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About Adam Sabol - RotoBaller

Adam Sabol is a sports industry major at The Ohio State University who writes about fantasy football because if you're gonna spend a good half of your life thinking about football you may as well do something constructive with it.

Adam Sabol - RotoBaller has written 89 articles so far, you can find them below.

Wild Card Weekend Game Recaps

Remember the 2016 playoffs? That strange stretch of time last year where people said things like "you don't need a quarterback" and "an elite defense will get you there if you have even a decent RB?" It seems like so long ago, especially after 2017's wild card weekend. Look at the quarterbacks who advanced. Aaron... Read More

3 years ago

NFL Recap - Week 15 Surprises, And Looking Ahead

Happy holidays to all of our readers!  And that greeting is not only extended from us here, but also from all the players in the NFL, who caught the holiday spirit just in time this year. And what better way to celebrate than to look at some of the best gifts the NFL gave to... Read More

3 years ago

NFL Recap - Week 14 Surprises, And Looking Ahead

The NFL seems to have saved its best product for the home stretch - Week 14 provided surprises, shakeups and scintillating individual performances. With five teams in each conference contending for wild card berths, we can look forward to more high-stakes games in the coming weeks, but for now let's take a look at what... Read More

3 years ago

Getty Images

NFL Recap - Week 13 Surprises, And Looking Ahead

With Week 13 behind us, every NFL team has now played 12 games, and the season is officially 75% over. We're officially in the stretch run, and many divisions are up for grabs. That being said, not every contest is created equal, and while there will be significant football played in December and January, some... Read More

3 years ago

NFL Recap - Week 12 Surprises, Busts & Laughers

Thanksgiving has come and gone. We have delighted to see the family members we haven't spoken to in months and then remembered over dinner why we haven't spoken to them, as soon as they asked "how about that election, huh?" Cookbooks were dusted off and panicked last-minute grocery store runs were made. Stoves, ovens, grills, and... Read More

3 years ago

NFL Recap - Week 11 Surprises, Busts & Laughers

The NFL has long prided itself on the parity of its league - how any team is no more than a few moves away from a Super Bowl championship. And that parity has never been more obvious than it is this year. Eighteen teams are sitting at .500 or within one game of that mark, and... Read More

3 years ago

Monday Morning NFL Recap - Week 10 Surprises, Busts & Laughers

This week in football feels really weird, doesn't it?  It's just sort of a sidebar on one of the most utterly insane weeks in American politics.  With all the hoopla leading up to November 8 and the shocking result, it just seems like this weekend was more about recovering from the "historic election" we just endured.... Read More

3 years ago

Monday Morning NFL Recap - Midseason Report & Awards

Welcome to the midseason edition of our weekly recap!  Through 8 or 9 games, the NFL has brought commercials, jubilation, commercials, exciting rookies, commercials, penalty flags, commercials, commercials, and the depths of despair and defeat to audiences all over the country, but today it's time to celebrate the individual players who have turned in significant... Read More

3 years ago

Monday Morning NFL Recap - Week 8 Surprises, Busts & Laughers

As flawed as the NFL may be, you can't say they aren't good at getting into the holiday spirit. Thanksgiving games are a beloved yearly tradition. They've managed not to force 80% of the league to play on Christmas so the players can spend time with their families. They celebrate Labor Day by making us... Read More

3 years ago

Monday Morning NFL Recap - Week 7 Surprises, Busts & Laughers

I feel like we as a country needed this week to happen, you know?  To fall back into the comforting routine of Roger Goodell's catching heat for his complete, almost sociopathic lack of regard for the health or happiness of women.  I'm not saying he's secretly a sci-fi version of Donald Trump who's discovered a... Read More

3 years ago

Monday Morning NFL Recap - Week 5 Surprises, Busts & Laughers

Listen, man, I'm just straight-up done.  I am one hundred percent over this, and after this most recent presidential debate, I was inspired to say something.  Not about the election  - God no, that debate was a hot mess.  But it did make me feel like yelling incoherently for theatrical effect at something that made... Read More

3 years ago

Monday Morning NFL Recap - Week 4 Surprises, Busts & Laughers

To be honest, I'm not really sure what happened this weekend.  Watching the games this week, I gave it 50-50 odds I somehow drove through some sort of weird sci-fi dimensional portal when I wasn't looking and ended up on Htrae or something and I just can't cope right now.  The Rams are winning the NFC... Read More

3 years ago

Monday Morning NFL Recap - Week 3 Surprises, Busts & Laughers

In the interest of full disclosure: I was at a music festival this weekend, so now I'm about 80% certain that I have every conceivable form of lung disease.  You would not believe the things people were throwing on those bonfires.  I mean, I saw people throwing in used napkins, lighters, plastic water bottles, styrofoam, you... Read More

3 years ago

Monday Morning NFL Recap - Week 2 Surprises, Busts & Laughers

Welcome to the second installment of my Monday morning NFL recap, the column I like to consider "speedballing for your fantasy team."  We'll bring you up with stars (Stefon Diggs! I played against him!), and bring you crashing right back down to the ground with busts (Antonio Brown! I started him!) So make sure all... Read More

3 years ago

My Top 10 Potential Busts for Week 5

Welcome back to the Top 10 Busts of the Week column, where I tell you why the early round draft-pick you made is going to stink. It's OK.  It happens to everyone. I'm here for you if you drafted C.J. Anderson.  If you want to cry, you can.  Nothing to be ashamed of.   Top... Read More

4 years ago

Andy Dalton (QB, CIN) - Week 5 Lineup Busts?

He wasn't drafted high, but he's found his way into starting lineups on the backs of the Bengals' strong start.  With the emergence of Tyler Eifert and the resurgence of Gio Bernard, Dalton has many fantasy owners believing in him and this high-flying Bengals offense.  Pity them, for they know not the pain of "Big... Read More

4 years ago

Joseph Randle (RB, DAL) - Week 5 Lineup Busts?

Can you just imagine what it's like being Bill Belichick right now, game planning against the Cowboys?  He could've had to worry about Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, but instead he has Brandon Weeden and... well let's be honest, the receivers don't matter: it's Brandon Weedon.  He throws a jillion (scientific term) picks and I'm... Read More

4 years ago

Jeremy Hill (RB, CIN) - Week 5 Lineup Busts?

Hill scored three touchdowns in the Bengals' game against the Chiefs.  That's what I get for trusting Andy Dalton to throw touchdowns.  However, this week's opponent is much more stout defensively - the Seahawks haven't allowed a rushing touchdown at all this season. For an RB who has been useless - and that's a charitable... Read More

4 years ago

Jimmy Graham (TE, SEA) - Week 5 Lineup Busts?

Well, it turns out taking an elite receiving tight end and stranding him in a power-running WR wasteland is just disappointing for everyone involved. Graham has scored in two games this season, but in the other two games, he's scored less than three. He put up only 29 yards receiving against Detroit, and 11 against the... Read More

4 years ago

Carlos Hyde (RB, SF) - Week 5 Lineup Busts?

This makes me sad.  I like Hyde a lot.  However, his 30-point breakout game in Week 1 looks increasingly like an aberration after the last three weeks, in which the 49ers reminded everyone that Jim Harbaugh might have hypothetically maybe been more responsible for their recent success than they'd like. This goes double for Colin... Read More

4 years ago

Latavius Murray (RB, OAK) - Week 5 Lineup Busts?

I actually really have nothing mean to say about Latavius Murray.  The Raiders have been a pleasant surprise for fantasy investors, and Murray has played well. This is just a poor matchup with the Broncos. Denver is allowing the eighth fewest rushing yards per game so far this year, although they have allowed four rushing... Read More

4 years ago

Calvin Johnson (WR, DET) - Week 5 Lineup Busts?

Poor Calvin Johnson.  Has there ever been a player as dominant whose career was wasted by incompetence quite like his?  If you say LaDainian Tomlinson, I have two counterpoints. 1: the Chargers never went winless, and 2: screw you, dude, Norv Turner still hurts my heart. Anyway, Johnson was a force of nature as recently... Read More

4 years ago

C.J. Anderson (RB, DEN) - Week 5 Lineup Busts

Oh, C.J., how did I forget about you last week?  You were almost certainly someone's RB1, and yet it's entirely possible that Carlos Hyde outscored you in Week 1.  Not for that week - for the whole season.  I'm not entirely sure that's true, but if someone off the street asked me "Hey, has C.J. even... Read More

4 years ago

My Top 10 Potential Busts for Week 4

Listen, not every column can be sunshine and rainbows.  We can tell you all about how Julio Jones will score 30 points because he's Julio Jones and of course he will.  Sometimes, you just have to face the grim reality that the players you drafted aren't as good as you thought they'd be (for me,... Read More

4 years ago

Andrew Luck (QB, IND) - Week 4 Lineup Busts?

I thought I was getting out of here without one more crack at my oh so disappointing lineup, didn't I? Oh no, me, I don't get off that easy! That was very confusing. I apologize. Anyways, Luck shows up on this list because the Colts have been exceedingly lackluster this season - and while it's always... Read More

4 years ago

Alfred Morris (RB, WAS) - Week 4 Lineup Busts

There was really a guy in my league who drafted Doug Martin and Alfred Morris this season. I was legitimately worried he'd suffered a head trauma and thought it was 2012 again. Like, I wanted to ask him if he was voting for Obama or Romney. I was 95% sure "Call Me Maybe" was playing... Read More

4 years ago

Melvin Gordon (RB, SD) - Week 4 Lineup Busts

He's losing goal line touches to Danny Woodhead. DANNY WOODHEAD. Danny Woodhead is the exact antithesis of a "goal-line threat" RB. Typically those RBs are like 6 foot, 250 pounds and score by leaning forward and trusting gravity. Danny Woodhead is not 6 foot, 250. Danny Woodhead is closer to 5 foot, 150. Danny Woodhead... Read More

4 years ago

Peyton Manning (QB, DEN) - Week 4 Lineup Busts

Surprise! There's a QB who's been even bustier than Andrew Luck this season - I just now realized that was a terrible way to phrase that and good luck getting THAT mental image out of your head. Peyton "Fivehead" Manning and Andrew "Secretly a Cave Troll" Luck in a wet T-shirt contest. Ugh. Uuuuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh. Turns out... Read More

4 years ago

Doug Martin (RB, TB) - Week 4 Lineup Busts

Remember when Doug Martin blew up on the Raiders in 2012? Remember how he hasn't done anything even remotely resembling the same sort of thing since then? If you own Martin, the chances you answered "yes" to question A are pretty high. The chances you answered "yes" to question B are probably pretty slim, though.... Read More

4 years ago

Allen Robinson (WR, JAX) - Week 4 Lineup Busts

Yeah, Robinson was a trendy sleeper pick this season, and he certainly showed up in Week 2, but his Week 3 left a lot to be desired - and the Patriots don't have Vontae Davis like the Colts do. With one of the league's premier shutdown corners covering him, and the Immortal Blake Bortles (which... Read More

4 years ago

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Welcome to another edition of "The Tape Tells All," where I break down some film of an NFL's player performance and try to draw some fantasy football conclusions from that film. This week, I'm looking at Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Christian Kirk, who broke out in Week 10, catching three touchdowns. Kirk seems to have... Read More

Fantasy Football Risers and Fallers - Darius Slayton, Christian Kirk, Kareem Hunt

Whether due to their own play, the play of others, or injuries, players' stock increases and decreases on a weekly basis. Perhaps more than any other, the NFL is a league that experiences ups and downs at a rapid pace. With only 16 games, there’s little room for error and seemingly endless opportunities for improvement.... Read More

FAAB Bidding - Week 11 Waiver Wire Targets

Assisting our famous waiver wire pickups list, and our weekly waiver wire columns by position, this column focuses on suggested waiver wire bidding percentages for fantasy football owners in leagues using a Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB). As a caveat, these prices do not by any means indicate how much these free agent players will... Read More

Week 11 Waiver Wire Pickups & Adds

It's crunch time, with precious few games left before the fantasy regular season ends. There aren't many new names emerging on the waiver wire at this juncture but the RB situations in Atlanta and Detroit bear watching, while the Jets passing game has shown signs of life. No, really. Each week, we will advise you... Read More

Deeper League Free Agent Pickups for Week 11

Rotoballers, if you're not active on the waiver wire this time of year, there are only two reasonable explanations: 1) You're sitting at 3-7 (or worse) and don't find it enjoyable to play spoiler to your league mates, or 2) You're 8-2 (or better) and have nothing but matchup-proof studs on your starting lineup and... Read More

Week 11 Defense (DEF) Streamers and Starts - 2019 Fantasy Tiers, Rankings

Below are RotoBaller's Week 11 defense tiers and rankings, or which defenses to stream, start and target off the waiver wire for Week 11 of the NFL and fantasy football season. In case you missed it, this is our seventh year now writing this weekly column. Our weekly tiered defense rankings are a guide to making waiver... Read More

Week 11 Kicker Streamers and Starts - 2019 Fantasy Tiers, Rankings

It's Week 11, and we're getting closer and closer to the fantasy football playoffs. The consistent options are getting more and more clear, especially at the kicking position. We're also going to start dealing with everyone's favorite factor, which is inclement weather, especially up north. The margin for error in these weeks is slim, and... Read More

Week 10 Surprises? We Must Overreact Immediately!

In Week 10, Christian Kirk, Darius Slayton, Tyreek Hill, and Michael Thomas all had beatable cornerback matchups and finished as the top-four wide receivers in PPR scoring. At running back, Derrick Henry exploited a poor Chiefs run defense and rumbled for 188 yards and two touchdowns, finishing as the No. 1 running back on the week. Ronald... Read More

The Cut List - Players on the Chopping Block (Week 11)

This is your weekly list of players to drop. I will do my best to limit this list to injured players and players you might consider holding. If you roster pure handcuffs or backups, obviously you can let them go at any time. The players on this list will, ideally, be guys that aren't clearly... Read More