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2021 Points League Rankings - Third Base

It's Friday and that can only mean one thing...More hot points action coming straight at you.

So let's do some point ranks, shall we? If you've forgotten from last year, I have strong opinions on point leagues. TL;DR? You can't just transfer over value from roto and you can't just take players with good BB/K ratios. You must make your values based on your specific rule and not assume that someone who is good in one scoring system will hold the same value as in another system. If you don't, you'll be behind from jump street. Or, at least you won't be as set up for success as you could be.

We've been going around the horn in terms of general athleticness and after covering shortstop and second base, it's time to avoid getting burned by the hot corner. And how do we do that? By shooting a Seager on a silver bullet right up near the top-100, of course! Let's get weird.

Be sure to check all of our preseason fantasy baseball rankings for Roto, Points, H2H, dynasty, best ball, prospects and more:


Methodology and Common Terms

If you've already been reading along at home, feel free to skip ahead to the ranks. If not; welcome!

I'll mention this often ( and have mentioned it often); player values can vary wildly depending on your individual league settings. Whether using the standard scoring of the major platforms (ESPN, CBS, Yahoo, Fantrax) or custom setting, understanding how players score in your system and how roster sizes affect value is supremely important. The more you leverage this understanding, the more powerful the position you'll be starting from.

Here are the standard roster settings on the aforementioned platforms:

Fantrax ESPN Yahoo CBS
C 1 1 1 1
1B 1 1 1 1
2B 1 1 1 1
3B 1 1 1 1
SS 1 1 1 1
OF 5 5 3 3
CI 1 1 0 0
MI 1 1 0 0
UT 1 1 2 1
SP 0 0 2 5
RP 0 0 2 2
P 9 9 4 0
Bench 3 3 5 5
IL 0 0 4 0

Here are standard scoring settings on the aforementioned platforms:


Hitters Fantrax ESPN CBS Yahoo Generic
1B 1 1 1 2.6 1
2B 2 2 2 5.2 2
3B 3 3 3 7.8 3
HR 4 4 4 10.4 4
Run 1 1 1 1.9 1
RBI 1 1 1 1.9 1
SB 2 1 2 4.2 2
CS 0 0 -1 0 0
BB 1 1 1 2.6 1
K 0 -1 -.5 0 -.25
HBP 0 0 1 2.6 .5

With values varying, it can make doing a general point ranking a little tricky. For example, Ronald Acuna Jr. is a top-five player for me on every platform besides ESPN, where I'd probably put him closer to #20. That's a big swing. So what I've done is to use a "generic" point system as a baseline for doing ranks, as well as talking about per-PA scoring rates. It gives the one-point per-base that all systems generally use, with two points for stolen bases and -.25 points for a strikeout.

This gives us a common baseline so we're at least speaking close to the same language, no matter your platform. But if you're on ESPN, know that you'll need to make heavier adjustments for speed/high K% players.

General System notes

  • Yahoo started mirroring their scoring to their daily fantasy game, making the scoring wildly different than other platforms.
  • ESPN (-1) and CBS (-.5) both subtract points for strikeouts. This is a monster difference and must be properly accounted for. Take Ronald Acuna Jr. versus Juan Soto in 2019, as an example of the difference over a full season. Acuna had a 26.6% K%, while Soto posted a 20.0% K%. That translated to 188 strikeouts for Acuna and 132 SO for Soto, putting Acuna in a 56-point hole under ESPN scoring. That's a big difference.
  • ESPN only gives one point per stolen base. The more a player's value depends on stolen bases (in other scoring formats, as well as roto), the more their value will take a negative hit on ESPN. It's not as an extreme difference as the strikeout scoring but still needs to be accounted for.
  • Players who steal a lot of bases and strikeout a lot are going to take big hits on ESPN. Adalberto Mondesi is the most extreme example of players who are essentially not draftable on ESPN when comparing their scoring to likely ADP. But  Jonathan Villar is in a similar boat, as is the aforementioned Acuna Jr. Let's just say that if you see an ESPN point rankings that have Acuna Jr. in the top-10, you should run away.

Data Notes

  • Statcast data is taken from EV Analytics and can be slightly different from Baseball Savant due to EV's own methodology. From their glossary:

Note: Statcast stats are calculated live by in-ballpark cameras and radar. These occasionally fail to record data on certain batted balls. All data and projections displayed at EV Analytics that rely on Statcast data identify these missed balls and estimate what they should have been. Internal tests showed this to be slightly more accurate than either ignoring the missing data or using MLB's.

"The Barrel classification is assigned to batted-ball events whose comparable hit types (in terms of exit velocity and launch angle) have led to a minimum .500 batting average and 1.500 slugging percentage since Statcast was implemented in 2015. 

To be Barreled, a batted ball requires an exit velocity of at least 98 mph. At that speed, balls struck with a launch angle between 26-30 degrees always garner Barreled classification. For every mph over 98, the range of launch angles expands."

Common Terms

  • Barrel% - Barrels per batted-ball event
  • Air% - total percent of balls hit in the air (fly balls + line drives)
  • Air% average EV - average exit velocity of non-groundballs
  • Air % 100+ mph- the percentage of balls hit in the air that had an exit velocity of 100 mph or greater.
  • Average EV Top-5% - The average exit-velocity of a player's top-5% hardest-hit balls.
  • Average EV Next-20% - The average exit velocity of the next 20% of hardest-hit balls.

In addition to rankings, the charts include how players have scored the last three years in the generic scoring system, as well as what I am currently projecting for 2021. Also included in 2019-20 strikeout rates to better help those who play in leagues where they are punished, make adjustments, as well as wOBA and xwOBA for 2020.


Third Base Rankings

Overall Rank Pos Rank Name All Pos 2019 pt/pa 2020 pt/pa 2020 woba 2020 xwoba 2019 K% 2020 K%
10 1 Jose Ramirez 3B .859 1.052 .408 .358 13.7 16.9
16 2 Manny Machado 3B .735 .983 .385 .368 19.4 14.6
19 3 Nolan Arenado 3B .924 .687 .303 .275 14.0 10.0
23 4 Anthony Rendon 3B 1.005 .816 .389 .375 13.3 13.4
43 5 Alex Bregman 3B .984 .719 .339 .327 12.0 14.4
47 6 Rafael Devers 3B .913 .751 .331 .318 17.0 27.0
50 7 Eugenio Suarez 3B .844 .776 .326 .328 28.5 29.0
71 8 Matt Chapman 3B .802 .780 .330 .329 21.9 35.5
79 9 Yoan Moncada 3B .836 .606 .305 .280 27.5 31.2
93 10 Alec Bohm 1B,3B .750 .375 .343 20.0
111 11 Kyle Seager 3B .751 .822 .333 .350 19.4 13.3
126 12 Jeimer Candelario 1B,3B .542 .790 .367 .340 25.6 23.8
134 13 Gio Urshela 3B .826 .820 .359 .364 18.3 14.4
139 14 Brian Anderson 3B .726 .740 .342 .312 21.9 28.8
152 15 Ke'Bryan Hayes 3B .979 .457 .356 21.1
153 16 Kris Bryant 3B .834 .565 .281 .275 22.9 27.2
155 17 J.D. Davis 3B,OF .796 .624 .334 .348 21.4 24.5
157 18 Austin Riley 3B .717 .649 .302 .325 36.4 23.8
195 19 Josh Donaldson 3B .840 .755 .356 .344 23.5 23.5
209 20 Justin Turner 3B .798 .786 .370 .386 16.0 14.9
221 21 Eduardo Escobar 3B .812 .535 .253 .294 18.6 18.5
257 22 Evan Longoria 3B .697 .666 .303 .354 22.0 18.7
259 23 Maikel Franco 3B .663 .706 .324 .296 14.3 15.6
303 24 Wander Franco 3B
311 25 Edwin Rios 1B,3B .906 .970 .378 .382 37.5 21.7
333 26 Matt Carpenter 1B,3B .646 .633 .289 .323 26.2 28.4
361 27 Rio Ruiz 3B .576 .703 .298 .267 21.3 22.5
427 28 Yoshi Tsutsugo 3B,OF .689 .304 .311 27.0


Tier One

Jose Ramirez took a year off from being totally amazing in 2019 (.334 wOBA, 104 wRC+) but was right back at it in 2020. Ramirez slashed .292/.386/.607 over 254 PA, with 17 HR, 46 RBI, and 45 runs scored, finishing with a .415 wOBA and 163 wRC+. But honestly, Ramirez really wasn't that awful for points in 2019, he was only bad by the standards he'd previously set:

2017 2018 2019 2020
Points per-PA 0.93 1.00 0.86 1.05

Cleveland has continued to purge talent in the offseason and fears that Ramirez's value will take a hit without Francisco Lindor sharing the lineup with him. But while Cleveland won't be able to completely fill the Lindor-sized hole in the order, I don't think Andres Gimenez is so awful (in fact, I kind of think the opposite) as to put a significant drag on what Ramirez will do under most scoring systems.

Try not to get too distracted by the .259 and .256 averages that Manny Machado put up in 2017 and 2019; Machado is continually an offensive force and I don't see any reason to assume otherwise in 2021. Machado posted a .385 wOBA and 168 wRC+ that were both career-highs, with a .063 HR per-PA that was also his high mark:

PA HR hr/pa
2012 202 7 .035
2013 710 14 .020
2014 354 12 .034
2015 713 35 .049
2016 696 37 .053
2017 690 33 .048
2018 709 37 .052
2019 661 32 .048
2020 254 16 .063

I'm not necessarily on board with the power-spike continuing, as Machado has seen his Air% exit velocities drop over the past few seasons. However, maybe the home run surge wasn't a total illusion, as increases in Pull% and 38+ LA% (percentage of launch angles of 38-degrees, or more, which is indicative of more uppercut swings that can increase home runs but also drag down batting average) may indicate that Machado was selling out more for power:

2017 2018 2019 2020
Pull% 37.6 34.7 31.4 44.5
38+ LA% 18.3 21.4 19.9 24.6

Regardless of whether the home run spike continues, I'm still in, as even the worst version of Machado is going to be good for 30+ HR. And with Fernando Tatis Jr. and Trent Grisham preceding him in the order and a host of solid hitters behind him, any hit taken by fewer dongs should be balanced by the other counting stats. Not to mention his above-average walk-rate (10.2% in 2020) and elite K% (14.6% in 2020) that already help make him a point league superstar.

What to do with Nolan Arenado? Normally, the answer would be "take him at the end of the first round, lock in automatic first-round value". You know, because Arenado is a stud hitter and happens to play half of his games at a thin-aired launching pad? But just like many of us, 2020 punched Arenado right in the eye...And basically everywhere else besides his glove and K-rate:

Welp. That wasn't great. And unlike the aforementioned Jose Ramirez (who still did well in points, compared to roto, in his down year of 2019), Arenado's rate of scoring tanked right along with everything else:

2017 2018 2019 2020
Points per-PA 0.93 0.88 0.92 0.69

His .69 pts/pa represented a 25% decrease from recent seasons, giving him a rate of scoring that was only just behind those of Rio Ruiz and Yoshitomo Tsutsugo. Wooo-ooof. Add that horrible year to trade rumors that will continue to persist and you have a fantasy community wary to pay a high price for someone who might not get the Coors effect all season.

Count me not among the wary, and will gladly salivate in drafts where his early-30's ADP holds true. I'm counting on Arenado to return to his aggression from previous seasons, particularly in the strike zone, where he fell back to league average in 2020:

Season Swing % Zone Swing %
2015 53.1 73.3
2016 48.1 67.0
2017 48.2 71.1
2018 49.8 72.5
2019 51.4 73.1
2020 48.1 66.2
2020 MLB average 46.6 66.1

Maybe we're past the MVP-candidate version and I certainly wouldn't love a trade away from Colorado but even a lesser version is going to be a high-level accumulator, with Arenado reaching at least 662 PA from 2015-19. If he reaches 660 PA again, even at last year's scoring rate of .69 pts/pa, Arenado would be a top-60 player. But if he does what Depth Charts is projecting (and I'm slightly more bullish), he's in the top-25.

Relative to his draft price, Anthony Rendon was a roto-bust in 2020, finishing as the ninth-best third baseman according to the Fangraphs auction calculator, sandwiched between BrIan Anderson and Jeimer Candelario. However, under our generic scoring system, Rendon finished fourth-best at the position and the #55 hitter overall. Still not what players were hoping for after needing to use a top-three pick to draft in 2020 (24 ADP in NFBC) but just shows that even a lesser Rendon can crush points.

We might not see the peak-Rendon from 2019 again but he's long carried elite scoring rates. Even if he only matches his rate in 2020, he'll be a top-30 scorer:

2017 2018 2019 2020
Points per-PA 0.89 0.85 1.01 0.82


Tier Two

As much as I love talking trash on players who might not be as good now that they don't know when a fastball is coming, we can't go too far with Alex Bregman. He has an elite K% and BB% every year while piling on plate-appearances. Sometimes that's all you need to slay in points:

Season G PA BB% K%
2016 49 217 6.9 24.0
2017 155 626 8.8 15.5
2018 157 705 13.6 12.1
2019 156 690 17.2 12.0
2020 42 180 13.3 14.4

Wait, what is Eugenio Suarez doing all the way up at #45? Suarez had a 28.5% K% in 2019 and a 29.0% K% in 2020...He's a whiffer! And you've made it clear that you want to avoid whiffers in point leagues, right? Well, no; at least not if you're in a league that doesn't punish strikeouts. In points, it's all about knowing how the totality of a player's scoring profile fits into a particular scoring system. And while Suarez may be a whiffer, he also consistently posts elite scoring rates:

2017 2018 2019 2020
Points per-PA 0.76 0.82 0.84 0.78

Nothing is screaming out to me that Suarez's rate of scoring in 2021 will be that much different than in the past. My projections have him at .751 pts/pa, which, given the 650 PA  that he's usually good for, makes Suarez a top-50 player for me.

We're going back-to-back with players who I think will far outshine their draft price, as Matt Chapman near a 12o ADP on NFBC after a 91 ADP in 2020 (and was closer to the top-75 in later drafts). So, we're dropping last year's hotness 40-50 spots essentially because he missed the last three weeks of the season with a torn labrum in his hip. Ok, but...

Yes, Chapman had a career-high 35.5% K% and career-low 5.3% BB% but I'm betting on that being more of a function of the short season rather than a decrease in his skills profile. Call me crazy but I'm trusting 1764 PA over 152 PA:

Season PA BB% K%
2017 326 9.8 28.2
2018 616 9.4 23.7
2019 670 10.9 21.9
2020 152 5.3 35.5
Career 1764 9.7 24.9

And even with a Sano-esque 35.5% K%, Chapman still only saw a slight decrease in his 2020 scoring rate, compared to 2019:

2017 2018 2019 2020
Points per-PA 0.70 0.78 0.80 0.78

Putting aside his plate-discipline, let's not forget how much Chapman mashed in 2020. His .066 HR per-PA, .303 ISO, .535 SLG, .539 xSLG, .496 xwOBAcon, and 51.7% Hard Hit% were all career-highs. And Chapman's 18.0% Brl% and 58.0% Air% 100+ mph (two of the best predictors of future power) were also career-highs, both finishing in the 99th-percentile. Just absolutely mashing baseballs.


Tier Three

There were a lot of ugly things in Yoan Moncada's 2020 and I'm not just talking about this monstrosity of blues:

Because digging deeper into his exit velocities, Moncada's 33.1% Hard Hit% (down from 47.9%) was even worse than it looked:

2017 2018 2019 2020
Air% Avg EV 90.7 92.7 94.1 89.3
Air% (100+ mph) 29.0 31.2 38.9 22.6
Avg EV (Top-5%) 109.1 110.0 111.7 108.9
Avg EV (Next-20%) 102.2 103.3 106.1 102.1

I doubt I'll be targeting Moncada in drafts, given his top-90 ADP, but also don't think he's due for a repeat performance of 2020. Because I'm taking his word on how much his body suffered following his recovery from COVID-19 over the summer and am happy to give a pass on his exit-velocity troubles.

Let's not kid ourselves believing that Alec Bohm will repeat the .338 AVG (.286 xBA) he posted over 180 PA. Something in the .275 range is a lot more likely but Bohm also has a below-average K%, plays in one of baseball's best hitting parks, and will bat near the middle of a solid Phillies lineup, currently penciled in between Andrew McCutchen and Bryce Harper.


Tier Four

Who is leading off in Tier Four, coming in at #107-overall? Why Kyle Seager, of course! That's right; not Corey but Kyle, he of the 270 ADP and boring profile. What time is it? Stop. Kyle-Time.

Seager scored .822 pts/pa in 2020 (just higher than the aforementioned .816 pts/pa put up by Anthony Rendon), a year after a rate of .751 pts/pa in 2019. But I don't need Kyle to put his 2020 numbers again, or even 2019. All Seager needs to do in order to finish near the top-100 in value is to hit .70 pts/pa and reach somewhere near 620 PA. So basically, something he's done a few times before:

2017 2018 2019 2020
Plate Appearances 650 630 443 248
Points per-PA 0.71 0.61 0.75 0.82

Taking a look at the recently released BATx projections, maybe I'm even low on Seager, as it projects him to score .723 pts/pa over 643 PA. Those projections would make Seager the #62-overall scorer. Once again; not Corey. His name is Kyle.

Yet another Detroit Tiger that I love compared to his price, Jeimer Candelario (250 ADP) isn't getting nearly enough respect following his breakout 2020. Candelario slashed .297/.369/.503, with a .373 wOBA and 137 wRC+, averaging 0.79 pts/pa and finishing as the ninth-highest scoring third baseman.

While I don't think he'll reach those heights again, Candelario has a full-time job and will bat in the middle of the order. Plus, his exit velocity increases may portend another power increase after he averaged .034 HR per-PA - up from .021 hr/pa in 2019 and .031 in 2018:

2017 2018 2019
Barrel% 6.6 6.6 10.5
Avg EV (Air%) 92.5 89.2 94.6
Air% (100+ mph) 25.0 27.9 40.5

In our latest entry from the Kyle Seager school of boring, Brian Anderson finished as the #8 third baseman, scoring at a rate of .740 pts/pa after posting a rate of .726 pts/pa in 2019. Anderson slashed .255/.345/.465, with 11 HR and 38 RBI but keep in mind that he hit three home runs (7 RBI) in late-September. Anderson is just 27-years-old and seems a lock for 640 PA or more, batting in the middle of the order every day for the Marlins. Give me boring guys like Anderson to fill my swing slots, all day long.

I wasn't a fan of Ke'Bryan Hayes' offensive potential prior to 2020, thinking he'd always be more glove than bat. But after blowing up during his 95 PA in his major league debut, along with elite exit velocities, it's hard to continue justifying his glove-first label until we get more evidence. I'm not ready to go all-in on Hayes but I'll happily dip my toes in the water considering the unexpected laser power he showed in 2020, finishing in the 82nd-percentile for Air% average EV and the 88th-percentile in Air% (100+ mph).


Tier Five

Josh Donaldson is probably always going to score points at a high rate but let's be honest about the chances of the 35-year-old actually lasting a full season? Because after reaching nearly 700 PA every season from 2013-2016, Donaldson has seen a severe decline in his ability to stay on the field:

2013 158 668
2014 158 695
2015 158 711
2016 155 700
2017 113 496
2018 52 219
2019 155 659
2020 28 102

If he turns back the dial and plays a full season, Donaldson will likely be a top-100 scorer. But his recent track record of injuries and 185 ADP is making him too risky for my tastes.

Unlike the uncertainty of Donaldson, I know in advance I'm likely only going to get 550 PA out of Justin Turner. But I'm also fairly confident in what kind of scoring-rate Turner will put up:

2017 2018 2019 2020
Points per-PA 0.85 0.83 0.80 0.79

And while Turner's Air% average EV dropped to 91.4 mph in 2020 from 93.5 mph in 2019, he raised his Air% (100+ mph) to 32.5%, up from 24.1% in 2019, and 19.6% in 2018. He won't be playing every day but when he does it will be near the middle of one of baseball's best offenses.


Tiers Six and Seven

Let the Wanderlust...Begin! There is no guarantee about how much Wander Franco will actually play in 2021. Tampa Bay is certainly not calling him up before maximizing their future control and once they do, who knows how much he'll actually play. One would think that once he's up, he'll play every day. But keep in mind that this is Tampa Bay and no one really knows what the hell they'll do. What I do know, is that Franco will eventually be awesome, even though he hasn't yet reached Double-A. If you can afford to stash him on your bench, he'll give you excellent production but only for about 400 PA.

Continuing the theme, I like Edwin Rios a lot more than I like how much he'll actually crack the lineup for the Dodgers. But I like his chances of reaching 500 PA more than Franco's and Rios' exit velocities make him hard to ignore, even without having an everyday job. Rios averaged 96.2 mph on balls in the air (95th-percentile) and his Air% (100+ mph) of 38.9% was in the 80th-percentile.

In very small samples (56 PA in  2019 and 83 PA in 2020) Rios averaged 0.97 pts/pa in 2020 after 0.91 pts/pa in 2019. Those rates aren't going to hold over a full season (because he's not Juan Soto) but the fact that he dropped to a 21.7% K% from 37.5% in 2019 is promising. With Gavin Lux on the bench also fighting for playing time, Rios will have to keep hitting to stay in the lineup but I like his chances.

Yoshitomo Tsutsugo was a roto-bust in 2020 but his 0.69 pts/pa was more than solid. The problem is that there's no chance you can realistically count on more than 350 PA. Because Tampa, you know? Hard pass. But always remember; the Rays hate fantasy players and you should never trust them to do what you want or what you think should be done. Which, I guess, means that Tsutsugo will finish with 600 PA.

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Shohei Ohtani1 day ago

To Make Spring Debut On Tuesday
Connor Ingram1 day ago

Returns To Action Sunday
Chris Duncan1 day ago

Gets Submitted Quickly At UFC Mexico City
Manuel Torres1 day ago

Remains Undefeated In The UFC
Yair Rodriguez1 day ago

Gets Finished At UFC Mexico City
Brian Ortega1 day ago

Gets Submission Win At UFC Mexico City
Joey Logano1 day ago

Will Have to Serve Penalty at Start of Atlanta Race
Joey Logano2 days ago

the Favorite to Win at Atlanta
Ryan Blaney2 days ago

Can Win At Atlanta This Weekend
Chase Elliott2 days ago

a Core DFS Play at Atlanta
William Byron2 days ago

Looking To Win Again
Ross Chastain2 days ago

Has Aggressiveness Needed To Win At Atlanta
Ricky Stenhouse Jr2 days ago

. Looking To Build On Good Atlanta Runs
NASCAR2 days ago

Bubba Wallace Has Upside at Atlanta Despite Poor Record
Ryan Preece2 days ago

Is A Difficult DFS Recommendation For Atlanta
Brad Keselowski2 days ago

Is A DFS Favorite To Recommend At Atlanta
Marquez Valdes-Scantling2 days ago

A Logical Cap Casualty
A.J. Brown2 days ago

Shuts Down Trade Rumors
Kendrick Bourne3 days ago

Expected To Test The Market
Tee Higgins3 days ago

Bengals Tell Tee Higgins He's Going To Receive Franchise Tag
Demarcus Robinson3 days ago

Rams Re-Sign Demarcus Robinson
Miami Dolphins3 days ago

Dolphins To Release Xavien Howard
Robert Woods3 days ago

A Possible Cut Candidate
Brandon Royval4 days ago

Set For A Rematch
Brandon Moreno4 days ago

Looks To Get Back In Win Column
Francisco Prado4 days ago

Has A Tough Test In Front Of Him
MMA4 days ago

Daniel Zellhuber Looks To Extend His Win Streak
Yazmin Jauregui4 days ago

Hopes To Get Back In Win Column
Manuel Torres4 days ago

Looking To Remain Undefeated In The UFC
Chris Duncan4 days ago

Goes Into Enemy Territory At UFC Mexico City
Ricky Turcios4 days ago

A Big Underdog At UFC Mexico City
Raul Rosas Jr.4 days ago

Set For Fourth UFC Appearance
Brian Ortega4 days ago

Ends Layoff At UFC Mexico City
Yair Rodriguez4 days ago

A Favorite At UFC Mexico City
PGA5 days ago

Seonghyeon Kim Looks To Continue A Steady Run Of Play
Jhonattan Vegas5 days ago

Showing Signs Of A Return To Form
Justin Suh5 days ago

Taking A Volatile Run Of Form South Of The Border
Jake Knapp5 days ago

Proving To Be A Compelling Korn Ferry Prospect
Brandon Wu5 days ago

Looking To Carry Over His Immaculate Mexico Open History
Alex Smalley5 days ago

Brings Tee-To-Green Struggles To Mexico
Nate Lashley6 days ago

Struggling Outside Of Putting Aberration
Maverick McNealy6 days ago

Trending Upwards Ahead Of Mexico Open
Michael Kim6 days ago

In Good Form Heading To Mexico
Davis Thompson6 days ago

Set For Mexico Open Debut
Cameron Champ6 days ago

Looks To Continue Success In Mexico
Aaron Rai6 days ago

Heads To Mexico In Poor Form
Thomas Detry6 days ago

Looking For Driver To Deliver




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