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2023 NBA Mock Draft: Lottery Pick Predictions

Victor Wembanyama - NBA Injury News, Daily Fantasy Basketball, DFS Lineup Picks
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Today, RotoBallers, I'm going to be doing an NBA mock draft. The draft is really going to be based on overall team fit, projected draft range, and my opinion on the best landing spot. Throughout this mock draft, I will consider the strengths and weaknesses of the available prospects, the needs of the teams, and other relevant factors that impact player selections.

Don't be too frightened if a certain player went higher or lower in my draft, it's just my prediction at the end of the day. These mock drafts are not to be taken too seriously because, at the end of the day, this doesn't fully reflect the actual draft outcomes or decisions made by NBA teams. For each of the prospects, I will have a player comparison for them to give you guys a better understanding of their play style. I will provide a deep dive into the lottery selections and give you my reasoning for the picks and why I selected them that way.

Without further further ado let's hop straight into it. If you have any questions or concerns ask me on Twitter @danieldleonard7 for any answers!

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1) San Antonio Spurs - F/C Victor Wembanyama, Metropolitans 92

Victor is a generational prospect,  his size and skill make you think he has the potential to be one of the best players in the league right away. He has a 7'8 wingspan and he stands at a whopping 7'2. He can handle the ball like a guard and has an array of moves to go past any of the defenses he has faced so far. His upside as a shooter is very intriguing. Wemby is agile and long enough to step out and guard perimeter players, and he can also protect the rim very well.  Wemby averaged 21.6 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 3.0 blocks per game last year for the Metropolitans. He shot 47% from the field, 27 % from three, and 82% from the free throw line.

 With him being 7'2, his weight of 220 pounds is definitely not ideal. His weight affected his ability to protect the rim and guard perimeter players consistently. Sometimes Wemby could become too overzealous and take wild shots. Even with those concerns, I think Wemby is a prospect you cannot pass up, his skill and size are something that doesn't come around often. The Spurs ranked in the bottom 10 in the league in points per game and opponent points per game. He will also help elevate and bolster the spurs on both ends with his unique skills.

Comp: Porzingis with better guard skills


2) Charlotte Hornets - G Scoot Henderson, G-League Ignite

Scoot Henderson is the perfect player to match with Lamelo, in my opinion. Others might lean toward Brandon Miller, but I think the Hornets are going to be in a log jam at that position. Scoot is an ultra-athletic point guard who has superstar written all over him. Scoot averaged 17.6 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 6.6 assists per game for the G-League ignite last year. He did it on splits of 42.9% from the field, 27.5 from three, and 76.4 from the free throw line. Scoot possesses an elite first step and consistent finishing ability. He is a tough shot-maker on all parts of the court, and his pull game has been very impressive so far. He has also shown flashes of being a good playmaker.

With that being said, he needs to improve his outside shooting. He has not yet shown that he can consistently knock down threes, even though his mechanics are good overall. He will also need to show more attention to detail on the defensive side. People have raised questions about his fit with Lamleo, but I beg to differ. Lamelo is a very good shooter and has shown his willingness to play off-ball with Terry Rozier. With this selection, Charlotte will take long strides into their rebuild and could soon have the best backcourt in the league.

Comp: Young Derrick Rose


3) Portland Trailblazers -  G/F Brandon Miller, Alabama

The Trailblazers come into this draft in a very awkward situation. In what feels like the last dance season to compete with Damian Lillard, they need the talent to come in and produce right away. Brandon Miller is the perfect selection for this Trailblazers situation. Miller averaged 18.8 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game. He shot 43.0 % from the field, 38.4% from three, and 85.9% from the free throw line. Miller is a true two-level scorer, he can truly shoot from three and midrange over any defense.

He can shoot off the dribble and off the catch very consistently and has a handle good enough to break down perimeter defenders. Miller has also shown flashes as a good finisher because of his good touch. There is room for improvement with his first step, he hasn't shown he can consistently turn the corner and go finish. If he adds this to his game, being a three-level scorer will take his ceiling as a player to a whole new level. Miller also needs to simply exert more energy on defense. If Portland does not move their pick, Miller will be the best player available and could entice Lillard to stay.

Comp: Danny Granger


4) Houston Rockets - G/F Amen Thompson, OTE

Houston could be in store for a busy off-season filled with new players from free agency and trades. They ranked in the bottom 3 in points per game and opponents per game last year, and overall, they were one of the most inconsistent teams last year. Amen averaged 16.3 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 6.2 assists. He shot 56% from the field, 23% from three, and 64% from the free throw line. First off, he is a generational athlete. He can pass the ball at a very high level, he has great feel and vision. He has real point guard skills for his lengthy frame of 6'7. This is a desperate need for the Rockets.

He is also an amazing defender, he averaged 2.7 steals per game last year at OTE. This perimeter defense will certainly help out the overall team defense next year. There are some areas for improvement like his jump shot and his offensive creation. Right now, to put it frankly, he is a bad shooter and simply has some bad mechanics. Even though Amen is a very good playmaker, he is still turnover-prone, and he can try to do too much sometimes. Even with these flaws, I think Amen would be the perfect fit for Houston.

Comp: A bigger version of John Wall


5) Detroit Pistons - G/F Ausar Thompson, OTE

After a disappointing season and an even more disappointing lottery result, Detroit is looking for something to bring joy back to its fans. Ausar will be the perfect pick for the Pistons. Ausar averaged 16.3 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 6.1 assists per game. He shot 48.3% from the field, 30.0% from three, and 67.1% from the free throw line. Ausar has elite perimeter defense and is probably the most gifted defender in this class. He is a certified defensive playmaker, he averaged 2.7 steals and 1.3 blocks per game at OTE last year.

Just like his brother, he is an elite athlete and a playmaker as well. He makes quick and good decisions with the ball in his hands. He has shown flashes as a good shooter but is not nearly as consistent as you would want him to be. He has also shown flashes in his shot creation, but the sample size is too small. He has to be a secondary playmaker because he is turnover prone and gets caught in the air often. Ausar is going to be a great connecting piece for the Pistons with his defense and playmaking, and he could finally help this Detroit team make leaps.

Comp: Scottie Barnes


6) Orlando Magic - F Cam Whitmore, Villanova

The Orlando Magic struck gold last year with Paolo Banchero. He had a historically great season, and the Magic should go into this draft looking for players to complement him and his play style. This is why I believe that the perfect selection at five will be Cam Whitmore. Cam averaged 12.5 points per game, 5.3 rebounds, and 0.7 assists. He shot 47.8% from the field, 34.3% from three, and 70.3% from the free throw line. Cam has an NBA-ready body, and he has elite athleticism that he has flashed consistently.

He has shown that he can create his own shots off the dribble and also has a nice stroke from three, but needs to be more consistent overall. He is also a stout and physical defender who can do the dirty work for teams if needed. The areas of improvement are his playmaking, the 0.7 assists speak for themselves; and he has tunnel vision when driving.  He gambles a little too much for my liking. The Magic are in dire need of better shooters, and Cam has shown flashes of a capable 3 and D player.

Comp: A more offensive-minded Lu Dort


7) Indiana Pacers - F/C Jarace Walker, Houston

 I think Jarace Walker is the perfect piece for the Pacers, he will help create a great defensive frontcourt with Myles Turner. Jarace averaged 11.2 points, 6.8 rebounds, and 1.8 assists last season. His shooting splits were 46.5% from the field, 34.7 from three, and 66.3% from the free throw line. He also threw in 1.3 blocks and 1.0 steals, showing his defensive versatility. He is a very smart defender, he has the potential to be a small-ball five and can protect the rim as well. He has shown flashes of being a good playmaker, he thrives in short-roll playmaking.

He has to improve in his shot creation, he is very inconsistent, but like I said before I don't think this is his role in the NBA. He is also inconsistent as a shooter, he changed his mechanics from high school to college and saw some improvement. With that being said, I feel like Walker can be the ultimate glue guy for this young Indiana team, and they could surprise some people next year.

Comp: Paul Millsap


8) Washington Wizards - G/F Anthony Black, Arkansas

The Wizards have been stuck in what I call middle purgatory. They are too good to be at the top of the lottery and too bad to truly compete. They have extensions with Kyle Kuzma and Kristaps Porzingis, while also having Bradley Beal's mega-extension on their books. The perfect fit for the Wizards is Anthony Black, his mix of playmaking and defense answers some big questions for this Wizards roster. Black averaged 12.8 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 3.9 assists. His shooting splits were 45.3% from the field, 30.1% from three, and 70.5% from the free throw line.

Black is an amazing passer, he has natural vision, is a great decision-maker, and has great pass accuracy. Black is also a great perimeter defender, he uses his hands and feet very well. He can naturally guard 1-3 positions because of his speed and size. Kind of funky playstyle, but he makes it very effective. Black has to improve his shooting, his mechanics are bad, to be honest. He has limitations in scoring consistently, I can't see him being a score-first player in the future. He brings much-needed playmaking and defense to a team that already has capable scorers and shooters.

Comp: A more athletic version of Josh Giddey


9) Utah Jazz - G Cason Wallace, Kentucky

The Jazz had a very successful season, in my opinion, considering many people thought they would be fighting for the first overall pick. THT and Sexton, in my opinion, are two guards who they tried to make into point guards, and I don't think they are good enough facilitators. That's why I have the Jazz selecting Kentucky guard Cason Wallace. Wallace averaged 11.7 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 4.3 assists per game last year. He shot 44.6% from the field, 34.6% from three, and 75.7% from the free throw line. Cason is an absolute elite perimeter defender, has great feet, and is a defensive playmaker. He is a good playmaker, always makes the right plays, and has good vision.

He can finish around the rim with his soft touch and good floater. He has shown he can play on or off and be a reliable spot-up shooter. He needs to be more assertive on offense and show that he can score more willingly. He is not a very good shot creator, but he can sometimes get to his spots. He can't routinely get past defenders and lacks the burst needed to slide past them. I think this pick finally gives the Jazz a true playmaker who can be a glue guy and also raise their perimeter defense, which is a need for them as well.

Comp: Marcus Smart


10) Dallas Mavericks - F Taylor Hendricks, UCF

The Mavericks obviously need defense after departing with multiple role players to get Kyrie Irving last year. Hendricks is a high-level rim protector and can routinely switch to guards in pick-and-roll situations. He is a very reliable shooter from deep and can explode past defenders due to his speed. He is also a sneaky lob threat and a really athletic player for his size. He would fit perfectly next to Luka due to his amazing catch-and-shoot ability.

He averaged 15.1 points, 7.0 points, and 1.4 assists last season. He shot 47.8% from the field, 39.4% from three, and 78.2 from the free throw line. He needs to improve his handle, he is very limited off the dribble because of it. He struggles to play through contact at the rim, but with strength added, he should improve. Shown some playmaking flashes but needs some work, but I wouldn't worry about this too much. I think this is one of the best picks in the draft. Hendricks addresses a pressing need and can come in and produce right away.

Comp: Jerami Grant


11) Orlando Magic - G Jordan Hawkins, UConn

With the Magic's second selection in this draft, I have them selecting guard Jordan Hawkins. As I said earlier, the Magic were a very poor three-point shooting team last year. They ranked in the bottom 10 of the league in three-point percentage, and Hawkins can certainly help with that. Hawkins is an unbelievable shooter, he can shoot off the dribble, the move, and the catch. He moves very well off the ball and finds open spots. He is an underrated playmaker but needs more sample size, and there are encouraging signs that he could continue to be a good defender.

Hawkins averaged 16.2 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 1.3 assists. He shot 40.9% from the field, 38.8% from three, and 88.7% from the free throw line. He needs to improve his first step, it hindered his finishing. As I said before about his playmaking and defense, there are encouraging signs, but he just needs to show them more consistently. The Magic are getting a knockdown shooter to pair with their plethora of talented wings.

Comp: Richard Hamilton


12) Oklahoma City Thunder - G/F Gradey Dick, Kansas

The Thunder saw some great leaps from multiple players, and they are gearing toward another step toward contention. They have a plethora of playmakers and defenders on this team, as well as some true bucket-getters. The two most pressing needs for this team are size and shooting, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and select Gradey Dick. He is a truly elite shooter and has a lot of shooting versatility. He can move off the ball really well and has possibly the best shot mechanics in the whole draft. He is an underrated playmaker, always makes the right plays and makes them quickly. A great pull-up shooter and shotmaker, his size and release make his jump shot nearly unblockable. He also gets a lot of steals with his quick hands on defense and plays great team defense.

Dick averaged 14.1 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 1.7 assists. His shooting splits were 44.2% from the field, 40.3% from three, and 85.7% from the free throw line. Gradey right now is not a good creator and struggles to really create space consistently. Lacks the necessary foot speed and lateral quickness that are needed to guard perimeter players. He also lacks the strength to guard post players and sometimes gambles in passing lanes. These are flaws that I think are better suited for OKC because they have complementary players who can hide them.

Comp: Cam Johnson


13) Toronto Raptors - G Keyonte George, Baylor

The Toronto Raptors are coming off another disappointing season, with questions about who will be traded and if VanVleet will resign. They need a player who can produce right away. The Raptors need someone who can score and elevate one of the worst half-court offenses last season. George is an elite shotmaker and has a very high upside of becoming a three-level scorer. He has a great shot from three and displayed that he has true NBA range last year at Baylor. He can be a great secondary playmaker, which will elevate Scottie Barnes and help produce a more efficient offense.

Keyonte George averaged 15.3 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 2.8 assists. He shot 37.6%, 33.8% from three, and 79.3% from the free throw line. He has some questionable shot selection, he settled too much for my liking on difficult shots. He was very turnover-prone, sometimes he just didn't make the easy read. Gambles on defense a lot instead of just staying in front. Keyonte has star potential and can possibly take the Raptors back to the playoffs.

Comp: Eric Gordon


14) New Orleans Pelicans - G Kobe Bufkin, Michigan

The Pelicans are another deep team that just can't stay healthy enough to truly contend. I think the CJ McCollum point guard experiment has run its course. In my opinion, they need a true playmaker. Kobe is a very high-IQ player and makes the right passes at the right times consistently. He plays at a good pace and gets to his spots in the halfcourt at will. He has a quick first step, and he can shoot off the dribble and catch. He is a disruptor on the defensive end, he has quick feet and good enough instincts to get blocks most of the time. I think he elevates Zion with his shooting and playmaking.

Bufkin averaged 14.0 points, 4.5 rebounds, and 2.9 assists per game last year at Michigan. He shot 48.2% from the field, 35.5% from three, and 84.9% from the free throw line. He needs to improve on isolation scoring, even though I don't think this will be his role on this team. He has shown consistent flashes as a playmaker, but we don't know if they're reliable yet. His physical strength sometimes hinders his defense, but the Pelicans have enough good defenders to maximize his defensive potential. I think the Pelicans are the perfect fit as they search for a true point guard and also get great shooting and a reliable defender.

Comp: Derrick White 


First Round 15-22

15. Atlanta - G/F Jett Howard, Michigan

After another disappointing season, the Hawks need a player to come in and rejuvenate their team. Even though they have great three-point shooters like Trae Young and Bogdan Bogdanovic, they ranked in the bottom 10 in three-point percentage. With this pick, the Hawks get a capable shooter and defender who brings the versatility they don't have.

Comp: Kevin Huerter

16. Utah - F Brice Sensabaugh, Ohio State

The Jazz need more capable shooters to add to their great offense, and Brice Sensabaugh is the perfect fit. He brings shooting and size to a Jazz team that needs it desperately. He has a chance to produce right away compared to other non-lottery picks.

Comp: TJ Warren

17. Los Angeles Lakers - G/F Maxwell Lewis, Pepperdine

The Lakers need more 3 and D players to match with Lebron and Anthony Davis. Maxwell Lewis showed his scoring flashes and consistent defense last season at Pepperdine. He can shoot off the catch and which bodes well for playing next to Lebron. Lewis a valuable wing who won't get schemed off the court like Jarred Vanderbilt did last year.

Comp: Devin Vassell

18. Miami - G Jalen Hood-Schifino, Indiana

With Kyle Lowry being 37 and continuing to age, the Heat need a point guard for the future. Jalen is the perfect fit for their philosophy, he's a willing defender and an improving scorer. He is also one of the best playmakers in the draft, he will help elevate the Heat's offense. The Heat had the worst-scoring offense in the league last year, inserting some youth should help.

Comp: Spencer Dinwiddie

19. Golden State - G/F Kris Murray, Iowa

The Warriors lacked size and consistent scoring off the bench last year. Murray comes in with a great shot and defensive versatility. I expect him to take over the backup power forward spot and could possibly be featured in lineups with Draymond at the center. He also showed samples of creating his own shot, he's one of the best off-ball players in this draft, which plays into the Warriors' system.

Comp: Left-handed Keegan Murray

20. Rockets - F Leonard Miller, G-League Ignite 

The Rockets need size and defense desperately. Miller is a high-energy and high-motor player who is consistently all over the floor. He is a very athletic wing who can defend 1-5 positions consistently. He has the potential to be in small-ball lineups to maximize the Rockets offense, I could see him thrive in this role. The Rockets will have added two defensive-minded wings in this draft to help their offensive guards.

Comp: Jarred Vanderbilt

21. Brooklyn - C Derrick Lively, Duke 

The Nets have no other big men who can get consistent playing time other than Nic Claxton. Dayron Sharpe is a player they drafted in the hope he would fill that role, but Jaque Vaughn opted to run small ball lineups. Lively is a very active defender who protects the rim relentlessly and is an active lob threat.

Comp: Tyson Chandler

22. Brooklyn - G Nick Smith, Arkansas

Brooklyn also needs guys who create their own shots, Nick Smith is the answer to this problem. He is a fantastic ball handler and has a quick first step to put pressure on the rim. He has a smooth jumper and hits tough shots when needed. He had an injury-riddled year at Arkansas, so people are banking more on his potential rather than what he was able to show.

Comp: Jordan Poole


First Round 23-30

23. Portland - G/F Bilal Coulibaly, Metropolitans 92

Portland gets a young, athletic forward who is very defensive-minded. He has a 7'3 wingspan that allows him to guard 1-3 positions consistently. His athleticism allows him to slash very well, the offensive game is more on the side of potential. If he improves his three-point shot, he will be a great three-and-d player in the league.

Comp: Young OG Anunoby

24. Sacramento - F/C James Nnaji, FC Barcelona Básquet

James has the most NBA-ready body and the best physical traits out of all the prospects in this draft. He is a good lob threat and can protect the rim very well. He is so athletic that he can finish over most players in traffic, but he's still super raw on the offensive end. He can bring rim protection to a Kings team that is very offensive-oriented, and he can thrive in a backup role to Sabonis.

Comp: DeAndre Jordan 

25. Memphis - G Colby Jones, Xavier 

The Grizzlies are preparing for the departure of Dillon Brooks this offseason. Colby Jones would be the perfect replacement, he brings the shooting that Brooks just could not produce. The Grizzlies need more capable three-point shooters other than Luke Kennard, and Jones can bring that. He is also a good defender in his own right, a very good mover, and has fluid feet. He is also a natural playmaker and can be featured in Morant and Tyus Jones lineups as a third ball-handler.

Comp: Malcolm Brogdon

26. Indiana - F GG Jackson, South Carolina

Indiana will get a high-upside scorer who can get his shot off at any time. He has a nice handle and is physical enough to bang on the post. He won't offer much defense, but with Jarace Walker on the team, they can keep his offensive game as his main focus.

Comp: Marcus Morris

27. Charlotte - F Sidy Cissoko, G-League Ignite

Charlotte gets a young, athletic forward who can be a connector off the bench. His defense helps the Hornets, and he can also provide some playmaking in spurts. He needs to develop his offense, but I think the Hornets have enough capable scorers to cover up his raw offense.

Comp: Young Jeff Green

28. Utah - F/C Noah Clowney, Alabama

Utah continues to add size and shooting in this draft and selects big man Noah Clowney. He has shown flashes of a good three-point stroke and has an array of moves to finish at the basket. He is not a stout rim protector, but his size will give him advantages most of the time.

Comp: Bobby Portis 

29. Indiana - G/F Rayan Rupert, New Zealand Breakers 

The Pacers will continue to add to their wing position and select a stout defender. He was a very raw and inefficient scorer last season in the NBL, but he has so many tools to improve. He will be a great on- and off-ball defender who could see significant minutes in year 1.

Comp: Matisse Thybulle

30. Los Angeles Clippers - G/F Andre Jackson, UConn

Andre Jackosn is an athletic defensive-minded wing who can fit seamlessly with the Clippers. He is a natural playmaker and finds the open guys consistently. He will go to a team full of shooters and they would hide his spacing issues.

Comp: Andre Iguodala

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Ricardo Ramos2 days ago

Set For First Fight In Over A Year
Charles Jourdain2 days ago

Hoping To Bring UFC Record Above .500
Marina Rodriguez2 days ago

Gets A Rematch At UFC Vegas 79
Dan Ige2 days ago

Enters UFC Vegas 79 On Two-Fight Win Streak
Bryce Mitchell2 days ago

Looking To Bounce Back After First Career Loss
VEG2 days ago

Daniil Miromanov Ruled Out Long-Term
Chris Wideman2 days ago

Out Indefinitely With Back Injury
Mason McTavish2 days ago

Nursing An Upper-Body Injury
Brooklyn Nets3 days ago

Jordan Hall Signs With Nets
Xavier Moon3 days ago

Signs With Clippers
Aleksej Pokusevski3 days ago

To Miss Next Six Weeks
Buddy Hield3 days ago

Pacers Attempting To Trade Buddy Hield
Alexa Grasso6 days ago

Retains Flyweight Title With Split Draw
Valentina Shevchenko6 days ago

Unsuccessful In Bid To Recapture Title
Jack Della Maddalena6 days ago

Pulls Out Close Decision Win At Noche UFC
Kevin Holland6 days ago

Takes Close Loss In Split-Decision Showing
Raul Rosas Jr.6 days ago

Knocks Out Terrance Mitchell In 54 Seconds