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College Football Betting Picks: Against The Spread 11/24/23 And Week 12 Results

Jaxson Dart - College Football Rankings, NCAA CFB DFS Lineup Picks

It was another fun week in the last great college football season. Georgia asserted their dominance. Michigan and Texas survived. So did Washington. There wasn't a lot learned this week that we didn't already know. Rivalry week will be different. But first, we need to take a look at the week that was.

We only have one game on Thanksgiving and it's the Egg Bowl. It has been very entertaining in recent years and we hope that this will be no different. You know that Will Rogers is going to do everything that he can to get back for this game.

It's rivalry week. Enough said. There are a lot of games on Friday. Enough that I will do all of Friday's picks in one article.

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CFB Betting Picks for Week 13 (11/24/23)

I will pick every college football game every week. Not a top-five. Not a top 10. All of them. Big deal, right? Lots of people make picks. Well, I do them all against the spread. I take the odds of each game and average them out at all the Vegas casinos and round to the nearest half. There will be no ties here. Ties are for the other (European) football.

(12) Mississippi (-10.5) at Mississippi State

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 4

That clip above says it all. Ole Miss isn't winning this by double digits. This stays close. Fortunately, I don't even have to pick who wins correctly!

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CFB Betting Picks - Last Week's Results

I promised transparency and you will get it, warts and all. I don't like to be wrong, but I will admit when I am. Why listen to someone who won't admit the bad along with the good? Here are the results from this season so far. I am still updating the past year's results and adding them to the sheet. My first year of using the points system (2015) was a good one. This year hasn't been quite as good. Winners against the spread will be in bold. My result will follow.

Akron at Eastern Michigan (-4.5): HIT!

Betting Confidence Factor: 3

Akron took the Eagles to double overtime before taking the field goal and allowing the touchdown.

Toledo (-9.5) at Bowling Green: MISS!

Betting Confidence Factor: 2

Toledo needed a furious comeback to avoid the outright loss.

Western Michigan at Northern Illinois (-4.5): MISS!

Betting Confidence Factor: 3

Sure, I say that I like the Western Michigan offense, and they get blanked by the Huskies...

Buffalo at Miami (OH) (-8.5): HIT!

Betting Confidence Factor: 4

I should have maxed this out. I know exactly what Miami is.

Central Michigan at Ohio (-10.5)MISS!

Betting Confidence Factor: 2

This might be the most complete game that the Bobcats have played this year, yet Kurtis Rourke and Sieh Bangura didn't score a single point between the two of them. Weird...

Boston College (-1.5) at Pittsburgh: MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

Nate Yarnell turned out to be the best quarterback on Pitt's roster this year.

South Florida at UTSA (-16.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

The Bulls remain all over the place and Frank Harris remains Frank Harris.

Colorado at Washington State (-4.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

It's amazing that Shedeur Sanders made it this long without a major injury behind that line. We also get a sneak preview of what will happen if Shedeur and pops take their toys and go elsewhere.

(3) Michigan (-19.5) at Maryland: MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

Michigan jumped out early, but it didn't last. Maryland regrouped and gave the Wolverines all they could handle.

(10) Louisville (-1.5) at Miami (FL): HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

The Cardinals were five yards away from blowing this.

Rutgers at (12) Penn State (-19.5): HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

Even with Drew Allar out, Penn State still covered.

Louisiana-Monroe at (13) Mississippi (-37.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

Ole Miss was asleep for the first half of this...otherwise they would have covered.

(14) Oklahoma (-24.5) at BYU: MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

The Oklahoma defense was the reason the Sooners came out of Provo with a win. The offense didn't turn the ball over, but they did stall out without Dillon Gabriel.

(24) Tulane (-9.5) at Florida Atlantic: MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

You got the play-by-play of me outsmarting myself...

Coastal Carolina (-3.5) at Army: HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

Don't mess with Army when their backs are against the wall!

Michigan State at Indiana (-3.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

Hold on there guys, we have a new reigning tight end of Michigan! Say hello to Maliq Carr.

Southern Mississippi at Mississippi State (-14.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

Will Rogers ruined this for me. So did the Bulldog defense by locking down Frank Gore Jr.

Purdue (-2.5) at Northwestern: HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 4

The bettors still don't believe in Northwestern. I believe. I believe that they have made me some good money this year.

East Carolina at Navy (-2.5): HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

It has been a while since we have seen a shutout from the Navy defense. By a while, I mean like five weeks. That was the third Navy shutout this season!

SMU (-8.5) at Memphis: MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

Seth Henigan torched the SMU defense. The Ponies still won, but the defense blew my cover.

Massachusetts at Liberty (-27.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 1

Liberty's second-string defense gave up one too many fourth-quarter touchdowns.

Louisiana Tech at Jacksonville State (-8.5): HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

James Madison didn't fight for the Gamecocks, but someone should. This team deserves a bowl bid as well.

UTEP at Middle Tennessee State (-7.5)MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

Not getting covered was a Miner victory for UTEP...

Rice (-2.5) at Charlotte: HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

If only I wouldn't have been worried about the Rice offense without J.T. Daniels. They were fine...

Appalachian State at James Madison (-8.5): HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

I didn't expect the outright loss, but I'm not shocked either. Fun Belt gonna Fun Belt and App State gonna App State.

Kent State at Ball State (-12.5): HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

I thought about some clever and petty alliteration with Kent, but I'd like to keep my job. Uh...how about David Letterman U?

Hawaii at Wyoming (-13.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

I see that Hawaii and Nevada are back to obscurity. It was fun while it lasted.

(22) Utah at (17) Arizona (-1.5): HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

We can pat ourselves on the back for winning this bet, but we all know that none of us expected Arizona to wipe the field with Utah. If I did, I would have maxed this out.

Cincinnati at West Virginia (-5.5): HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

Yes, Desmond Ridder was really that important to Cincinnati's success.

Duke (-3.5) at Virginia: HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

Grayson Loftis will be a solid player at some point, but I'm totally bummed to be missing out on this time that should have been for Riley Leonard to chase an ACC crown.

North Texas (-2.5) at Tulsa: MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

Kirk Francis started and played well but the Tulsa defense didn't hold up its end of the bargain.

Temple at UAB (-7.5): HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

Jermaine Brown is almost as good as his predecessor (DeWayne McBride).

Texas State (-3.5) at Arkansas State: MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

Sometimes a picture says things better than I can.

Nevada at Colorado State (-11.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

This was a strong performance by the Nevada defense even though they didn't win.

(1) Georgia (-9.5) at (18) Tennessee: HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 5

I would have bet more than five on this if my system went higher. This hit made sure I came out ahead on a weekend when my parlays stunk.

Illinois at (16) Iowa (-3.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

Of course, Iowa doesn't cover and wins by the first-quarter safety...because...Iowa.

Wake Forest at (19) Notre Dame (-24.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 1

There was a reason I only put one on this. I thought Wake might show up...

(20) North Carolina at Clemson (-7.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

Sometimes I underestimate just how much of a lost cause the Tarheels are. Not this week!

Sam Houston at Western Kentucky (-12.5): HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

Typical Bearkats. They put themselves in a position to win and then...don't.

UCLA at USC (-5.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 4

The benevolence of Lincoln Riley might have saved Chip Kelly's job. Quick question: if you're USC, how in the hell do you NOT show up for this game?

North Carolina State at Virginia Tech (-2.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

It is really nice to see Brennan Armstrong back to his old tricks. I've missed him.

Baylor at TCU (-13.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

Baylor shows solidarity with USC by not showing up to a rivalry game either. It was a nice gesture.

Louisiana at Troy (-16.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

Chandler Fields has the Cajuns playing the way they are capable of. They have a shot to go bowling if they win this week.

UNLV at Air Force (-2.5): HIT

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 4

Easy money. It has been all season long.

Minnesota at (2) Ohio State (-27.5): HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

It sure was nice of the Buckeyes not to make me sweat this. I'll repay them by picking them this week!

(6) Oregon (-24.5) at Arizona State: HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

See above. The Ducks are the only elite team to mash against the spread. That says something about how good this team is.

(23) Oklahoma State (-6.5) at Houston: HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 4

It's nice to see the Pokes back after six quarters of Bedlam hangover. Next time, just try a bloody mary...

New Mexico State at Auburn (-25.5): HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

A 26-point favorite gets blasted at home by three touchdowns. Overrated much?

Central Florida at Texas Tech (-2.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

Tech wins but doesn't cover a three-point spread. That is the 2023 season in a nutshell for Tech.

Marshall at South Alabama (-10.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 4

Wow...I just can't get Marshall right in the last month.

Old Dominion at Georgia Southern (-5.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

Ditto for the Monarchs.

California (-6.5) at Stanford: HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 4

If the Bears get a full year of Fernando Mendoza and Jaydn Ott next year, they might win the ACC.

(21) Kansas State (-9.5) at (25) Kansas: HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

Kansas has another good one in Cole Ballard. He's done well leading the team despite the results not showing it.

Boise State (-3.5) at Utah State: HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

George Holani and Ashton Jeanty are the best RB duo most have never heard of.

(5) Washington at (11) Oregon State (-1.5): HIT!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

It may not always look pretty, but Washington's ability to make the plays to win the close games has the look of a championship team. They're not losing the Apple Cup.

Florida at (9) Missouri (-10.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

Missouri doesn't feel like a top-ten team. Tell me again why we need a watered-down 12-team playoff? Oh yeah! The greedy pricks that run the conferences...

Florida International at Arkansas (-29.5): MISS! 

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 1

Arkansas ran off with this and still didn't cover.

Kentucky at South Carolina (-1.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 4

There's something about that crowing rooster that brings out the worst in Kentucky...

Nebraska at Wisconsin (-5.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

That stupid overtime! If Nebraska would have missed the field goal in regulation or if Wisconsin had won the damn coin toss, I would have got the win. Chubba Purdy did well in his first start. He didn't commit a turnover, which is a rarity for a Nebraska quarterback.

(7) Texas (-7.5) at Iowa State: MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

This is the kind of win that Texas needed. They were out of their comfort zone most of the night and still played well enough to cover. To add insult to injury, this was my first miss on the Cyclones this season.

Georgia State at (15) LSU (-31.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 2

Big showing by the LSU defense. Can they do it against A&M?

Syracuse at Georgia Tech (-6.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

I guess it doesn't matter how many rushing yards you allow if your opponent can't pass...

New Mexico at Fresno State (-23.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 1

There's a reason that I wanted no part of this...

San Diego State at San Jose State (-14.5): MISS!

Betting Pick Confidence Factor: 3

The Spartans still dominated this game and missed the cover. Losing nine straight to close the week really ruins my week.


College Football Betting Season Results

Losing nine straight to end the week really cost me. I was keeping my head just below the surface before that. I ended up going 26-38 in the biggest week of the year and am now 11 under at 332-343 on the season. This isn't golf, unfortunately. I know I lost points. How many? I shudder to think...

The weekly totals follow the bet. Season totals are in parentheses.

1. 0-4 (24-39) = -15
2. 11-14 (126-132) = -12
3. 9-17 (111-116) = -15
4. 5-3 (44-39) = 20
5. 1-0 (26-17) = 45

I only lost 21 points thanks to hitting my max bet and a majority of the four-pointers. I'm still 23 points ahead on the season heading into rivalry week. I'll take it!

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Expected To Play Tuesday Versus Bucks
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Nick Jensen9 hours ago

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Sam Hughes10 hours ago

Yazmin Jauregui Defeats Sam Hughes
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Ryan Blaney10 hours ago

After Runner-Up at Atlanta: "That Was So Fun"
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Andy Reid Expected To Become Highest-Paid Coach
Marvin Harrison Jr.11 hours ago

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Jayden Daniels12 hours ago

Plans To Skip Throwing At Combine
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Calle Jarnkrok12 hours ago

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Royce Lewis13 hours ago

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Evan Carter14 hours ago

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Nikita Kucherov17 hours ago

Surpasses 100-Point Mark With Big Performance
Jamie Drysdale17 hours ago

Exits With Injury On Sunday
Bryan Rust17 hours ago

Evaluated For Upper-Body Injury
Clayton Keller17 hours ago

Injured On Sunday
Kaz Grala18 hours ago

Rises To 14th By End Of Atlanta Race
Austin Cindric18 hours ago

Enjoys Top 5 Result At Atlanta
Ross Chastain1 day ago

Outshone by Teammate, But Still Made Solid Recovery
Harrison Burton1 day ago

Electrifying Ford Speed Carries Harrison Burton to One of His Best Runs
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Finishes Eighth After Strong Atlanta Performance
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Quietly Recovers From Crash For An Atlanta Top 10 Finish
NASCAR1 day ago

Bubba Wallace Starts 2024 Off With Back-To-Back Top Five Finishes
Todd Gilliland1 day ago

Despite Poor Finish, Todd Gilliland Has Big Day At Atlanta
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Gets Submission Win At UFC Mexico City
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Will Have to Serve Penalty at Start of Atlanta Race
Joey Logano2 days ago

the Favorite to Win at Atlanta
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a Core DFS Play at Atlanta
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2024 Free Agency Preview: Biggest Positional Needs for the Tennessee Titans in 2024

It's a new day in Tennessee. We just don't know yet if it's a sunny day, a gloomy day, or a day filled with thunderstorms and a potential tornado. They're making the right decision moving on from Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry. Moving on from Mike Vrabel...that one we cannot answer yet. This trio has... Read More

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2024 Free Agency Preview: Biggest Positional Needs for the Indianapolis Colts in 2024

The Colts were impressive in Shane Steichen's first year as a head coach. While they missed the playoffs, the team finished with a winning record and were in playoff contention through the entire season. Their first-round draft pick, quarterback Anthony Richardson, played just four games, making the team's performance even more of an accomplishment. Given... Read More

2024 NFL Draft Top 10 TE Rankings: Pre-Combine Rookie Tight Ends Analysis

The Super Bowl might be over, but football season never ends at RotoBaller! The countdown is on for 2024 fantasy football drafts with NFL teams and fantasy football fans preparing for the 2024 Combine and upcoming Draft. Matt Donnelly discusses his favorite tight ends in the 2024 NFL Draft class and ranks his top-10 pre-combine... Read More

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Will Michael Penix Jr. Be A First-Round Pick? 2024 NFL Draft Outlook

Former Washington quarterback Michael Penix Jr. will be a popular name in the 2024 NFL Draft. After spending his first four college seasons at Indiana (2018-2021), Penix revived his career by transferring to Washington and putting up big numbers. The gun-slinging lefty finished eighth in Heisman Voting in 2022 and then as the runner-up to... Read More