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Mid-Season Dynasty Prospect Rankings: Second Base

The second base does not quite get enough credit for some of the talented players it has produced. Guys like Robinson Cano and Dustin Pedroia have been outstanding leaders at the position while others like Jason Kipnis, Brandon Phillips and Ian Kinsler have quietly also provided very solid value for both their teams and fantasy owners.

Now the prospect depth at second base is beginning to taper off a bit as most middle infield players are brought up as shortstops and shifted to second base at the big league level. The second base prospect list has a couple of top notch guys who could be studs at the big league level, but then there are others who were shifted from shortstop to second base early in their development because they were poor defensively. Don’t be mistaken though, there are some very solid players here who could prove to be outstanding talents for dynasty owners.

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Second Base Dynasty Rankings

A quick note on how these articles are formatted. They are going to be sorted by who I think is the best option for dynasty owners based on a combination of estimated time of arrival and potential upside. I will include their stats from their current level, their age, their ETA and lastly a talent grade. The talent grade will be an all-encompassing grade designed to inform dynasty owners of how big of a fantasy impact a player will realistically have. It will take into account how long it takes to reach the big leagues and will be on a scale of 1-10.

1. Yoan Moncada (BOS, A+)
Stats: 280 PA, .304/.426/.478, 3 HR, 36 SB, 21.1% K rate, 16.1% BB rate
Age: 21
ETA: 2018

When the Red Sox signed the then 19-year-old second baseman to a contract with a $31.5 million bonus, everyone knew Moncada was going to be something special. He has done nothing but impress since then. There is really very little that he can’t do.

Impressively, Moncada is arguably the most complete prospect since Carlos Correa. His hit tool is considered near elite, he has well above-average power, near elite speed, and Gold Glove-caliber defense. Scouts see him as a future 20/20 second baseman, making him one of the best prospects in the minors.

When you consider all he can do, Moncada truly stands out as an elite second baseman. He will more than likely be a top of the lineup bat who consistently hits above .300, hits 15+ home runs, and steals 30+ bases. At a position that generally lacks star prospects, Moncada should be considered arguably the best prospect in baseball and is a must-own and must-stash in all dynasty leagues.

Talent grade: 10

2. Ian Happ (CHC, A+)
Stats: 281 PA, .278/.395/.435, 6 HR, 10 SB, 24.6% K rate, 16.4% BB rate
Age: 21
ETA: 2018

Sure, there is a bit of a step down between Moncada and the next guy on the second base list, but Happ is still a very worthy own for dynasty owners. Coming out of the University of Cincinnati and considered to be an advanced hitter, Happ may not require too much time in the minors and could be up in the big leagues as early as 2017 (though he will most likely not be a starter until 2018).

Scouts love everything about Happ. He can hit for average with power and speed. Though not quite as toolsy as Moncada, the Cubs’ prospect has plenty to offer fantasy owners. Scouts see him as a potential 15-20 homer threat in the big leagues with the ability to match his home run total in stolen bases. He likely won’t steal 30 bags in the big leagues, but his speed is still a solid tool for him. His plate discipline needs a little bit more fine tuning, but that is really the only concern scouts have with his bat.

Think about a slightly scaled down Moncada when considering what Happ can do. He is a half step behind Moncada in just about every category, which sounds like a back-handed complement but it still gives him quite a lot of upside. The biggest concern with Happ is that he might switch to the outfield. It would not ruin his dynasty value, but it would certainly diminish it significantly. With his upside, however, he still warrants owning in all dynasty leagues.

Talent grade: 8

3. Dilson Herrera (NYM, AAA)
Stats: 272 PA, .291/.339/.502, 10 HR, 6 SB, 18.0% K rate, 6.6% BB rate
Age: 22
ETA: 2017

The only player on this list who technically does not qualify as a rookie, Dilson Herrera has compiled 149 at-bats in his MLB career and the cutoff is 130. And I figured since he isn’t in the big leagues right now, for all intents and purposes he is a prospect. Herrera is the third and last prospect on this list with a power tool that I would say is above-average for a second baseman.

Scouts are still not completely sold on his power, mostly because of his small stature (5’10”, 150 pounds), but nonetheless he has generated double-digit home run totals nearly every season of his minor league career. Herrera should be able to rack up at least 10 home runs per season with his potential career high in a season likely at 20. He has plus speed which should allow him to match or exceed his home run total in stolen bases. His continued improvements in terms of plate discipline have helped scouts envision him more as a .280+ batter at the big leagues with the potential for him to reach .300.

A solid comparison for Herrera in the big leagues is probably Josh Harrison. Both are smaller hitters who are likely to hit for a solid average, steal some bags (but not a lot) and hit double-digit home run totals. He is in all likelihood going to find himself as the starter at second base once Neil Walker departs this season for free agency. Dynasty owners are advised to take a chance on the 22-year-old second baseman as he does have plenty of offensive upside.

Talent grade: 7.5

4. Jose Peraza (CIN, MLB)
Stats: (from AAA) 246 PA, .274/.318/.354, 1 HR, 9 SB, 13.4% K rate, 5.7% BB rate
Age: 22
ETA: Now

The centerpiece of the Reds’ return for Todd Frazier last winter, Peraza has bounced around since last season’s trade deadline. He was first traded from the Atlanta Braves to the Los Angeles Dodgers in an odd salary dump by the Braves. Then he was moved from Los Angeles to the Cincinnati Reds as part of the three-way Todd Frazier deal with the Chicago White Sox. It appears though that he will remain in Cincinnati to stay.

Peraza is about as low risk of a player as they come. Scouts don’t question that he will be able to hit for a respectable .270+ average in the big leagues as he has shown an ability to consistently make contact with the ball. He may never reach the 15 home run milestone in career homers (yes, not in a season, in his career), but with his speed he does not have to in order to have value. His speed is generally regarded as one of the best speed tools in the minors and should allow him to steal 30+ bags over a full season.

Though Peraza is little more than a slap hitter, he should be able to hit enough at the big league level to stay atop the Reds’ lineup. He may end up moving to shortstop with Zack Cozart likely on the trade block this season and Alex Blandino limited to second base only. Losing his second base eligibility would hurt his dynasty value as shortstop is starting to become loaded with offensive talents, but his speed and stolen base ability would still warrant stashing in most leagues.

Talent grade: 7

5. Forrest Wall (COL, A+)
Stats: 238 PA, .254/.314/.352, 3 HR, 9 SB, 22.3% K rate, 6.7% BB rate
Age: 20
ETA: 2018

The 35th overall pick back in 2014, Wall has skyrocketed through the minors for a guy taken out of high school. He hit extremely well in 41 games in the Rookie League in his first taste of professional ball in 2014. Wall followed that up with an equally impressive 2015 season in which he spent the bulk of his time at A ball. While there, he slashed .280/.355/.438 with seven home runs and 23 stolen bases. He has continued to impress into High-A. Despite the lower batting average, he continues to flash an above-average hit tool.

Though his speed is his standout skill, Wall has impressed scouts also with his tremendous bat speed and his patience at the plate. His power is considered to be average to slightly below-average, but Coors Field could potentially allow him to reach double-digits in home runs while stealing more than his fair share of bags. His defense is considered below average, but he has enough range to keep him at second and away from first base or the outfield.

Wall profiles as a future leadoff hitter which immediately gives him tremendous value given the fact that Colorado always has a great lineup. He is at least two years away from the majors, but could be up sooner if he can continue to hit. Dynasty owners should remain as patient as possible because the payout with him will be quite big in a few seasons.

Talent grade: 6

6. Scott Kingery (PHI, A+)
Stats: 272 PA, .263/.338/.407, 3 HR, 16 SB, 15.4% K rate, 8.5% BB rate
Age: 22
ETA: 2018

Players drafted out of college are generally considered to be fast movers through the minors and that looks to be the case with Kingery. Drafted a season ago out of the University of Arizona, Kingery has the potential to fly through the minor leagues. And if he can continue to build on his solid start to this season, he could be up in the big leagues in no time.

Speed is the best tool for Kingery, but he can hit enough to ease the concerns dynasty owners often have with a lot of speedsters nowadays. Scouts praise his advanced patience and ability to make consistent contact with the ball. He is not the biggest guy in the world, standing at 5’10”, 180 pounds, but he makes enough hard contact to occasionally run into a home run.

As much as I would like to see Kingery reach the big leagues next season, I find it to be a little bit unlikely unless the Phillies are one second baseman away from being a truly competitive team (which is quite plausible if they promote their other prospects). Dynasty owners should be more than willing to snag this guy and stash him. He has impact speed and enough in the bat to profile as a future leadoff hitter for what could be a very good Phillies’ lineup in a few years.

Talent grade: 5.5

7. Rob Refsnyder (NYY, MLB)
Stats: (from AAA) 147 PA, .294/.340/.404, 2 HR, 6 SB, 11.6% K rate, 6.8% BB rate
Age: 25
ETA: Now

One of two players on this list that are currently in the big leagues with his team, Refsnyder is already making an impact at the big league level. Granted he has neither stolen a base this season nor hit a home run, but he is hitting a respectable .279 and reaching base at a solid .319 clip. At this point, it seems likely that Refsnyder will be up for a while.

Is there a tool of Refsnyder’s that scouts or dynasty owners fall in love with? No, but the complete package is worth a look. He is an average defender, possesses slightly above-average power for a second baseman, average speed and a slightly above-average bat. He will not be a 20/20 guy at any point in his career, but Refsnyder could potentially hit 10 home runs and steal 10 bases. At his peak, he might be a 15/15 guy.

There is nothing to love, but nothing to hate with Refsnyder. I see him as one of the lowest risk guys on this list as I think he is a guaranteed bet to perform about how we expect in the big leagues. Don’t go out of your way to snag Refsnyder, but if you need a solid bat who can provide above-average production from the second base position, look no further than this guy.

Talent grade: 5

8. Alen Hanson (PIT, AAA)
Stats: 234 PA, .247/.272/.356, 4 HR, 16 SB, 18.4% K rate, 3.4% BB rate
Age: 23
ETA: 2016

When Neil Walker was traded to the New York Mets, for a brief instant I thought this was Hanson’s chance to reach the big leagues. Then I remembered that Josh Harrison, Jordy Mercer and Jung Ho Kang still play for Pittsburgh and immediately realized it was back to Triple-A for Hanson. The speedy second baseman does have a chance to eventually crack the team’s roster, however, and still has an intriguing skill set for dynasty owners.

It should be obvious with a guy like Hanson who stole 35 bags in 2015 that speed is his best tool. He looks like a potential 20+ stolen base/year type player at the top/bottom of the lineup. The determining factor of whether he is a top or bottom guy is how far his hit tool progresses. There is no power to speak of and scouts are not sold on his plate discipline. His average this season has not been great, but the .289 BABIP for a guy with his speed is probably too low and could be brought up.

When looking at speedsters like Hanson, the payout is great but so is the risk. The reason the comparable Micah Johnson is not on this list is because I don’t believe he will hit enough at the big league level to be a regular. The risk is there with Hanson, though I believe Hanson is a better hitter than Johnson. They both offer plenty of speed, but dynasty owners need to understand there is a risk that neither will hit enough to stay at the big league level. Not every team has the patience for a low batting average in a speedster like the Reds do with Billy Hamilton.

Talent grade: 5

9. Chesny Young (CHC, AA)
Stats: 287 PA, .295/.380/.367, 2 HR, 14 SB, 11.8% K rate, 11.5% BB rate
Age: 23
ETA: 2018

“Who is Chesny Young?” is probably a question many of you are asking right now. Unrated on both the Top-30 Chicago Cubs prospect lists of MLB.com and Baseball America, Young really flies under the radar despite stellar play the past couple of seasons. The 14th rounder has always hit for a solid average in the minors and has always shown the discipline to take the free passes, but he has started to flash speed and a slight bit of power that had previously not been on display.

There are not too many scouting reports surrounding Young based on the fact that he has never really surprised anyone. He was an oldish player High-A at 22-years-old and was hitting for a solid average which most former college players are capable of doing. But it is what he has done in Double-A that makes him so intriguing. He is stealing bases, walking just about as much as he strikes out (33 walks to 34 strikeouts) and he is hitting for a very respectable average. There may not be much power in him, but he does not need to hit for much power when he is playing this well.

You may not have heard of him, but that doesn’t mean you should pass up an opportunity on this solid second baseman. He plays defense well enough to stick at second, short, or the outfield and can hit well enough to be a future number two hitter. Expect him to finish 2016 at Double-A and spend the bulk of 2017 at Triple-A with the possibility of him reaching the big leagues in 2018. A trade to another could very much speed up the process. He is a deep sleeper and probably only worth snagging in deeper dynasty leagues, but the payout could be very nice.

Talent grade: 4

10. Wilmer Difo (WAS, AA)
Stats: 272 PA, .221/.296/.295, 2 HR, 22 SB, 11.8% K rate, 8.8% BB rate
Age: 24
ETA: 2018

Difo got his feet wet with a brief taste of the majors last season and though it was unsuccessful, it was promising to see him finally reach the big leagues after spending six years in the minors. He began the 2016 season at Double-A and has continued to build on the promise he showed after a strong 2015 season there. The batting average is not quite there for him, but he is walking more, striking out significantly less, and stealing even more bases.

The most promising aspect of Difo’s game is his well above-average speed. He is very capable of stealing 20+ bases in the big leagues and could probably swipe 30 on a consistent basis. The switch-hitting middle infielder is more than just a slap hitter as he is capable of driving the ball from both sides of the plate. Home runs are not going to come frequently for Difo, but he will occasionally run into one. He has always been a patient hitter at the plate. With an improved strikeout rate, he looks about ready to take his spot as top of the order hitter for the Nationals.

He is not the most talented second baseman out there, but Difo offers enough in the stolen base department and enough as a potential leadoff hitter to warrant owning in dynasty leagues. He will probably finish 2016 in Triple-A with a chance to compete for a spot on the roster in 2017. With Daniel Murphy signed long term and Trea Turner the future at short, however, there is a good chance he won’t be a starter until 2018 unless he is traded.

Talent grade: 4


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