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NFBC Draft and Hold Strategy - Pitching Category Boosters

We are in the second week of June and believe it or not, about a third of the fantasy baseball season has gone by. It’s still early enough in the season for you to infuse your lineup with the right player and immediately impact your season. With the fantasy baseball trading season in full bloom... Read More

What's up RotoBallers. There are some very nice two start pitchers with great matchups this week, so get those fantasy engines fired up. Like many other weeks, there are also some less obvious SP sleepers and streaming options who may still be available on your waiver wire based on the league format, including NL-Only and AL-Only leagues. Every week of... Read More

Yesterday RotoBaller participated in an awesome Q&A session on Reddit. Almost 200 questions & answers were posted, and each one was answered by @BillyJohnston14 and the RotoBaller team. We talked about recent MLB news, waiver wire pickups, sleepers, prospects, trades and much much more. You can click here to read a full transcript on Reddit of all... Read More

Although he's way more of a predictable power hitter than some of the potential sleepers on list below, it was still awesome to watch Edwin Encarnacion have the best May we’ve seen since Mickey Mantle. With 17 home runs and 33 RBI in the past 30 days (not games), I’d say he’s hotter than the David Price... Read More

Lets Go Shopping For Sleepers! It’s week 10 and it’s time to go shopping for starting pitcher sleepers in fantasy baseball. You don’t need to bring any coupons and you won’t need that little tag with the bar code that you keep on your key chain that you hand to the cashier so that you... Read More

Like many other weeks, there are some obvious two start pitchers going with great matchups. There are also some sneakier starting pitcher sleepers and streamers who may be available off the waiver wire based on your league depth, including NL-Only and AL-Only leagues. We are here to analyze each starting pitcher matchup for Week 10 of the MLB season, and help determine... Read More

In this week's waiver wire installment, I will bring to your attention some young MLB players who have recently walked into some playing time, are making the most of it, and may be sleepers for deeper leagues like AL-Only formats depending on your league depth. It's important for us to constantly be looking to improve... Read More

These Pitchers Can Help You In The Holds Category It's difficult to create a lineup that includes pitchers who can generate  holds since you need to try to determine if a pitcher will enter the game in the right situation. The players noted in this article feature some previously overlooked relievers who may be sleepers off the... Read More

Someone told me you're looking to add power to your fantasy roster. Who isn't? Problem is, adding power off the waiver wire can be tricky sometimes, especially in deeper leagues like NL-Only and AL-Only formats. But I have good news for you. I've found four guys you may be able to add today in many fantasy leagues,... Read More

I’m selling some heavy hitters and base stealers this week.  It’s not that these guys have performed poorly, but they all have issues glaring fantasy owners in the face.  The good news is that they all of them still have value and you can sell for some really nice value that will help out that... Read More

Editor's Note: For those of you hardcore fantasy baseball gamers, FanDuel has an exclusive offer for RotoBaller members. Register through this link and you will be given a free 100% bonus on your first deposit up to $5,000 AND a free month of our exclusive In-House DFS Lineup Picks! You'll also be invited to free contests with cash prizes and can enter FREE MLB Contests where you... Read More

This week's Deep League Wavier Wire Pickups is mostly focused on arms that can still be considered starting pitcher sleepers. The pool of available pitchers is enticing for owners looking for an upgrade or injury replacement in deep leagues. All ownership %'s from Yahoo!   Brandon McCarthy - SP, ARI - 10% Owned The stuff is on... Read More

So you want to buy a pitcher but you don’t want to pay a lot for him? Join the club, so does everyone else. What is your advantage? You were smart enough to click the link that brought you to this article and you’ve got me on your side. I’ve found four new buy low... Read More

There's always a chance to gain an edge on the competition and snag a few sleepers off the waiver wire. That is the beauty of fantasy baseball. It seems like every week I am writing about another outfield prospect who is ready to make the leap to the big leagues. George Springer is starting to produce... Read More

Some Of Your Best Trades Are The Ones You Didn't Make I almost traded for Prince Fielder two weeks ago. If I had done that trade, I might be sitting in a dark room crying right now, so if you're a Fielder owner out there in despair, trust me I have all the sympathy in... Read More

While the holds statistic is hard to determine and prepare for, since you never know if a player will enter a game in the right situation, the players noted today feature some overlooked sleepers and some just simply looking to reclaim glory they once had. The more likely the team is to win, the more likely these following players... Read More

I don’t know if a single player can win a fantasy baseball league, but Troy Tulowitzki is beginning to make me think it’s possible. This season, Tulo has a 227 wRC+. That means that out of every other hitter in baseball, Tulo is creating 127% more runs! You just can't find production like this often in your... Read More

Injuries Making It Difficult To Make A Fair Deal With the epidemic of pitching injuries continuing to deplete fantasy league rosters of live arms, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find hurlers to trade for, and if some are available, the law of supply and demand dictates that the asking price for a decent pitcher... Read More

  Let’s talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of New York Yankee fantasy baseball.   The Good Many fantasy baseball pundits have been waiting for Yangervis Solarte's early season success to fade but every time falls into a mini slump, he picks himself up, dusts himself off and starts hitting again. We are... Read More

Last week I took a look at players who've experienced a marked decline in fastball velocity between this season and the last. Today I'll be doing the reverse, breaking down which players have opened the year throwing harder than in seasons past, and examining the fantasy implications of this change if any.   Velocity Gain... Read More

Your Latest News from the Back End of the Bullpen We keep a close look on all the bullpen news and analysis twice a week so you can focus on the rest of your fantasy baseball team.  Find all the information you need on the back end of bullpens right here at, and be... Read More

Navigating The Holds Category Is Not Always Easy While the holds statistic is hard to determine and prepare for, since you never know if a player will enter a game in the right situation, you will notice that the players featured in this article include some power arms and some pitchers that might seem like... Read More

C.C. Sabathia isn't the pitcher he used to be. A former workhorse who was as good a lock as any player in the game for 200+ innings a year, has now been shut down by the Yankees and sent to the DL with what team doctors are calling a 'degenerative knee condition.' Even before his... Read More

  Week 8 Lineup Tools: Hitter Streamers It's been a sad week for baseball. Losing Jose Fernandez to what's looking like season ending Tommy John surgery isn't just a blow for fantasy owners, it's a body blow to baseball as a whole. Fernandez is one of those few players who makes you want to drop... Read More

  MLB Prospects Who Got The Call-Up We are getting to the point of the season where teams are calling up MLB prospects from the minors faster than I can include them in my weekly reports.  I’ll start this week with two prospects that are already seeing major league action now.   Kevin Gausman, (SP,... Read More

Hitter Trade Targets for Your Fantasy Baseball Team Finally, some of the usual stars are making their way to the top of the fantasy totem pole.   The Jose Reyes’s and Troy Tulowitzki’s are really starting to hit stride and pay off for fantasy owners who chose those valuable top picks.  Even Adrian Beltre hit his... Read More

Knowing when to pull the trigger on a trade is tough. You might get agitated when you offer a trade and it gets rejected. On the opposite part of the spectrum you question yourself when an offer you’ve made gets accepted too quickly. Have you given up too much? In order to help you make... Read More

Strikeout Totals Are Going Crazy Strikeouts are at an all-time high in baseball, with all 30 teams combining for 36,700 in 2013 to set the record.  The total strikeouts in baseball have climbed each year since 2006, which is crazy in itself.   With so many Ks available, if your fantasy pitching staff needs more, they... Read More

  Hitters to Buy and Sell for Your Fantasy Baseball Team Week 6 is upon us and don’t we all wish we had drafted Dee Gordon. It’s not like the guy came out of nowhere, but no one could have expected him to be hitting .344 with 19 SB already. Yes, you read that right.... Read More

  Five Fantasy Diamonds In The Rough Who May Become Your Best Friends I think I've found some fantasy gold for you in this edition of Deep League Waiver Wire Pickups.  Three of the five players featured in this article are ones that I would consider picking up right now.  Personally, my team has already... Read More

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