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About Cliff Clinton - RotoBaller

A stand-up comedian (at one point in his life) and content marketing professional, Cliff lives in Houston, TX with his fiancee and the ever-present feeling of humidity.

Cliff Clinton - RotoBaller has written 53 articles so far, you can find them below.

I tend to abide by a pretty simple rule when it comes to drafting players; unless something is unexpectedly wrong with them, I don't make a lot of shifts between Weeks 1 and 2 (or through Week 3, for that matter.) If you drafted Mike Williams and he didn't get as much target share as... Read More

It's officially in the air. For the beginners, you've logged your first draft, you've probably looked at your lineup a few dozen times, and you're just waiting to see what happens next. For the veterans, it's just the beginning. There are enough good or great drafts in everyone's books, but the truth is well known;... Read More

There may be no more exciting division for fantasy football production than the NFC East. It's true today and it was true in 2017, though the headlines have changed slightly. The Dallas Cowboys looked like the favorite after handing over the reigns fully to Dak Prescott, the Washington Redskins were finally going to unleash Josh... Read More

Call me a little biased. Ok, call me a lot biased. But as a San Francisco 49ers fan who is totally not upset about the Jerick McKinnon thing, I'm most optimistic about the NFC West and all the potential that it holds for fantasy football. Even if there's a visible gap in top talent and... Read More

It's about time for the NFC South to get rolling again, with another year of high expectations that the division will almost certainly have a hard time living up to. Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons. Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. A fourth team that I'm contractually... Read More

In an effort to write these columns before the start of the season, I thought I'd get some help on this issue. So I asked my wife, who is a big Green Bay Packers fan, what her thoughts were on the 2018 fantasy football season. As a note, my wife is a highly regarded researcher... Read More

It's been a long time since it looked like this Western conference was the best in the whole division. What, with their talent on both offense and defense, their litany of stars and excitement, and so many amazing options at both RB, so much..... Oh, the AFC West. My apologies. They are, uh, mostly fine. But really,... Read More

In lieu of a fun, clever fantasy football related story to get you excited about the AFC South, the best division I've covered so far in this series, I'll simply show you an email I received from my grandmother, who was giving my mother fantasy football advice. Before reading, take a second and think about... Read More

Mrs. Clinton (my wife, not the politician) is a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan, so when she tells you that the players she wants on her team for her second fantasy season are among the many Lambeau Leapers, you might just smile politely and roll your eyes. But she'll also happily tell you about how... Read More

I was not ready to come back to fantasy football. I suspected that to be the case when I started using Sundays to walk my recently rescued dog around the park, or hitting the grocery store in the morning. I had a strong feeling I wasn't ready when we enjoyed the World Cup and baseball... Read More

The great thing about playing your favorite game with true fantasy degenerates is that there is never an "off" time for the game. It feels like yesterday we started drafting, both in eulogy to the 2017 fantasy football season, and a eulogy to when the RotoBaller writing team started our in-house PPR draft, which has... Read More

After spending the entirety of early January rating the hot or not's for fantasy football, I settled in to enjoy playoff football. Between basically living between postseason college and pro football, as well as some real-life stuff that got in the way of my regular writing schedule, I enjoyed the most uneven playoff schedule in... Read More

If you have to build a football team, start with the QB first. If you have to build a fantasy football team, you can do one of three things: Pick a surefire guy in the second or third round, confident that the player you picked will be a lock, worry about nothing else. Roll the... Read More

At the end of every year of fantasy football, you're left with some immediate observations about what you'll do differently in 2018. You'll spend time thinking about which RB is potentially going to be your money-in-the-bank guy in 2018, or which third-round wide receiver will make up for the 2017 mistake of drafting Terrelle Pryor in that spot.... Read More

I'm a firm believer that I know very little, and that taking my advice is generally the equivalent of asking someone on the street. I'm not referring to fantasy sports so much as everything else: how to cook a fish, how many quarts are in a cup, how to put together a desk, etc. When it... Read More

Going into the 2017 season, I implored fantasy strategists in a long article to give up on waiting for quarterback, and instead pick one of the top-five guys in place of a standard third or fourth-round selection. Years of fantasy football statistics and results had pointed to the fact that only a handful of quarterbacks... Read More

Before DFS became a known and popular entity in fantasy football gaming, there was Week 17. Sure, fantasy sports will always have some quality of unknown dart-throwing in it (Alvin Kamara, anyone?) but this week is sort of a horror show all its own. Did you ride a running back all the way to the... Read More

A few weeks ago, I sorted out the two types of questions you should always be able to answer; some off the top of your head, and some dependent upon factors like date and time. It was used to basically say that come the end of November, you should know how many leagues where you'll... Read More

Unlike last week, I think it's safe to declare that it's officially playoff time for everyone. I mean, everyone who made it (and shout-out to the people who are trying to keep the consolation bracket competitive, you're the real MVP.) If you're competing for that top spot, and maybe some slightly belated Christmas funding, you... Read More

You've heard it everywhere; It's fantasy playoffs season! Playoffs are starting!" Woo hoo playoff time! Every site that does analysis this week is smiling wide, assuming you made the playoffs, and that those playoffs start with Thursday Night Football! Cue the music! Woohoo! It's worth first congratulating you all who made the playoffs, because if... Read More

When it comes to personal questions, there are really two types that dictate an answer; questions you should always know the answer to, and questions you should be able to answer dependent on the date. If, for example, you have children, you should always be able to answer the question "Do you have any children?,"... Read More

I'm thankful my Week 12 matchup is over already. I've complained a lot in this space how my teams have been doing. I won't keep repeating the main points of popularity, because there's nothing worse than a fantasy football matchup that you aren't involved in and forced to hear about, but last night was the... Read More

It's nice to remind myself when I'm wrong (there's a good "haha he's married now" joke in there, but that's low hanging fruit that's even too low for me) especially as I weep over the less-than-smoldering ashes of my fantasy teams. In the pre-season, I went back through years of fantasy scoring, estimating how different... Read More

As all one or two of the people who read my column realized last week, I was actually off. We were putting together the finishing touches on our wedding, which was Sunday. I don't think it's a day I'll ever forget; 78 degrees right about the time we said our vows, really delicious BBQ for... Read More

We're officially here. Yes, we are officially at the point, as of Week 6, where you are officially in "make or break" mode. Yes, fine, it's only week 6. I get it. But you're looking at your team, and you're starting to do the math, especially in dynasty leagues. Maybe you've lost David Johnson, or you... Read More

When I'm not phoning in my once-a-week column, I'm in digital marketing. For the most part it means I'm behind a computer working on one of dozens of things, or on a phone. But this week, I got away from the computer, and after a few years of work at a sports-related startup, I was back... Read More

A friend of mine shared a Facebook post this week that I found myself relating to very differently than he intended. He mused that before he became a parent, he swore he'd always answer his kids' questions with well thought out, logical responses. When he, y'know, actually became a parent, his responses were much more comical,... Read More

Fantasy Pop Quiz - NFL Week 3

There are two types of football articles; those based in analytics, and those based in opinion. Admittedly the opinion ones ("Does Rob Gronkowski Fully Appreciate Career Touchdown 69?") are a bit more fun and easier to write, and very few articles utilize one without the other, but it always come down to one of two things; can I prove... Read More

Fantasy Pop Quiz - NFL Week 1

I was faced with this thought the other day when, on Twitter, I joked that the weirdly under-discussed "Red Sox Steal Signs from Yankees" story wouldn't even be the biggest sports story of the day on September 5. And seriously, it wouldn't be; a few hours later the fact that the NFL's arbitrator upheld Ezekiel... Read More

Depending on when you learned, or were taught, to play fantasy football, you picked up on a certain trend, whether consciously or subconsciously. While the fantasy community loves to talk about "Zero RB", it's a strategy that only got its name a few years ago. Many of us that get tweeted or asked fantasy football... Read More

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