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Streaming to the Postseason in Fantasy NBA

For most leagues, playoffs start next week and it's make or break time for you to make the final few moves to get your teams over the finish line. Personally, it's been a great regular season for me as I've managed to lock up playoff spots in 6 out of my 7 money leagues (3 possible first seeds) with the final one a win and in that is looking fairly likely as well.

With that, I've already been planning out my streaming strategies for the coming weeks, scooping up and targeting players who have good schedules to maximize my chances of moving on and avoid early disappointment. The first thing to do before you lock your lineups for weekly leagues or use up valuable transactions in daily leagues is to see if there are any fringe guys available on teams with 4 game schedules that are able to help your team.

Let's take a look at who may be available to possibly play a key role in your championship run.

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Week of March 11 to March 17

4 game teams: HOU, UTA, SAC, WAS, LAL, DET, LAC, BKN, OKC, CLE

P.J. Tucker, HOU, 46% Owned

Stats: Steals, 3s, Rebounds

Tucker is far from a sexy name, which is why he's available in a ludicrous 54% of leagues despite producing close to top 100 numbers, which should make him a solid 12-team league guy even without considering other factors. Once you take into account his playoff schedule, with 4 games in both the first and second weeks of most fantasy playoffs, there are very few teams for whom I don't see Tucker being a must add player. In a 4-game week, you can expect something like 7 3s and 7 steals, which is enough to swing a week, especially coming from a free agent pickup. If you are looking to swing those stats, go pick him up immediately and ride his production straight to the finals.

Nemanja Bjelica, SAC, 16% Owned

Stats: 3s, Rebounds, Steals, Blocks

Bjelica is definitely a one week option for this week. He will get minutes with Marvin Bagley out and possesses a very fantasy friendly game that can be useful across the board. With a 4 game week and something like 25 minute a game, you can realistically get something like 6 3s, 20 rebounds, 4 steals and 5 blocks from Bjelica and that can really help you survive tough week if you are at a games disadvantage. Remember to move on and grab someone else for the week after if there is good news regarding Bagley's return, but for now, Bjelica is a solid stream option and one who can help many teams.

Jeff Green, WAS, 34% Owned

Stats: Points, Rebounds, 3s, FT%

Points are pretty hard to come by on the wire, and if your playoff matchup e a boost in that category, Jeff Green is probably your best option. With a 4 game schedule, you can expect something like 50-60 points from Green along with good rebounds, some 3s and solid percentages. He makes a great plug and play option for teams looking for some help in those categories if you want to maintain your efficiency, and also has the potential to pop off for some defensive stats as well during a high roll week.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, LAC, 23% Owned

Stats: Points, Assists, Steals, FT%

Assists are even harder to come by than points, and SGA is one of the few targets on the wire you can realistically expect to post 10+ assists in a 4 game week, which could be enough to steal that category. He also provides a decent helping of points, steals and great FT% on over 2 attempts per game, making him one of the best PG streaming options available.

Luke Kennard, DET, 33% Owned

Stats: Points, 3s, Assists

By far the best 3 point streamer available for this week, you can expect something like 10+ 3s from Kennard in his 4 game slate. He's been scoring pretty consistently for a month now, and something like 60 points and 10 3s could be exactly what you need to get you through the week in those categories, which Kennard is pretty likely to provide. He also has a decent assist rate for an off guard and his percentages won't kill you either, adding a nice little bonus to an already intriguing play.


Week of March 18 to March 24

5 game team (!): GSW


Andre Iguodala, GSW, 7% Owned

Stats: Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks

Probably the best streamer of the week as he is the only really viable waiver wire guy on a top heavy Warriors team. Iguodala provides across the board production that can help solidify 4 different categories, and he's likely to see decent playing time during that 5 game stretch as GSW will probably elect to rest their starters sporadically. A healthy Iggy will help get many teams to the finals.

Kelly Olynyk, MIA, 54% Owned

Stats: Points, 3s, Rebounds, Steals, Blocks, FG%, FT%

Olynyk should honestly already be owned in most leagues, as he's been top 60 player over the last month. It's a surprise that he is still available in 46% of leagues, and if you're in one of those, grab him now. He is finally getting consistent minutes and has always had a fantasy friendly game, and his across the board production should be a huge boon, more so in this 4-game week. Something like 60 points, 20 rebounds, 5 steals, 4 blocks and great percentages is reasonable to expect, and highly valuable.

Danny Green, TOR, 49% Owned

Stats: Steals, Blocks, 3s

Green has been the poster boy for out of position blocks, and even in a down year fantasy wise, he has been able to provide a solid 0.7 blocks per game. With a 4-game slate, it's reasonable to expect something like 9 3s, 4 steals and 3 blocks, which can definitely help out in those categories if they are tightly contested.

Derrick White, SAS, 55% Owned

Stats: Points, Steals, Blocks, Assists, FG%

I nearly spit out my coffee seeing this guy only being owned in 55% of leagues. He's been a top-50 player for TWO MONTHS already. You don't even need this 4-game week as an excuse, just pick him up if he is on your wire.

Monte Morris, DEN, 12% Owned

Stats: Assists, FG%

Your best assist streamer for this week, this is the 4-week guy most likely to be able to put up 10+ assists. He's also got a 4-game slate the following week, so if that's what you need then go grab him.

Wesley Matthews, DAL, 36% Owned

Stats: 3s, Points, Steals

Probably your best 3-point streamer for this week, Matthews should put up around 9-10 3s in a given 4-game week, so if you need to break open that category, he's your guy. Make sure you can take the FG% hit though, as he projects to something like 40% on 10 attempts per game, which could be damaging enough to make this a trap.


Week of March 25 to March 31

4 game teams: LAL, POR, MEM, LAC, SAC, WAS, DEN, OKC, ORL

Moe Harkless, POR, 23% Owned

Stats: Steals, Blocks

Easily the best defense streamer available for the presumed final week, Harkless has been providing near top 100 value regardless of situation and is a perfect add for this week if that's what you're looking for.

Delon Wright, MEM, 17% Owned

Stats: Assists, Steals

The best assist streamer for the final week, Wright has low-key been a top-100 guy for the last 2 weeks and could easily put up something like 15 assists over this 4-game slate. That's enough to steal that category in a lot of situations, and he provides enough elsewhere to make it a relatively safe play. With Memphis' poor schedule the 2 weeks prior (2, then 3 games), he will be on a lot of wires, and could end up swinging a of finals matchups.

Terrence Ross, ORL, 51% Owned

Stats: Points, 3s

Ross could find himself on a lot of wires by this week with the Magic's bad schedule for the first 2 playoff weeks. He's easily the most impactful 3s and points streamer capable of putting up 60+ points and 12+ 3s over a 4-game schedule. Keep your eyes peeled if you make the finals if you need those stats, Ross could be the guy to put you over the top.

Al-Farouq Aminu, POR, 43% Owned

Stats: Steals, Rebounds, 3s

Aminu is another Portland option, as we're focusing in on players who might end up on wires due to poor earlier schedules and Portland fits that bill as well. He is definitely the best option if you're looking for a combination or rebounds and points but his inconsistent shooting can sink FG% in any given week so make sure you can afford that possibility.

Rajon Rondo, LAL, 57% Owned

Stats: Assists, Rebounds, Steals

With Ball likely out for all of the fantasy playoffs, and possibly the whole season, Rondo is a must add for schedule reasons if he is available. He may have been dropped the week earlier due to his 3-game week so grab him here. He should provide solid top 100 value given a week without that many 4-game teams, so definitely worth an add.

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