLB injury news

Pitcher BABIP: Using Sabermetrics for 2024 Fantasy Baseball

While FIP is a useful tool to predict a pitcher's future ERA performance, fantasy managers should remember that ERA, not FIP, is what matters in most formats. This means that we are interested in the "luck" that separates the two statistics. While some of this luck is unpredictable, we can and should predict some of... Read More

4 weeks ago

FIP/xFIP: Using Sabermetrics for 2024 Fantasy Baseball

While we've only examined how to evaluate hitters using advanced stats thus far, sabermetrics are just as useful for pitchers. The first advanced pitching stat most fantasy managers encounter is Fielding Independent Pitching or FIP. FIP measures a pitcher's actual skill instead of the effects of luck or his supporting cast. According to DIPS (Defense... Read More

1 month ago

Plate Discipline: Using Sabermetrics for 2024 Fantasy Baseball

No matter how high a particular player's BABIP may be, his average will be mediocre at best if he strikes out too much. This is why fantasy managers have known for years that players like Joey Gallo are potential drains on a fantasy team's batting average. Furthermore, players who whiff a lot tend to continue... Read More

1 month ago

Hitter Batted Ball Distribution: Using Sabermetrics for 2024 Fantasy Baseball

Fly balls can turn into home runs. Ground balls never do. It would seem as though fantasy baseball managers want their batters to hit nothing but flies, yet this is not always the case. Why would this be? The answer, of course, comes down to batted ball distribution. The league average batted ball distribution in... Read More

1 month ago

Shohei Ohtani - Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Draft Sleepers, MLB Injury News

HR/FB: Using Sabermetrics for 2024 Fantasy Baseball

Using BABIP to predict a player's batting average is great. Batting average is a category in many league formats, and every hit is an opportunity to steal a base or score a run. Most fantasy managers find the long ball sexier, though. Every HR comes with a guaranteed run scored and at least one RBI.... Read More

1 month ago

Batter BABIP: Using Sabermetrics for 2024 Fantasy Baseball

The most accessible of the fantasy-relevant advanced stats is BABIP, or Batting Average on Balls In Play. It simply measures a player's batting average on balls in play, with outcomes such as strikeouts and home runs removed from consideration. In general, the league average hovers around .300, a nice round number to remember. However, it... Read More

2 months ago

Introduction: Using Sabermetrics for Fantasy Baseball 2024

Hello fellow RotoBallers! Sabermetrics have become an integral tool for fantasy baseball draft prep, but a concise resource for understanding the basics can be difficult to find. This series will attempt to define and explain all of the metrics fantasy managers may find useful, citing examples of how to use them in the process. Multiple... Read More

2 months ago

tyler o'neill fantasy baseball rankings draft sleeper MLB injury news

Will Tyler O'Neill Hit a TON in Beantown? Fantasy Baseball Outlook

While the world waited to see where Shohei Ohtani would sign, a handful of teams concentrated on smaller moves. One of the best examples is the Boston Red Sox, who swapped minor-league pitchers Nick Robertson and Victor Santos to the St. Louis Cardinals for 28-year-old outfielder Tyler O'Neill on December 8. Tyler O'Neill enjoyed a... Read More

2 months ago

Zack Gelof - fantasy baseball draft sleepers DFS MLB injury news

Champ or Chump: Me!

Throughout the season, we've explored numerous players in this column and attempted to predict whether they would be worthwhile fantasy assets. Now that the regular season is over, the verdict is in. In this article, we'll look at every player that appeared in this column in 2023. Each player will include the date of publication... Read More

5 months ago

fantasy baseball prospects MLB prospects rookies call-ups

Joe Boyle: Champ or Chump for Fantasy Baseball?

We're down to the final week of the 2023 fantasy baseball season, and anything could happen. A great player could have a miserable week and cost you a fantasy title. An awful player could hit five homers and win you a title. Who knows? Analyzing a player's track record is the best we can do... Read More

5 months ago

fantasy baseball prospects MLB prospects rookies call-ups

Sawyer Gipson-Long: Champ or Chump for Fantasy Baseball?

If your fantasy baseball team still has something to fight for, now is the time to start looking at the nitty-gritty. Think about who you might want to stream a few days in advance. Consider what you might do if teams like the Braves and Dodgers start resting their regulars. Of course, you should already... Read More

5 months ago

Ryan Noda - Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Draft Sleepers, MLB Injury News

Ryan Noda: Champ or Chump for Fantasy Baseball?

This time of year, fantasy managers are chasing whatever categories they stand to gain (or lose) the most points in. If you're in a roto league where five SBs separate the third-place team from the ninth, optimizing for steals is the right strategy. Some fantasy managers assume that rate stats like batting average, OBP, ERA,... Read More

5 months ago

Jasson Dominguez - Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Prospects, Draft Sleepers, MLB Injury News

Jasson Dominguez: Champ or Chump for Fantasy Baseball?

September call-ups aren't as crazy as they once were. Some teams used to call up their entire 40-man rosters! However, the 2023 version still includes several interesting rookies fantasy managers should be paying attention to. No name has as much buzz as Jasson Dominguez. The 20-year-old Yankees prospect has otherworldly tools that earned him the... Read More

6 months ago

Parker Meadows - Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Draft Sleepers, MLB Injury News

Parker Meadows: Champ or Chump for Fantasy Baseball?

September is approaching, so it's crunch time in fantasy baseball. Writing a column like this becomes challenging this time of year since your place in the standings page dictates who you should pick up and every manager has a different standings page. Do you need average? Power? Speed? It's rare for a waiver wire option... Read More

6 months ago

Noelvi Marte: Champ or Chump for Fantasy Baseball?

It's hard to believe that shortstop was a weakness for the Cincinnati Reds coming into the season. Granted, nothing good is going to happen when Kevin Newman is Plan A and a bounceback from Jose Barrero is Plan B. Both of those plans predictably failed, but Plans C and D have been great. First, Matt... Read More

6 months ago

Zack Littell - fantasy baseball draft sleepers DFS MLB injury news

Zack Littell: Champ or Chump for Fantasy Baseball?

Most fantasy managers think they do a good job following news around the league. We know who has an everyday job, most of the players on terrible teams, and each club's bullpen situation. We're also constantly looking for breaking news that might be actionable in our fantasy leagues. In this author's experience, the Tampa Bay... Read More

6 months ago

Kutter Crawford - fantasy baseball draft sleepers DFS MLB injury news

Kutter Crawford: Champ or Chump for Fantasy Baseball?

We are officially deep into August now, meaning that generic waiver wire adds are no longer possible. If your team is dominating the power categories and a rival drops Pete Alonso for some reason, you couldn't gain any points by picking him up. Likewise, Jorge Mateo could be a prudent add if a couple of... Read More

7 months ago

Gavin Williams - Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Draft Sleepers, Waiver Wire Pickups

Gavin Williams: Champ or Chump for Fantasy Baseball?

When a top prospect gets called up, his roster rate typically climbs into the stratosphere. If that prospect is a pitcher with a 3.35 ERA through 37 2/3 IP and an elite pedigree, we'd expect it to approach 100%. Yet Gavin Williams of the Cleveland Guardians is only rostered in 25% of Yahoo! leagues. What... Read More

7 months ago

Sal Frelick - Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Waiver Wire Pickups, Draft Sleepers

Sal Frelick: Champ or Chump for Fantasy Baseball?

MLB debuts are always exciting, and fantasy managers dream about memorable performances. Unfortunately, we get a lot of 0-for-4s for our trouble. Sal Frelick had other ideas when he made his big league debut against Atlanta on national TV though, going a perfect 3-for-3 with game-tying and game-winning RBIs. Frelick has considerable prospect pedigree, being... Read More

7 months ago

fantasy baseball prospects MLB prospects rookies call-ups

Zack Gelof: Champ or Chump for Fantasy Baseball?

Sometimes, you see something that restores your faith in humanity. This author felt that way when Oakland called up top prospect Tyler Soderstrom and the fantasy community barely reacted. Soderstrom has elite raw power, but there's significant swing-and-miss in his game, his plate discipline is abysmal, and his swing needs more loft. In short, he's... Read More

7 months ago

Bryce Elder - Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Draft Sleepers, MLB Injury News

Bryce Elder: Champ or Chump for Fantasy Baseball?

The All-Star Break has arrived, giving fantasy managers a much-needed break from setting daily lineups. Of course, the most diligent fantasy managers will use this found time to negotiate trades, scour waivers, and look for ways to improve their roster for the second half. One of the most important things to do is review your... Read More

8 months ago

Seiya Suzuki - Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Draft Sleepers, MLB Injury News

Seiya Suzuki: Champ or Chump for Fantasy Baseball?

Every fantasy manager enters the season with a list of "sleepers," or players they believe will outperform expectations. Sometimes, they pan out. Occasionally, we banish them to waivers in favor of the hot new thing. All too frequently, we deal with mediocrity on our rosters for far too long. That third category is the one... Read More

8 months ago

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Warren Foegele3 hours ago

Scores Two Goals Against Boston
Mason Lohrei3 hours ago

Tallies Three Assists In Wednesday's Win
Pavel Mintyukov3 hours ago

Registers Three Assists Wednesday
Johnny Gaudreau3 hours ago

Maintains Momentum With Three-Point Effort
Matt Grzelcyk3 hours ago

Considered Day-To-Day Following Wednesday's Exit
Viktor Arvidsson4 hours ago

Out Week-To-Week
Jaden Springer4 hours ago

Questionable To Face Bulls
Al Horford4 hours ago

Available On Thursday
Robert Covington4 hours ago

Three Weeks Away From Returning
Gary Payton4 hours ago

II Battling An Illness, Questionable Thursday
Christian Wood4 hours ago

Sidelined For Two Weeks
Cam Reddish4 hours ago

Questionable For Thursday's Action
Dante Exum5 hours ago

Remains Unavailable Thursday
Maxi Kleber5 hours ago

On Track To Return Thursday
William Nylander8 hours ago

Reaches 30-Goal Mark In Victory
Auston Matthews8 hours ago

Reaches 50-Goal Mark In Victory
Gavin Lux10 hours ago

Expects To Play In Spring Opener Thursday
Miami Dolphins10 hours ago

Terron Armstead Plans To Return In 2024
Justin Fields10 hours ago

Says He Wants To Stay In Chicago
Tyler Glasnow10 hours ago

To Pitch In Opening Series
Kyle Kuzma11 hours ago

Removed From Injury Report
Tyrese Haliburton11 hours ago

Fully Cleared For Thursday
Jaylen Brown11 hours ago

No Longer On The Injury Report
Anthony Davis11 hours ago

Expected To Play Thursday Versus Warriors
Quentin Grimes11 hours ago

Doubtful To Make Pistons Debut
Domantas Sabonis12 hours ago

Doubtful Versus Spurs Thursday
LeBron James12 hours ago

Out Versus The Warriors
LaMelo Ball13 hours ago

Still Out On Thursday
Dereck Lively13 hours ago

II Probable Against Phoenix
Luka Doncic13 hours ago

Expected To Face The Suns
Bradley Beal13 hours ago

Questionable For Thursday Evening
José Caballero15 hours ago

Jose Caballero Expected To Be Primary Shortstop
Amed Rosario16 hours ago

To Serve In Utility Role
Jalen Suggs16 hours ago

Off Injury Report
Scott Perunovich16 hours ago

Could Be Back In Action Thursday
Markelle Fultz16 hours ago

Out Thursday
Gleyber Torres16 hours ago

Expected To Hit Between Fourth And Sixth
Arvid Söderblom16 hours ago

Arvid Soderblom Faces Flyers On Wednesday
Will Smith16 hours ago

Dodgers Haven't Had Extension Talks With Will Smith
Urho Vaakanainen16 hours ago

Rejoins Ducks Lineup On Wednesday
Dustin May16 hours ago

Hopes To Return Sometime In August
Owen Power16 hours ago

Remains Out On Wednesday
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins17 hours ago

Iffy For Wednesday's Action
Hampus Lindholm17 hours ago

Considered Week-To-Week
Brandon Marsh17 hours ago

Progresses To Jogging
Willson Contreras17 hours ago

Takes Live Batting Practice Wednesday
Tommy Edman18 hours ago

Weeks Away From Full Baseball Activities
Manny Machado18 hours ago

Could DH "Sooner Than Later"
PGA19 hours ago

Seonghyeon Kim Looks To Continue A Steady Run Of Play
Jhonattan Vegas19 hours ago

Showing Signs Of A Return To Form
Sixto Sánchez19 hours ago

Sixto Sanchez Faces Live Hitters Wednesday
Justin Suh19 hours ago

Taking A Volatile Run Of Form South Of The Border
Jake Knapp19 hours ago

Proving To Be A Compelling Korn Ferry Prospect
Brandon Wu19 hours ago

Looking To Carry Over His Immaculate Mexico Open History
Jonnu Smith19 hours ago

Falcons To Move On From Jonnu Smith?
Kodai Senga20 hours ago

Experiencing "A Bit" Of Arm Fatigue
Alex Smalley20 hours ago

Brings Tee-To-Green Struggles To Mexico
John Tavares20 hours ago

Moved To Third-Line Center
PIT20 hours ago

Penguins Willing To Move Any Non-Core Player
Karel Vejmelka20 hours ago

To Start Wednesday Versus Maple Leafs
José Ramírez20 hours ago

Jose Ramirez Could Hit Second This Year
Jonny Brodzinski20 hours ago

Inks Two-Year Extension With Rangers
Nic Dowd20 hours ago

Listed As Day-To-Day For Capitals
Noelvi Marte21 hours ago

To Miss First Five Cactus League Games
Artemi Panarin21 hours ago

Jimmy Vesey Day-To-Day For Rangers
Nate Lashley21 hours ago

Struggling Outside Of Putting Aberration
Hunter Greene21 hours ago

Working On A Curveball
Gleyber Torres21 hours ago

Wants "To Be A Yankee For Life"
Brayan Bello22 hours ago

Red Sox's Extension Talks With Brayan Bello May Be Heating Up
Maverick McNealy22 hours ago

Trending Upwards Ahead Of Mexico Open
Vladimir Guerrero Jr.22 hours ago

Feeling Great
Tim Anderson22 hours ago

Marlins Offer Tim Anderson A Starting Job
Michael Kim22 hours ago

In Good Form Heading To Mexico
Davis Thompson22 hours ago

Set For Mexico Open Debut
Cameron Champ22 hours ago

Looks To Continue Success In Mexico
Aaron Rai23 hours ago

Heads To Mexico In Poor Form
Kyle Connor1 day ago

Registers Third Consecutive Multi-Point Effort
Thomas Detry1 day ago

Looking For Driver To Deliver
Liam Hendriks1 day ago

Expects To Pitch By Trade Deadline
PGA2 days ago

Chris Gotterup Is Struggling So Far In His Rookie Season
Chesson Hadley2 days ago

Makes Debut At Mexico Open
Austin Eckroat2 days ago

Looks To Bounce Back
Charley Hoffman2 days ago

Heads To Mexico Open
Doug Ghim2 days ago

Heads To Mexico In Good Form
Ryo Hisatsune2 days ago

Making Mexico Open Debut
Andrew Novak2 days ago

Looking To Keep A Good Thing Going At Mexico Open
Nicolai Hojgaard2 days ago

Offers Course-Fit Choice
Erik Jones2 days ago

Shows Speed At Daytona Despite Disappointing Run
Ross Chastain2 days ago

Hail Mary Attempt Falls Short
John Hunter Nemechek2 days ago

Scores Career-Best Daytona Finish To Start 2024
Brad Keselowski2 days ago

Promising Daytona Run Ruined By Lap 191 Wreck
Pittsburgh Steelers2 days ago

Cameron Heyward Undergoes Offseason Surgery
Zay Flowers2 days ago

Baltimore County Police Suspends Investigation Of Zay Flowers
Michael McDowell2 days ago

Daytona 500 Race Marred By Mechanical Issue
Denny Hamlin2 days ago

Has One Of Those Days At Daytona
Chase Elliott2 days ago

Ends Up 14th At Daytona
Kyle Busch2 days ago

Exceeds DFS Value In The Daytona 500
Ryan Blaney2 days ago

Late Wreck Derails Ryan Blaney's Strong Start In Title Defense
Marquise Brown2 days ago

Set To Leave In Free Agency
Justin Fields2 days ago

Mike Tomlin A Big Fan Of Justin Fields
Christopher Bell2 days ago

Starts Off 2024 With Third-Place Finish At Daytona
Russell Wilson2 days ago

Not Expected Back In Denver
Matthew Slater2 days ago

Hangs Up His Cleats
William Byron2 days ago

Wins Daytona 500 As Wrecks Break Out Late
Noah Gragson3 days ago

Starts Comeback Season With Top-10 At Daytona
AJ Allmendinger3 days ago

Earns Fourth Straight Daytona 500 Top-10 Finish
Alex Bowman3 days ago

Narrowly Misses Out On Daytona 500 Victory
Joey Logano3 days ago

Wrecks Out Of Daytona 500 But Leads Most Laps
Tank Dell3 days ago

Expects To Be Back For OTAs
Joe Mixon3 days ago

Could Be A Salary Cap Casualty
Calvin Ridley3 days ago

Jaguars Plan To Bring Back Calvin Ridley
Tyler Boyd3 days ago

Bengals Expected To Let Tyler Boyd Walk
Deshaun Watson3 days ago

On Track In Rehab From Shoulder Surgery
Ilia Topuria3 days ago

Becomes The New UFC Featherweight Champion
Alexander Volkanovski3 days ago

Loses Title At UFC 298
Henry Cejudo3 days ago

Merab Dvalishvili Defeats Henry Cejudo By Unanimous Decision At UFC 298
Henry Cejudo3 days ago

Takes Decision Loss
Roman Kopylov3 days ago

Gets Submitted At UFC 298
Ross Chastain4 days ago

Aggressiveness Could Pay Dividends at Daytona
Kyle Larson4 days ago

Searching for First-Ever Top 5 in Daytona 500
Chris Buescher4 days ago

No Worries About Chris Buescher Missing Daytona 500 Practice
NASCAR4 days ago

Bubba Wallace: 'The Best I've Felt Mentally'
Michael McDowell4 days ago

Avoid Michael McDowell in DFS for Daytona
Jimmie Johnson4 days ago

Sneaks Into Daytona 500 Field Despite Wreck
Anthony Hernandez4 days ago

Gets Submission Win At UFC 298
Geoff Neal4 days ago

Drops Split Decision At UFC 298
MMA4 days ago

Ian Machado Garry Remains Undefeated
Paulo Costa4 days ago

Loses Entertaining Fight At UFC 298
Robert Whittaker4 days ago

Edges Out Competitive Decision At UFC 298
Pittsburgh Steelers5 days ago

Steelers Appear To Have Internal Division Over QB Position
Kansas City Chiefs6 days ago

Chiefs Pick Up Chris Jones' Option
Saquon Barkley6 days ago

Giants Considering Letting Saquon Barkley Test Free Agency?
Las Vegas Raiders6 days ago

Raiders In The Market For A QB In 2024
Jimmy Garoppolo6 days ago

Suspended Two Games For PEDs
Alexander Volkanovski6 days ago

Set For Sixth Title Defense At UFC 298
Ilia Topuria6 days ago

Has A Chance To Become The New UFC Featherweight Champion
Henry Cejudo6 days ago

Looking To Return To Win Column
Merab Dvalishvili6 days ago

A Favorite At UFC 298




Breece Hall - Fantasy Football Rankings, Draft Sleepers, NFL Injury News

Fantasy Football Running Backs Rankings (Tiers 1-3) - 2024 Best Ball Leagues

We are now progressing through the early weeks of the offseason and the process of free agency will soon provide pathways for some running backs to seize significant roles in their new landing spots. Josh Jacobs, Saquon Barkley, Derrick Henry, Tony Pollard, Austin Ekeler, and D'Andre Swift are among the collection of backs who could... Read More

Travis Kelce - Fantasy Football Rankings, NFL Injury News, DFS Lineup Picks

The Biggest Fantasy Football TE Busts Of 2023

We are at that part of the NFL offseason where very little news breaks. The NFL Combine doesn't start for a week, and free agents can't sign until March. So, now is the perfect time to look back and see where we might have gone wrong in fantasy football drafts this past year, especially at... Read More

Drake London - Fantasy Football Rankings, Draft Sleepers, NFL Injury News

2024 Free Agency Preview: Biggest Positional Needs For The Atlanta Falcons

It was an incredibly frustrating season for the Falcons. Head coach Arthur Smith couldn't figure out if he wanted to go with Desmond Ridder or Taylor Heinicke at quarterback. He seemed to have no interest in force-feeding the ball to Bijan Robinson, Drake London, and Kyle Pitts, despite their obvious talents. Instead, this offense seemed... Read More

Derek Carr - Fantasy Football Rankings, Draft Sleepers, NFL Injury News

2024 Free Agency Preview: Biggest Positional Needs For The New Orleans Saints

The Saints are caught in purgatory. They're not bad enough where their chances of drafting an upper-tier level starter at the quarterback position are good and they're not good enough where they're legit contenders. Their cap situation is dictating their moves, almost going as far as taking the choice out of their hands. No other... Read More

2024 NFL Draft Top 10 QB Rankings: Pre-Combine Rookie Quarterback Analysis

The Super Bowl might be over, but football never sleeps at RotoBaller! The countdown is on for 2024 fantasy football drafts and NFL teams are preparing for the Combine and upcoming Draft. Matt Donnelly discusses his favorite quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft class and ranks his top-10 QBs. The season may be over but... Read More

Sam LaPorta - Fantasy Football Rankings, Draft Sleepers, NFL Injury News

Breakout Fantasy Football Tight Ends From The 2023 Season

The tight end group is always one of the hardest positions to navigate in fantasy every year. That continued during the 2023-2024 season because taking a tight end early might not have been the right strategy. Travis Kelce, who was a top-seven overall pick in fantasy drafts, was arguably one of the biggest busts at... Read More

Joe Flacco - Fantasy Football Rankings, Draft Sleepers, NFL Injury News

Is Joe Flacco A Free Agent? Which Teams Would Be The Best Fit? Fantasy Football Outlook

Veteran quarterback Joe Flacco has played for multiple teams during his 16-year NFL career. He started with the Baltimore Ravens, playing 11 years with the franchise. The former first-round pick had over 38,000 passing yards and 136 touchdowns with the Ravens. Flacco has played for three different teams over the past five years. He spent... Read More

Tee Higgins - Fantasy Football Rankings, Draft Sleepers, Waiver Wire Pickups

Top Landing Spots For Tee Higgins In Free Agency: 2024 Offseason Outlook

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins is one of the better young wide receivers in the NFL. The star receiver totaled at least 900 receiving yards and six touchdowns in each of his first three career years. Unfortunately, he had a disappointing 2023 season. Higgins set career lows in receptions (42), targets (76), receiving yards... Read More

Saquon Barkley - Fantasy Football Rankings, NFL Injury News, DFS Lineup Picks

Top Landing Spots For Saquon Barkley In Free Agency: 2024 Offseason Outlook

New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley is one of the most talented players in the NFL. The superstar running back has had at least 960 rushing yards in four of six career seasons, including back-to-back years. The former Penn State star has struggled with injuries in his career. He missed at least three games... Read More

Blake Corum - Fantasy Football Rankings, College FB, RB, NFL Draft Sleepers

Early Look At The 2024 RB Rookie Class For Fantasy Football Dynasty Leagues

The 2024 rookie running back class isn't as good as last year's class. After two running backs were picked in the top 12 in 2023, some analysts are projecting there won't be a single running back picked in the first round. There's no clear-cut number one like Bijan Robinson was last year. Rankings are fluid.... Read More

Dak Prescott - Fantasy Football Rankings, NFL Injury News, DFS Lineup Picks

Biggest Positional Needs for All 32 NFL Teams - NFC East Edition

Following the 2023 NFL Season, it's quite easy to make the argument that every fanbase for each of the four teams in the NFC East is disappointed with how the season went. The Eagles imploded in the last two months of the season. Hard. The Cowboys got blown out at home in the first round... Read More

Malik Nabers - Fantasy Football Rankings, College FB, WR, NFL Draft Sleepers

2024 NFL Mock Draft Round 1 Predictions (February Update) - Picks from All 32 Teams

That first dreaded Sunday of the year without football arrived and there's no doubt many of you all across the country needed something to fill the void over the weekend. Have no fear, NFL Mock Draft Season is here! While we are still about seven months away from official 2024 NFL action, the good news... Read More

Marvin Mims Jr. - Fantasy Football Rankings, Draft Sleepers, NFL DFS Picks

Fantasy Football Dynasty Sleepers Heading Into 2024: Undervalued Wide Receivers

With the 2023 NFL season officially in the books, it's time to turn our attention to the future. The weeks before the 2024 NFL Draft are a busy time for fantasy football managers in dynasty leagues as they wheel and deal in an attempt to improve their position during the offseason. Often, certain players will... Read More