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2024 NFL Mock Draft Round 1 Predictions (February Update) - Picks from All 32 Teams

Malik Nabers - Fantasy Football Rankings, College FB, WR, NFL Draft Sleepers

That first dreaded Sunday of the year without football arrived and there's no doubt many of you all across the country needed something to fill the void over the weekend. Have no fear, NFL Mock Draft Season is here! While we are still about seven months away from official 2024 NFL action, the good news is that the season has started going deeper into February than ever before. With the 2024 NFL Combine less than two weeks away, the action around the league is almost year-round.

NFL Free Agency doesn't begin for another month, and the official window to begin negotiating with free agents starts on March 11. Once that starts taking shape, we will have a better idea of each team's needs heading into the draft and also a better idea of what positions teams will be targeting in the early rounds. This upcoming class is absolutely loaded on offense, which is great for fantasy purposes. It's also no secret that a good number of squads in the league are facing a real conundrum at offensive tackle. Given the hefty price tag that comes with solving this issue in free agency, diving into this year's tackle class seems like a wise move, especially since it's teeming with talent.

Now, let's get one thing straight about this Mock Draft: it's less about what I'd do if I were on the hot seat and more about piecing together the puzzle based on each team's current needs. From dissecting the roster's DNA, pinpointing the pockets of tiers in the draft, decrypting clues left by beat reporters, and even getting into the minds of the GMs based on their past draft history, it's all been tossed into this forecasting cauldron. While the winds of change are bound to swirl around this draft board in the coming months, why not dive in? We're rolling out these mock drafts monthly here at RotoBaller, serving up fresh insights right up until the curtain rises on the 2024 NFL Draft. So, shall we begin?

Editor's Note: Our incredible team of writers won two writing awards and received 12 award nominations by the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. A big congrats to our very own Byron Lindeque (Golf) and Jordan McAbee (NASCAR) for both winning Writer Of The Year awards! Be sure to follow RotoBaller's analysis and advice all year long, and win more. Win More With RotoBaller!


The Top 10 Draft Picks - 2024 NFL Mock Draft

1. Chicago Bears (through Carolina) - Caleb Williams - QB, USC

The drama unfolding in Chicago is nothing short of a must-watch soap opera this offseason. With Head Coach Matt Eberflus having secured his spot on the sideline, the big question hovers like a cloud over a family picnic: how does a coach tether his fate to a rookie QB in what smells like a make-or-break type of season? The Windy City's legion of fans, with their hearts set on Justin Fields – a 24-year-old dynamo who's already given us a taste of his potential – are practically chanting from the rooftops for the team to keep the faith.

Enter Caleb Williams: a quarterback who's been turning heads and dodging sacks with the ease of a Hollywood stunt double since his freshman days at Oklahoma. Williams isn't just playing football; he's crafting escape artistry, keeping plays alive with a flair that screams 'next-gen QB.' Sure, he might not fit the cookie-cutter mold when it comes to size, but with an arm that could probably launch satellites into orbit, he's a force to be reckoned with. In a league where the quarterback is king and potential is the currency of the realm, the Bears might just hit the reset button with Williams.

2. Washington Commanders - Jayden Daniels - QB, LSU

Sam Howell showed some flashes, but with a complete regime change in the nation's capital, it's hard not to think that they will turn the page at QB. Daniels truly set the field ablaze this year, clinching the Heisman Trophy with a performance that can only be described as stellar. Picture this: 40 touchdowns sailing through the air with only four interceptions to his name, all while racking up a cool 3,811 passing yards. But wait, there's more – add 1,250 rushing yards and another 10 touchdowns just for kicks. And just when you thought the stats couldn't get any spicier, his average depth of target (ADOT) as a passer clocked in at a whopping 10.5. Mind-blowing, right?

Sure, some scouts and GMs are scratching their heads, wondering what took Daniels so long to burst onto the scene like a comet. But really, all you need to do is hit play on his highlight reel to have your jaw meet the floor. Daniels isn't just playing quarterback; he's redefining it with every throw, dash, and strategic move. He's got an arm that can hit any target, legs that can outrun shadows, and the kind of size that scouts daydream about. The only thing holding Daniels back is he just needs to slide more and protect himself.

3. New England Patriots - Marvin Harrison Jr. - WR, Ohio State

The Patriots, standing in unknown territory at the top of the NFL Draft, have the chance to snag not just any player, but the progeny of football royalty. Letting the son of a Hall of Famer slide past them doesn't seem likely. Harrison Jr., standing tall at 6-foot-3 and tipping the scales around 215 pounds, blurs the line between an X-type of WR and a speedster, packing the elusive agility usually reserved for his lighter counterparts. The Buckeyes have been churning out wide receiver talent like a hit factory. However, Harrison Jr. might just eclipse them all, casting a long shadow that could very well extend beyond even Ja'Marr Chase's stellar 2021 rookie debut.

4. Arizona Cardinals - Malik Nabers - WR, LSU

It's no secret that the Cardinals could use another playmaker on offense, and veteran WR Marquise Brown is set to hit free agency. The front office seems committed to building around QB Kyler Murray, but they need to get him some help. Arizona has a bevy of picks in this draft: 13 to be exact ranging from No. 4, 27, 35, 66, 71, 90, 105, 137, 161, 188, 222, 224, and 241. Sheesh! GM Monti Ossenfort quite literally holds all the cards on draft weekend. Now it's time for Monti to crank up the volume on this backup band. Cue the entrance for a playmaker like Malik Nabers, who lit up the 2023 season like a rock star headlining at State Farm Stadium: 86 grabs, a whopping 1,545 yards, and 14 encores in the end zone. Some prominent scouts, including NFL.com's Lance Zierlein, have Nabers ranked ahead of Harrison Jr.

5. Atlanta Falcons (through LA Chargers) - Drake Maye - QB, North Carolina

The Chargers have a lot of needs and could use some additional draft capital, especially since they don't need a quarterback. Atlanta sends picks 8, 43, and 189 to move up to 5 (the Falcons also get 106 back). There are plenty out there who have Drake Maye as their QB1 overall, and they might struggle with the notion of him falling this low. However, it's important to remember that QB evaluations are never the same across the board from team to team. The new savior of the franchise, Maye steps in with the most big-time throws in all of college football this season (34 per PFF), and he makes WR Drake London, TE Kyle Pitts, and RB Bijan Robinson all fantasy relevant again. Relax and breathe now, the Arthur Smith era is over.

6. New York Giants - Rome Odunze - WR, Washington

The Daniel Jones narrative with the Giants is unfolding like a Shakespearean drama. Last season, Jones' form plummeted, mirroring the Giants' offensive woes, and left the brain trust of GM Joe Schoen and Head Coach Brian Daboll dazed and confused. The million-dollar (or rather, $69 million) question looms: To keep Jones, or not to keep Jones? Adding a twist to the tale is Jones' hefty 2024 guarantee as cutting ties might set a new NFL record for the biggest dead cap hit ever witnessed.

In hindsight, giving Jones the franchise tag last offseason over RB Saquon Barkley might have been the smarter play. But, what's done is done. Now? It's time to beef up Jones' arsenal. Enter Rome Odunze. Lighting up the season with 92 catches, a staggering 1,640 yards, and 13 touchdowns, Odunze screams NFL-ready. With his exceptional body control, a gift for snagging the ball in crowded skies, and a flair for those jaw-dropping, contested catches, Odunze seems primed to make an immediate impact. The Giants, in dire need of such a playmaker, might have found their next headline act.

7. Tennessee Titans - Joe Alt - OT, Notre Dame

The Titans find themselves at a pivotal junction as they eye their next draft pick. Their roster has more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese, with the most glaring voids in the edge rusher and wide receiver slots. QB Will Levis showed some flashes but was largely inconsistent in his rookie campaign albeit behind an O-line that's shaking like a leaf in a hurricane. Then there's Joe Alt, a name that echoes through NFL history with his dad having played the role of protector to the legendary Joe Montana. Alt's pegged as the draft's premier tackle, a beacon of hope in the trenches.

Ah, the glory days of dominating the line of scrimmage seem like distant memories for the Titans. But, to truly unlock Levis's potential across a whole season, it's time to double down and reinforce that line. After all, time waits for no one, not even DeAndre Hopkins, and Treylon Burks might as well have his locker in the medical room. So, don't be caught off-guard if the Titans' first move in the 2024 draft is to anchor down a tackle, aiming to give Levis another shot to shine.

8. Los Angeles Chargers (from Atlanta) - Brock Bowers - TE, Georgia

The Chargers benefit from trading back and they hit the fantasy football jackpot! Bowers has been ruling the tight end kingdom in college football like a monarch for the past two seasons, showcasing his all-around prowess – he’s as adept at snatching passes as he is at stopping defenders dead in their tracks. Even as the Chargers are navigating through uncharted waters with a new regime, one truth shines undeniably bright. Bowers is a living legend on the field, weaving a pigskin saga that seems straight out of an enchanted playbook – tallying up 175 receptions, cruising through 2,541 yards, crossing the end zone 26 times, and notching an impressive average of 14.5 yards per catch. And those 2.64 yards per route run? That’s the kind of stat that doesn’t just raise eyebrows; it obliterates expectations. For a tight end, that's not just stellar; it's supernova-level extraordinary.

9. Chicago Bears - Dallas Turner - Edge, Alabama

The Bears are eyeing the NFL Draft smorgasbord, ready to heap their plate high with all the talent the draft kitchen has to offer. After sealing the deal with edge rusher Montez Sweat, you can bet they're eager to find his dynamic duo, a partner in crime to dial their pass rush up to the former days when the Monsters of Midway dominated offenses. Enter Turner, a whirlwind on the edge with a season tally of 55 total pressures and 11 sacks under his belt. This guy's got some real speed and agility off the edge and is as adept at hunting quarterbacks as he is at sliding into coverage. Sure, he might not be in the same league as his former Alabama teammate Will Anderson Jr., but for the Bears, Turner's the kind of draft-day steal that could have fans roaring in approval.

10. New York Jets - Olumuyiwa Fashanu - OT, Penn State

The Jets, surfing a tidal wave of hype with Aaron Rodgers at the helm, hit a wall of turbulence right from the start. It was like a scene ripped out of a gripping sports saga, as Rodgers' season was derailed by a heart-stopping Achilles injury in the very first quarter of the season. Now, the Jets find themselves all in with Rodgers, bound by a mountain of financial promises that extend through 2025. Their ace in the hole? Bulk up the offensive line, creating a veritable fortress to protect Rodgers in hopes he can conjure up that former MVP sorcery once again. Rodgers, far from contemplating hanging up his cleats, has the Jets fully in his corner.

Fashanu hasn't given up a single sack in his college career according to PFF. Yet, the desperate clamor for quarterbacks and wideouts sees him slip just enough for the Jets to snag a true diamond in the rough, bolstering their line in a much-needed way. They're riding this hand of gridiron poker with Rodgers all the way to the river.


NFL Draft Picks #11-21 - Will There Be Some Defense?

11. Minnesota Vikings - J.J. McCarthy - QB, Michigan

McCarthy is practically radiating with untapped greatness. Even though he just turned 21, he's got the NFL scouts practically doing double-takes. He's the dreamboat every front office has been waiting for – towering presence, rocket arm, nimble as a cat, and dripping with those 'can't-put-your-finger-on-it' qualities that have 'first-round pick' written all over him. With Jordan Love's success story after a bit of a sideline stint, could another team be plotting a similar course for McCarthy? Vikings fans might be scratching their heads, pondering the future without Kirk Cousins. My two cents? Park J.J. on the bench, let him soak up the genius of Cousins and O'Connell for a few years, then watch him take the reins at 24, echoing Love's playbook.

12. Denver Broncos - Jared Verse - Edge, Florida State

The Broncos are standing at a crossroads with a shopping list that could go on for miles, eyeing the draft with a mix of hope and strategy. Should Russell Wilson wave goodbye, the Broncos will be lugging around a hefty dead cap hit into 2024, making the prospect of snagging another marquee quarterback tough to do.  After the blockbuster for Wilson, their draft cupboard is a bit bare, so a grand leap up the draft board for a new QB feels more like a pipe dream at this point. But then there's Verse, a whirlwind of talent that's stormed from Albany College to Tallahassee. With 59 total pressures, a top-five standing in college football, and 11 sacks to his name, he's more than just a player. Verse is a force of nature and a key player in Florida State's impeccable 13-0 streak (we aren't counting that bowl game).

13. Las Vegas Raiders - Terrion Arnold - CB, Alabama

In a division with Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert, you can never have enough help in the secondary. Arnold is considered by many to be the top CB in the draft. Arnold had five interceptions in the 2023 season to go along with 12 passes defended. He's a physical type of cornerback who can also be an asset in the run game. Arnold might end up going higher than this when it's all said and done.

14. New Orleans Saints - Laiatu Latu - Edge, UCLA

The Saints find themselves in a financial tightrope act, dangling about $50 million above the salary cap. GM Mickey Loomis has become something of a cap Houdini, performing annual fiscal acrobatics to wrangle the team's finances into compliance. But it's fair to ponder, at what cost does this balancing act come with? Still, the Saints are doubling down, hitching their wagon to QB Derek Carr for the foreseeable future and giving Dennis Allen another go-around as well. There's no denying that the roster has sparks of talent, particularly on a defense that's been the team's backbone.

However, the dynamic duo of Carl Granderson and Cameron Jordan didn't quite light up the stat sheets as expected last season. With hopes pinned on their core group making a strong comeback, the Saints are eyeing a resurgence in the NFC South. Meanwhile, Latu is turning heads and ruffling draft boards as we edge closer to the NFL Combine. Boasting a resume with 64 total pressures and an impressive 11 sacks, whispers are growing louder that Latu might be the first edge rusher to strut across the draft stage.

15. Indianapolis Colts - Quinyon Mitchell - CB, Toledo

GM Chris Ballard has a known soft spot for those who turn the NFL Combine into their personal showcase, and Mitchell's gearing up to be one of those headline grabbers with a standout performance. With Michael Pittman Jr. eyeing the free agency horizon, alongside CB Kenny Moore, the Colts are faced with a high-stakes decision. Yet, the smart money's on them betting big on retaining their WR1, aiming to fortify the squad around the phenomenally gifted QB Anthony Richardson.

Defensive coordinator Gus Bradley is poised for another season at the helm, and Mitchell is the kind of multi-faceted defensive dynamo that could redefine the cornerback position. In an era where the air raid is more the rule than the exception, having a cornerback who can lock down the other team's No. 1 WR is huge. Mitchell brings the need for speed to life, underlining the ever-growing mantra: in the secondary, depth isn't just a luxury; it's an absolute necessity.

16. Philadelphia Eagles (from Seattle) - Nate Wiggins - CB, Clemson

Sensing the CB run, Eagles GM Howie Roseman wastes no time and makes a move with the Seahawks to move up six spots and take the best corner left on the board. Incumbent CB Darius Slay is 33 and James Bradberry is 30. The defense could use a nice infusion of youth back there after getting shredded in the second half of the season. At 6-foot-2, Wiggins is a bigger corner and he's showcased plenty of his abilities on tape this past year. Seattle gets 22 and 97 to move back from 16.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars - BrIan Thomas Jr. - WR, LSU

Jacksonville had a brutal collapse at the end of the season after losing WR Christian Kirk down the stretch. Veteran WR Calvin Ridley was inconsistent at times after having some time off, but one of the stipulations from the trade is that the Jaguars have to send the Falcons their 2024 second-round pick if he is re-signed. If Ridley isn't re-signed it's only a third. Thomas burst onto the scene this past season and has all the makings of something special in the NFL. He recently turned 21 and put up a monster season with 68 receptions for 1,177 yards, and 17 TDs. Thomas was primarily a basketball-only player until the 10th grade when he started playing football. There's loads of untapped potential here!

18. Cincinnati Bengals - Taliese Fuaga, OT, Oregon State

After injuries have prematurely ended two of the four seasons of franchise quarterback Joe Burrow, protecting him feels like the biggest priority. DT D.J. Reader will be an unrestricted free agent and I'd expect WR Tee Higgins to play out the 2024 season on the franchise tag. The Bengals biggest long-term needs are OT, WR, and DT. Right tackle Jonah Williams is also a free agent and Fuaga could step in and start for this team immediately. Some scouts have made it clear that they feel Fuaga is best suited for the right side. However, with the frequency defenses are changing up their looks these days, both tackle spots are important.

19. Los Angeles Rams - J.C. Latham, OT, Alabama

Quite possibly the strongest player in the draft, Latham has plenty of experience on his resume even though he just recently turned 21 years of age. The Rams made a commitment to re-bolster their offensive and defensive lines in last year's draft and may continue doing so. Given how well this team seems to find skill players later on, dipping into this deep offensive tackle class gives them some nice value at 19. QB Matthew Stafford will turn 36 this year and has had some injury history. Keeping him upright feels like a wise investment.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers - Jackson Powers-Johnson - C, Oregon

The Steelers have always prioritized taking the best player available and are not worried about potential value in Round 1. Jackson Powers-Johnson had a phenomenal performance at the Senior Bowl and was one of the darlings of the event. He's a versatile player who is a rare blend of size, power, and finesse who can also play guard. Pittsburgh has a glaring need at center right now and with how much this offense loves to run the ball, this pick is like a match made in heaven. Long-term issues at quarterback abound, but unless someone falls they are probably giving QB Kenny Pickett another year to figure things out.


NFL Draft Picks #21-32 - Who Else Goes off the Board?

21. Miami Dolphins - Amarius Mims - OT, Georgia

The run at the tackle position continues as Miami snags Mims here. He's a very young player without a lot of starts under his belt, but his athletic profile will be arguably as impressive as any offensive lineman in the draft. Mims was injured for a part of 2023, but many scouts rave about his performance in the 2022 season against Ohio State's edge rushers in the Peach Bowl. The Dolphins don't have a lot of glaring needs as things sit, but LT Terron Armstead is getting up there in age and it might be time to start grooming his replacement. Mims has the athletic prowess to absolutely shine in head coach Mike McDaniel's offense.

22. Seattle Seahawks (from Philadelphia) - Troy Fautanu - OT/OG, Washington

After not having a second-round pick in the draft from their acquisition of DT Leonard Williams, Seattle moves back six spots with the Eagles. This team doesn't have a ton of glaring needs and with the top four QBs off the board, they go best player available here. Fautanu had an impressive college career at Washington and was voted the best offensive lineman by his peers in the PAC-12. He has the versatility to kick inside and play guard as well.

23. Houston Texans (from Cleveland) - Byron Murphy II - DT, Texas

Houston has a lot of flexibility here. They entered the offseason with plenty of cap room and can load up their roster for the next three seasons while QB C.J. Stroud is on his rookie deal. Remember when we all thought Texans GM Nick Caserio was nuts for trading all the way up from 12th to third overall in last year's draft to take edge rusher Will Anderson Jr.? Turns out the Texans knew what they were doing after all.

Murphy is an absolute force in the middle of the field with the size, power, and speed to be an effective pass rusher on top of being an excellent run defender. He had 45 total pressures last season to go along with six sacks. This isn't a loaded defensive tackle group, but Murphy is an absolute unit up front.

24. Dallas Cowboys - Tyler Guyton - OT, Oklahoma

The Cowboys had a disappointing end to their season after getting upset by the Packers in the Wild Card Round. Prioritizing the offensive line has been a staple for the Cowboys in recent years, but many of those players are getting older now. Investing in the trenches is like stocking up on oil for Dallas. They've got some very expensive contract extensions coming for QB Dak Prescott and WR CeeDee Lamb, so getting some additional help upfront makes a lot of sense here. Guyton burst onto the scene for Oklahoma this season and appears to be rising up several draft boards. Expect him to impress at the combine.

25. Green Bay Packers - Jer'Zhan Newton - DT, Illinois

Green Bay has to be pleased with how their 2023 season went after making the transition to Jordan Love as their quarterback of the future. It's hard not to argue that the Packers received top-dollar for WR Davante Adams and QB Aaron Rodgers via trade in back-to-back seasons. GM Brian Gutekunst has generally prioritized spending early draft capital on the offensive and defensive lines, and Newton is such a player with a violent mean streak and the ability to completely disrupt the line of scrimmage from the interior. He finished his 2023 season with 44 total pressures and eight sacks, which is impressive for a guy who is nearly 300 pounds.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Keon Coleman - WR, Florida State

Tampa has a variety of needs. Will WR Mike Evans be back next season? Will they end up signing QB Baker Mayfield to a multi-year extension? The bones of this team are still very good, but many of the core players who helped them win a Super Bowl just three years ago are now starting to age. Coleman is a big-bodied type of wide receiver with the speed to be a playmaker downfield. After transferring from Michigan State, Coleman had 50 receptions for 658 yards and 11 TDs this season. There are some questions about his ability to separate and run routes, but there's no doubt that an impressive athletic profile is there. Coleman won't even turn 21 for another couple of months.

27. Arizona Cardinals (from Houston) - Cooper DeJean - CB, Iowa

Given the ridiculous amount of draft capital that the Cardinals have in this draft, could they make a move up the draft board for two high-impact players like the Texans did last year? Arizona has a lot of needs, and DeJean is a versatile type of chess piece who can line up all over the field and even return punts. Is he more of a safety or more of a corner? The answer honestly doesn't really matter. Turn on the tape and you'll be very impressed with this kid and how he always seems to be around the ball.

28. Buffalo Bills - Troy Franklin - WR, Oregon

WR Gabe Davis is a free agent this offseason and WR Stefon Diggs is getting up there in age at 30. The Bills really don't have the luxury of adding an expensive wide receiver in free agency, so you wonder if they will dip into this deep WR class in Round 1 and add another weapon for QB Josh Allen. Franklin can absolutely fly and was a big part of Oregon's offense in 2023 where he finished with 81 receptions for 1,383 yards and 14 TDs. He also averaged 17.1 yards per catch while boasting an impressive 3.32 yards per routes run.

29. Detroit Lions - Kool-Aid McKinstry - CB, Alabama

Even after the disappointing ending to their season in the NFC Championship, it's hard not to be excited about what head coach Dan Campbell and GM Brad Holmes have built up in Detroit. Their biggest need right now is in the secondary and they'll get some help from Ga'Quincy a.k.a. Kool-Aid here. McKinstry is a bigger corner at 6-foot-1 and 195 pounds and many scouts had him as the top cornerback in the draft heading into the season. The Lions window is now.

30. Baltimore Ravens - Chop Robinson - Edge, Penn State

This is what the Ravens do every year. They methodically sit back and draft some player who the other teams let fall and then he turns into a bonafide Pro Bowler. Chop, whose real name is Demeioun, is another young player who just turned 21 and appears to have his best days of football ahead of him. Some may question the lack of production: just eight sacks over the last two seasons. However, Robinson is a player I expect to turn some heads with his athleticism and skills at the NFL Combine. He's got a very explosive first step, maybe the best in this class among edge rushers according to well-renowned scout Dane Brugler of The Athletic.

31. San Francisco 49ers - Jordan Morgan - OT, Arizona

San Francisco lost right tackle Mike McGlinchey to free agency before the 2023 season, and left tackle Trent Williams will be 35 years old. Kyle Shanahan's offense revolves around the run game and prioritizing athletic offensive linemen. Morgan has the ability to kick inside and play guard as well. The 49ers have the luxury of going anywhere with this pick and taking the best player available, but staying true to their identity up front makes sense.

32. Kansas City Chiefs - Ladd McConkey - WR, Georgia

Will Kansas City continue with its identity over the last three drafts and continue loading upfront and shoring up its defensive powerhouse? There's a lot of "WRs don't matter" chatter around the league currently, but don't get it twisted. When you have the best player on the planet in QB Patrick Mahomes and an elite defense, maybe WRs don't matter as much, but that's not the blueprint for the 31 other teams. There have been some comps to Cooper Kupp and Hunter Renfrow for McConkey, and the reality is he probably falls somewhere between the two. He's a versatile receiver with a ton of playmaking ability with the ball in his hands. The thought of him lining up all over the field in KC's offense with Andy Reid calling plays is just downright scary.


NFL Teams Without a 2024 First-Round Pick

33. Carolina Panthers - Adonai Mitchell - WR, Texas

No doubt the 2023 season was a complete disaster for the Panthers and their fanbase, but they have no other option than to build around QB Bryce Young and forge ahead. In the football world, it's about playing the hand you're dealt. The smart move for Carolina is to go offensive line or wide receiver to help their quarterback. Mitchell is an athletic WR who really came on in 2023 and was a big part of Texas' BCS Playoff Run and Big 12 title. Apologies for sounding so futile, but if they can't get Young back on track, nothing else really matters here.

55. Cleveland Browns - Jonah Elliss - Edge, Utah

Kevin Stefanski won NFL Coach of the Year for the second time in four years after dealing with a myriad of injuries. The Browns are still committed to QB Deshaun Watson for three more seasons and don't have a first-round pick in this draft from the trade. Their financial fate is completely tied to Watson until 2026, so there's no U-turn on this highway. Cleveland could use another pass rusher opposite Myles Garrett and they take Elliss here, who had 12 sacks and 16 tackles for a loss in 2023. In a division with Lamar Jackson and Joe Burrow, that's never a bad idea.



The NFL Combine is less than two weeks away, and plenty of draft boards will be shaken up in the meantime! While the NFL Season might be over, stay tuned here at RotoBaller for plenty of NFL Draft and free agency coverage all offseason.

This mock draft will continue to be a work in progress, a monthly affair that will certainly shift with some performances at the NFL Combine, as well as with NFL Free Agency signings.

Do you have a bone to pick about who should or shouldn't have been in Round 1 of this mock draft? Let's hash it out on Twitter/X. And remember, RotoBaller is your year-round haven for all things NFL. Here's to soaking in every last drop of football fun and having a fantastic new year!

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Out For Game 1
Tim Hardaway1 day ago

Jr. Questionable For Game 1
Damian Lillard1 day ago

Not On The Injury Report
Francisco Alvarez1 day ago

Needs Thumb Surgery, Out Until June
LeBron James1 day ago

Cleared For Game 1
Anthony Davis1 day ago

Available On Saturday For Game 1
Giannis Antetokounmpo1 day ago

Officially Doubtful For Game 1
Joel Embiid1 day ago

Exits Matchup With The Knicks
Triston Casas1 day ago

Experiencing Left Rib Discomfort
Nathaniel Lowe2 days ago

Texas Rangers Activate Nathaniel Lowe Off Injured List
Triston Casas2 days ago

Exits Game Early On Saturday
Terry Rozier2 days ago

Improving, Still Not Ready To Play
Kawhi Leonard2 days ago

Unlikely To Play On Sunday
Mike Hoffman2 days ago

Kevin Labanc, Alexander Barabanov To Hit Free Agency
Logan Couture2 days ago

Optimistic For Healthy Return
Mikhail Sergachev2 days ago

Practices In Regular Jersey Saturday
Nick Jensen2 days ago

Rasmus Sandin, Nick Jensen Possible For Game 1
Alex Pietrangelo2 days ago

A Full Practice Participant
Mark Stone2 days ago

A Possibility For Game 1
Jonathan Drouin2 days ago

To Miss First Round
Matt Chapman2 days ago

Getting A Day Off Saturday
Gabriel Moreno2 days ago

Getting A Rest Saturday
Will Smith2 days ago

Getting A Breather Saturday
Francisco Alvarez2 days ago

Lands On 15-Day Injured List
Zach Wilson2 days ago

Jets Still "Open" To Trading Zach Wilson
Marquise Brown2 days ago

Could Have Lucrative Role In KC
Rafael Devers2 days ago

Still Absent Saturday
A.J. Puk2 days ago

Moves To 15-Day Injured List
Dak Prescott2 days ago

Hasn't Started Contract Negotiations With Cowboys
Bobby McMann3 days ago

Could Play In Postseason Opener
Calle Jarnkrok3 days ago

Practices Friday
William Nylander3 days ago

Doesn't Practice Friday
Jean-Gabriel Pageau3 days ago

Listed As Day-To-Day
Aaron Ekblad3 days ago

Back For Game 1 Sunday
Zach Wilson3 days ago

Not At Voluntary Workouts
Noah Dobson3 days ago

Returning For Game 1
Max Domi3 days ago

Ready To Go For Game 1
Jayden Daniels3 days ago

Not Interested In Playing In D.C.?
DJ Chark Jr.3 days ago

Visits With Chargers
Courtland Sutton3 days ago

Broncos Not Concerned With Courtland Sutton
Darren Waller3 days ago

Giants Haven't Given Darren Waller A Deadline For His Decision
J.K. Dobbins3 days ago

"Should Be" Ready For Training Camp
Trevor Lawrence3 days ago

Jaguars Making Progress On Extension For Trevor Lawrence
Justus Annunen3 days ago

Starting On Thursday
Dustin Wolf3 days ago

Starting Thursday's Series Finale
Devin Cooley3 days ago

To Start Regular Season Finale
Sidney Crosby3 days ago

To Discuss Extension With Penguins
Rasmus Ristolainen4 days ago

Undergoes Triceps Surgery
Washington Commanders4 days ago

Commanders Won't Trade Down From No. 2 Pick
NFL4 days ago

NFL Reinstates Five Suspended Players On Thursday
Zay Flowers4 days ago

Won't Face Discipline From NFL
Washington Commanders4 days ago

Commanders "Feel Great About Staying At No. 2"
Jayden Daniels4 days ago

Vikings To Meet With Jayden Daniels On Thursday
Buffalo Bills4 days ago

Terrel Bernard Feels Good Health-Wise
Nick Chubb4 days ago

Running On Land
New England Patriots4 days ago

Patriots "Open For Business" On Trades For NFL Draft
Dougie Hamilton4 days ago

Could Have Returned For Playoffs
Nikita Kucherov4 days ago

Reaches 100 Assists
J.K. Dobbins4 days ago

Planning To Sign With Chargers
Adam Hadwin5 days ago

Too Volatile To Touch At RBC Heritage
Kurt Kitayama5 days ago

A Boring Play At RBC Heritage
Tom Kim5 days ago

Heads To Hilton Head Looking For Consistency
Emiliano Grillo5 days ago

Looking To Bounce Back At RBC Heritage
Chris Kirk5 days ago

A Safe Option For RBC Heritage
Adam Schenk5 days ago

Trending Up Ahead of RBC Heritage
Lucas Glover5 days ago

Looks To Reverse Fortune At Harbour Town
Taylor Moore5 days ago

Should Contend At Harbour Town
Max Homa5 days ago

Be Wary Of Max Homas At RBC Heritage
Rickie Fowler5 days ago

In Poor Form Heading To Harbour Town
Eric Cole5 days ago

Out Of Form Heading To RBC Heritage
Sepp Straka5 days ago

Continues Maddening Run Of Inconsistent Play
Keegan Bradley5 days ago

Looking To Get Over The Hump At Harbour Town
Tony Finau5 days ago

Looking To Find Putting Stroke At RBC Heritage
Will Zalatoris5 days ago

Makes Return To Harbour Town
PGA5 days ago

J.T. Poston A Decent Leverage Play With Upside At RBC Heritage
Patrick Cantlay5 days ago

Brings Near-Perfect Course History To Harbour Town
Akshay Bhatia5 days ago

A Perfect Fit For Harbour Town, But Take Caution
Jake Knapp5 days ago

In Solid Form Heading To Harbour Town
Nick Taylor5 days ago

In Bounce-Back Spot At Harbour Town
Justin Rose5 days ago

Searching For Form Heading To RBC Heritage





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