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ian anderson fantasy baseball rankings pitchers draft sleepers MLB injury news

Fantrax H2H Points League Primer for Fantasy Baseball Drafts

CBS H2H Points League Primer for Fantasy Baseball Drafts

Our very own Nicklaus Gaut already told you: "ESPN now has point rankings that more accurately reflect how players perform under their standard point scoring system. And not just rankings but dollar values too!" As he's often said, us points-league players need the proper content from different platforms to align with their particular systems. It... Read More

11 months ago

Mookie Betts - Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Draft Sleepers, MLB Injury News

Nick Mariano's Auction Draft Strategies and Tips (Premium Content)

All other Premium Tools can be accessed on the premium dashboard. Hello, RotoBallers, and let me once again applaud you and your league for playing in the more entertaining format that is auction-based fantasy baseball. This is not a 101-level "how-to" guide, you'll need to know how to click "Bid" and whatnot. But I want... Read More

PREMIUM 11 months ago

Shohei Ohtani - Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Draft Sleepers, MLB Injury News

Barrels and Brls/BBE: Using Sabermetrics for Fantasy Baseball

We've previously looked at how exit velocity is only one piece of the fantasy analysis puzzle. Baseball broadcasts will commonly cite Launch Angle (LA) to complement their EV figures, but it is given in terms of degrees. LA is basically a fancy way of saying things that the fantasy community has used for years. Am... Read More

11 months ago

ronald acuna fantasy baseball rankings MLB Injury news DFS lineup picks

Where to Draft Injured Hitters in Fantasy Baseball

After a stressful few months where seemingly everybody became an expert on the economics of baseball and traded spin rate analysis for PR spin analysis, we can get back to digging into the game itself. It's wonderful news without a doubt. Except possibly for those injured players who were hoping for another few weeks of... Read More

11 months ago

Lucas Giolito - Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Draft Sleepers, MLB Injury News

Spin Rate: Using Sabermetrics for Fantasy Baseball

Spin rate has become one of the most recognizable Statcast metrics, with supporters of a given pitcher highlighting his spin rates to make their case. It has also become controversial as of late due to allegations of pitchers using foreign substances to increase their spin. Unfortunately, the baseball world has done a lousy job conveying... Read More

11 months ago

Building an Offense After Pick 100 - Fantasy Baseball Draft Values

There are basically three large categories of players you'll draft in a fantasy baseball league: Hitters Pitchers Relief Pitcher One of the tougher things to nail down in a draft is when to dive into each of those groups. There are good arguments for going heavy at hitting early on, good arguments for quickly grabbing... Read More

11 months ago

Manufacturing a Stud: Late-Round Hitter Combos

Fantasy baseball is most often a category-centered game. You compete in five or six offensive categories every week with your final season finished depending on how well you perform in each category. This opens up the opportunity to deploy certain draft strategies that help your team become more well-rounded all throughout the draft. The best... Read More

11 months ago

(Re)Introducing Custom Point Rankings for Head-to-Head Leagues

The greatest trick that rotisserie baseball ever played was convincing the world that point players don't exist. Sounds melodramatic but an overwhelming majority of the quality fantasy baseball content available is geared towards classic roto leagues even though the share of people that play H2H points on ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, and Fantrax is large and... Read More

11 months ago

Shohei Ohtani - Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Draft Sleepers, MLB Injury News

Top-Five Strategies for Winning NFBC Best Ball Leagues

Best-ball leagues have become more popular in recent years in fantasy baseball. Dedicated players have made fantasy baseball a year-round game, and nothing prepares us better than to participate in drafts. Many of us have learned the hard way that overloading on leagues that require FAAB or setting lineups can hurt our overall results. One... Read More

11 months ago

juan soto fantasy baseball rankings outfield MLB injury news

Bubba's 2022 Tout Wars 12-Team Mixed Draft Recap

Even though Rob Manfred and the MLB owners decided to prolong the lockout and already cancel some regular-season games, we are drafting. I had the pleasure of partaking in the 12-team mixed league draft for Tout Wars on Tuesday. It is my second year in the league, and it is the second year for this... Read More

11 months ago

rafael devers fantasy baseball rankings draft sleepers MLB injury news DFS lineup picks

Positions to Prioritize: Statistical Scarcity Breakdown

Position scarcity is a big topic of debate every fantasy baseball season. Not all positions on the baseball diamond are created equal, and they often give us quite different arrays of offensive production for fantasy purposes. In this post, I will take a close look at what's going on at each position by the projections... Read More

11 months ago

fantasy baseball mock draft simulator draft assistant

Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft Tool and Draft Assistant

  Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft Tool and Draft Assistant Here at RotoBaller HQ we're constantly looking to add more tools and resources to help our readers win their fantasy baseball drafts. In case you haven't heard, we'll be releasing some cool new free fantasy baseball tools this year and we're really excited about it! First up... Read More

12 months ago

Custom Rankings User Guide for Head-to-Head Point Leagues (Premium Content)

Whether you used our custom ranks last season or are brand new, welcome to RotoBaller's Custom Rankings Service! I'm RotoBaller's resident points lothario, Nicklaus Gaut, and I truly believe, both practically and mathematically speaking, that applying the information within these spreadsheets will give you the biggest advantages a points player can have. Premium subscribers can... Read More

PREMIUM 12 months ago

Statcast Exit Velocity: Using Sabermetrics for Fantasy Baseball

If you've watched a baseball broadcast in the Statcast Era, you have undoubtedly noticed the broadcasters commenting on a batted ball's exit velocity, or EV. Many have taken to using stats like Hard% and Soft% to forecast how a player should be performing, expecting larger Hard% rates to produce larger BABIP and HR/FB figures. There... Read More

12 months ago

Ballpark Factors: Using Sabermetrics for Fantasy Baseball

If you have ever selected a streamable pitcher based on a home park or benched an otherwise must-start arm at Coors Field, you already know how much a stadium can impact a player's bottom line. Ballpark Factors quantify the influence each stadium has, allowing you to make the most of your fantasy team's real-life schedule.... Read More

12 months ago

Pitch Info: Using Sabermetrics for Fantasy Baseball

One of the most fundamental questions in fantasy sports is if a player's current performance is sustainable. More than any other sport, baseball has a slew of statistical measures that can be dissected in numerous ways to analyze player performance. Pitch Info is a publicly-available pitch tracking system that provides a lot of different data to... Read More

12 months ago

tyler o'neill fantasy baseball rankings draft sleeper MLB injury news

Batting Order: Using Sabermetrics for Fantasy Baseball

You may be wondering why there aren't any advanced stats aimed at predicting a player's counting stats like runs and RBI. The answer is simple: modern sabermetrics reject the idea of a "clutch RBI guy" and therefore do not bother inventing predictive metrics for it. Runs and RBI are team-dependent stats and are unhelpful in ascertaining... Read More

12 months ago

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. fantasy baseball rankings MLB news sleepers DFS lineup picks

Pull%: Using Sabermetrics for Fantasy Baseball

We have previously determined that fantasy managers generally prefer batters to hit the ball into the air to have a chance at a home run. Yet, all fly balls are not equal for this purpose. A player can maximize his power production by pulling the ball in the air. One way to illustrate this is... Read More

1 year ago

Shohei Ohtani - Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Draft Sleepers, MLB Injury News

HR/FB: Using Sabermetrics for Fantasy Baseball

Using BABIP to predict a player's batting average is great. Batting average is a category in many league formats, and every hit is an opportunity to steal a base or score a run. Most fantasy managers find the long ball sexier. Every HR comes with a guaranteed run scored and at least one RBI. Many... Read More

1 year ago

FIP/xFIP: Using Sabermetrics for Fantasy Baseball

While we've only examined how to evaluate hitters using advanced stats thus far, sabermetrics are at least as useful for pitchers. The first advanced pitching stat most fantasy owners encounter is FIP. FIP stands for Fielding Independent Pitching and attempts to measure a pitcher's actual skill instead of the effects of luck or his supporting... Read More

1 year ago

Pitcher BABIP: Using Sabermetrics for Fantasy Baseball

While FIP is a useful tool to predict a pitcher's future ERA performance, fantasy managers should remember that ERA, not FIP, is what matters in most formats. This means that we are interested in the "luck" that separates the two statistics. While some of this luck is unpredictable, we can and should predict some of... Read More

1 year ago

juan soto fantasy baseball rankings outfield MLB injury news

Plate Discipline: Using Sabermetrics for Fantasy Baseball

No matter how high a particular player's BABIP may be, his average will be mediocre at best if he strikes out too much. This is why fantasy managers have known for years that players like Mike Zunino are potential drains on a fantasy team's batting average. Furthermore, players that whiff a lot tend to continue... Read More

1 year ago

fernando tatis jr. fantasy baseball rankings MLB injury news DFS picks

Who's #1? Early Look at Picking First Overall

With the off-season fully underway and early drafts already taking place, it’s time to start looking at those players being selected first in drafts. This year offers a very different set of players than we’ve seen in recent memory. Mike Trout, Mookie Betts, and Ronald Acuna Jr. have all fallen out of contention for first... Read More

1 year ago

Batter BABIP: Using Sabermetrics for Fantasy Baseball

The most accessible of the fantasy-relevant advanced stats is BABIP, or Batting Average on Balls In Play. It simply measures a player's batting average on balls in play, with outcomes such as strikeouts and home runs removed from consideration. In general, the league average hovers around .300, a nice round number to remember. Many know... Read More

1 year ago

Hitter Batted-Ball Distribution: Using Sabermetrics for Fantasy Baseball

Fly balls can turn into home runs. Ground balls never do. It would seem as though fantasy owners want their batters to hit nothing but flies, yet this is not always the case. Why would this be? The answer, of course, comes down to batted ball distribution and how batters make contact. The league average... Read More

1 year ago

Introduction to Advanced Stats - Sabermetrics Fantasy Baseball Analysis

Hello, fellow RotoBallers! Sabermetrics have become an integral tool for fantasy baseball draft prep, but a concise resource for understanding the basics can be difficult to find. This series will attempt to define and explain all of the metrics fantasy owners may find useful, citing examples of how to use them in the process. Multiple... Read More

1 year ago

Early One-Man Mock (Rounds 2-5) - 2022 Fantasy Baseball

I've already run through the first round of my one-man mock, which you can check out right here. Now, let's move on to the next few rounds with a look at how early drafts might shake out. I took roster construction into consideration so that a team didn't select three outfielders in the first three... Read More

1 year ago

Using Sabermetrics for Fantasy Baseball: Statcast xStats

Statcast is a valuable tool for fantasy analysis, and it can be easy to look at a stat called "Expected Batting Average" and blindly use it as your projection moving forward. Of course, proper use of these metrics is a little bit more nuanced than that. First, a disclaimer: This article is about the "Expected... Read More

2 years ago

Using Sabermetrics for Fantasy Baseball: Pitcher Statcast

Statcast metrics such as Barrels and Brls/BBE are great ways to evaluate a batter's performance, so it is only natural to assume that the metrics would be predictive for pitchers as well. As much as batters want to hit a Barrel every time, pitchers want to avoid them at all costs. Yet there is evidence... Read More

2 years ago

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De'Aaron Fox1 hour ago

Remains Out On Sunday
Jaren Jackson2 hours ago

Jr. May Miss Another Game On Sunday
Ja Morant2 hours ago

Questionabl Versus Toronto
Seth Curry2 hours ago

Doesn't Return Against Washington
Mo Bamba2 hours ago

Suspended Four Games
Wendell Carter2 hours ago

Jr. Off The Injury Report
Kyle Kuzma2 hours ago

Sprains Ankle On Saturday
Josh Jacobs5 hours ago

Won't Settle In Extension Talks
Aleksander Barkov7 hours ago

Riding A Career-High Point Streak
Steven Stamkos7 hours ago

On An 11-Game Point Streak
Sebastian Aho7 hours ago

Enjoying Career-Best Goal Streak
Connor McDavid7 hours ago

On Track For A 150-Point Campaign
Jake DeBrusk7 hours ago

Ready To Return After The Break
Bowen Byram7 hours ago

Expected To Be Back After The Break
Matthew Tkachuk7 hours ago

Voted MVP At The All-Star Game
Klay Thompson11 hours ago

Questionable On Saturday Evening
Draymond Green12 hours ago

Questionable Versus Dallas
Jusuf Nurkic12 hours ago

Likely Out Until After All-Star Break
Spencer Dinwiddie12 hours ago

Available Against The Warriors
Bradley Beal12 hours ago

Questionable Versus Brooklyn
T.J. Warren12 hours ago

Unavailable Against Washington
Ben Simmons12 hours ago

Out Another One On Saturday
Kyrie Irving12 hours ago

Out On Saturday
Fernando Tatis Jr.13 hours ago

Open To Any Position
Luke Williams13 hours ago

Dodgers Re-Sign Luke Williams To Minor-League Deal
Nolan Blackwood14 hours ago

Twins Sign Nolan Blackwood
Jake McGee14 hours ago

Announces His Retirement
Juan Minaya14 hours ago

Pirates Sign Juan Minaya To Minor-League Deal
Yusniel Diaz14 hours ago

Dodgers Sign Yusniel Diaz To Minor-League Deal
Franklin German14 hours ago

White Sox Acquire Franklin German From Red Sox
Aaron Sanchez14 hours ago

Twins Re-Sign Aaron Sanchez
De'Andre Hunter19 hours ago

Scores Season-High 26 Points
D'Angelo Russell19 hours ago

Notches A Double-Double With Rebounds
Eric Gordon19 hours ago

Continues Good Scoring Run
Bradley Beal19 hours ago

Leads All Scorers With 34 Points
Anfernee Simons19 hours ago

Has Nine Triples, 33 Points Against Washington
Kyle Anderson19 hours ago

Exits With Back Spasms
Mecole Hardman1 day ago

Doubtful For Super Bowl
JuJu Smith-Schuster1 day ago

Kadarius Toney Questionable
Miguel Sanó2 days ago

Miguel Sano Hosting Workout Next Week
DL Hall2 days ago

Orioles Want DL Hall To Start
Anthony Misiewicz2 days ago

DFA'd By Royals
Eguy Rosario2 days ago

Out Until Summer With Broken Ankle
Jesús Luzardo2 days ago

Jesus Luzardo Wins Arbitration Case Over Marlins
Gunnar Henderson2 days ago

To Work At Short And Third Base
John Means2 days ago

Won't Return Until At Least July
Luis Severino2 days ago

Won't Pitch In World Baseball Classic
Derek Carr2 days ago

Won't Extend Contract Trigger Date
Derek Carr2 days ago

Expected To Draw Plenty Of Interest
Aaron Rodgers2 days ago

: "I'm Not Going To San Fran"
Joe Mixon2 days ago

Charges Against Joe Mixon Will Be Dropped
Joe Mixon2 days ago

Has Warrant For Arrest
DJ Stewart2 days ago

Mets Sign DJ Stewart To Minor-League Deal
Mecole Hardman2 days ago

Unlikely To Play In Super Bowl
Stephen Strasburg2 days ago

Has Resumed Throwing
Anthony Rendon2 days ago

Feeling "Fantastic"
Kodai Senga2 days ago

Had Iffy Physical With Mets
Mark Leiter Jr.3 days ago

Re-Signs With Cubs
Mark Stone3 days ago

Out Indefinitely Following Back Surgery
Mitchell Marner3 days ago

Reaches 60 Points With Wednesday's Goal
Charlie Coyle3 days ago

Hands Out Two Assists
Alex Tuch3 days ago

Scores Only Sabres Goal In Wednesday's Defeat
Jesperi Kotkaniemi3 days ago

Picks Up Two Assists Against Buffalo
Tage Thompson3 days ago

Exits With Injury
Antti Raanta3 days ago

Shuts Down Sabres Wednesday
Stefan Noesen3 days ago

Picks Up Two Points In Victory
Pavel Zacha3 days ago

Scores Twice In Bruins Win
David Krejci3 days ago

Pockets Assist Wednesday
Jimmy Garoppolo3 days ago

Will Not Return To 49ers Next Season
Gustav Nyquist3 days ago

Set To Miss Rest Of The Season
Linus Ullmark3 days ago

Tries To End A Losing Run Wednesday
Ilya Samsonov3 days ago

Chases Another Home Win
Mattias Samuelsson3 days ago

Available Again Wednesday
Tua Tagovailoa4 days ago

Clears The Concussion Protocol
Dak Prescott4 days ago

Cowboys Open To Extension For Dak Prescott
Daniel Jones4 days ago

Giants Want To Re-Sign Daniel Jones
Justin Fields4 days ago

Bears Sticking With Justin Fields; Set To Trade First Pick?
MMA4 days ago

Sergey Spivak Can Earn A Big Victory Saturday
Derrick Lewis4 days ago

Looking For First Win Since 2021
Devin Clark4 days ago

Hoping To Turn Things Around
MMA4 days ago

Jung Da Un Set For Big Co-Main-Event Spotlight
Will Gordon4 days ago

In The Field At Pebble Beach
Thomas Detry4 days ago

Set For Pebble Beach Debut
Blagoy Ivanov4 days ago

Hoping For Big Start To 2023
MMA4 days ago

Marcin Tybura Set To Improve No. 10 Ranking If Victorious
Jordan Spieth4 days ago

Always An Option At Pebble Beach
Kyle Nelson4 days ago

Hoping To Prevent Three-Fight Losing Streak
MMA4 days ago

Choi Doo-ho Returns To Action After Layoff
Viktor Hovland4 days ago

Set To Play At Pebble Beach
Maverick McNealy4 days ago

A Nice Option At Pebble Beach
Tom Brady4 days ago

Announces Retirement From The NFL
Lamar Jackson4 days ago

Likely To Be Franchise Tagged
Houston Texans4 days ago

Texans Hire DeMeco Ryans As Head Coach
Denver Broncos4 days ago

Broncos Acquire Sean Payton As Next Head Coach
Ben Griffin4 days ago

Set To Make AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Debut
Beau Hossler4 days ago

Looks To Repeat Success At Pebble Beach
Kurt Kitayama4 days ago

Searching For Form
Russell Knox5 days ago

Looks To Stay Consistent At Pebble Beach
PGA5 days ago

Matt Fitzpatrick An Elite Fantasy Option At Pebble Beach
Adam Fugitt5 days ago

Set For A Very Tough Test
Yusaku Kinoshita5 days ago

Japanese Finisher Yusaku Kinoshita Set For UFC Debut
Taylor Pendrith5 days ago

Seeking Better Fortune At Pebble Beach
Justin Lower5 days ago

Sets Up Well For Pebble Beach
Davis Riley5 days ago

Not On Many Radars For Pebble Beach
Matthew NeSmith5 days ago

Trying To Turn Back Clock At Pebble Beach
Justin Rose5 days ago

Needs To Avoid Mistakes At Pebble Beach
Brock Purdy5 days ago

Will Have Surgery On Elbow
Brock Purdy5 days ago

Out Six Months With UCL Tear
Kyle Pitts6 days ago

' Rehab "On Schedule"