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Point Gods: Ranking The 10 Greatest NBA Point Guards of All-Time

Stephen Curry

As the game of basketball evolves, that evolution has been especially true of the point guard position. Once known as facilitators that primarily distributed the basketball to teammates, point guards are now able to score.

Modern players like Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook are still great passers, but they shine the most for their ability to get a bucket, either via the three-point shot or by driving to the basket. Regardless of the differing play styles, the point guard position has been loaded with remarkable talent and unforgettable highlights.

In today’s list, I will be ranking the top 10 point guards of all time. When determining a player’s greatness, I’ve decided to put the greatest weight on his individual accolades and longevity, as they are the most indicative of his dominance during his era. Championships are certainly important as well and will be considered. However, winning a championship requires a lot of external factors such as the team roster, the matchup, and luck. Stats will also be considered with the same weight as championships due to stat inflation/ deflation from different eras. With that being said, let’s jump right into the list!

Editor's Note: Our incredible team of writers received five total writing awards and 13 award nominations by the Fantasy Sports Writers Association, tops in the industry! Congrats to all the award winners and nominees including NBA Writer of the Year, Best NFL Series, MLB Series, PGA Writer and Player Notes writer of the year. Be sure to follow their analysis, rankings and advice all year long, and win big with RotoBaller! Read More!


10. Jason Kidd

Stats: 12.0 PTS, 8.7 AST, 6.3 REB

Accolades: ​​10x All-Star, 6x All-NBA Team (5x First Team, 1x Second Team), 9x All-NBA Defensive Team, 5x Assists Titles, 1x NBA Champion

Starting off the list at number 10 is one of the most well-rounded players on this list. Jason Kidd could do it all, whether it was making getting rebounds, knocking down a three, or playing lockdown defense. However, he was most well-known for his flashy passing. Almost like magic, he could make a sensational play out of nothing, winning the hearts of millions of fans.

His statistics and awards back up his skillset. He is top 15 all-time among point guards in points, rebounds, assists, and 3-pointers, placing first and second for rebounds and assists, respectively. In addition, he is tied for first among point guards for the number of All-NBA Defensive Teams with 9. With a resume like his, Kidd has earned the right to be in the top 10.


9. Russell Westbrook

Stats: 22.4 PTS, 8.4 AST, 7.3 REB

Accolades: 1x MVP, 9x All-Star, 9x All-NBA Team (2x First Team, 5x Second Team, 2x Third Team), 3x Assists Titles, 2x Scoring Titles

Explosive. There is no better word to describe his playing style that helped him average a triple-double for four straight seasons. He was able to blow by any defender, allowing him to fill up the stat sheet with ease. His mind-boggling numbers earned him 9 All-Star and 9 All-NBA Team selections as well as the MVP of the 2016-2017 season. 

While his peak is one of the highest among the players on this list, his longevity prevents him from moving higher. His recent level of play with the Lakers has certainly tarnished his reputation and caused many fans to question if he can return to his former self. However, it is clear that he can still play at a high level from his playoff performances with the Clippers. There are still a few years left in Westbrook’s career, and it will be interesting to see if he can bump himself up a couple of spots on this list.


8. Steve Nash

Stats: 14.3 PTS, 8.5 AST, 3.0 REB

Accolades: 2x MVP, 8x All-Star, 7x All-NBA Team (3x First Team, 2x Second Team, 2x Third Team), 5x Assists Titles

Steve Nash embodies the definition of a traditional point guard. Able to pass the ball with unlimited creativity, he was also a scoring threat, making his three-pointers and free throws at an insanely high rate. Nash is not typically seen as a dominant player, but in his prime, he won 2 MVPs and led the league in assists 5 times.

The true impact of Nash’s game cannot be seen just by viewing his individual awards, though. He was someone who made his teammates better, which is highlighted by the following stat: out of the 8 years that Nash played with the Phoenix Suns, his squad ranked first in offensive rating 5 times. Very few other point guards were able to lead and facilitate his team’s offense to this degree, earning Nash a spot in the top 8.


7. Chris Paul

Stats: 17.9 PTS, 9.5 AST, 4.5 REB

Accolades: 12x All-Star, 11x All-NBA Team (4x First Team, 5x Second Team, 2x All-NBA Third Team), 9x All-NBA Defensive Team (7x All-NBA First Team, 2x All-NBA Second Team), 6x Steals Title, 5x Assists Title

Another point guard with great defensive abilities, Chris Paul was a star the moment he entered the league. In just his third season, he was already averaging a 21-11 double-double on the New Orleans Hornets.

It makes sense why he found so much success early on in his career. He had a perfect combination of speed, athleticism, and craftiness that allowed him to make a play in any situation. And while his body is slowing down due to age, he is still able to contribute offensively through his elite passing, three-point shooting, and jumpers off the pick-and-roll. Chris Paul’s longevity and elite playmaking place him at the number 7 spot.


6. Isiah Thomas

Stats: 19.2 PTS, 9.3 AST, 3.6 REB

Accolades: 12x All-Star, 5x All-NBA Team (3x First Team, 2x Second Team), 1x AST Champion, 2x NBA Champion, 1x Finals MVP

Isiah Thomas was a point guard with a vast offensive skillset. His quick handles allowed him to penetrate gaps in the defense, and his creative finishing abilities made it difficult for even the best centers to block his shots. When he couldn’t get a bucket, he was able to find the open man, giving him a stellar career average of 9.3 AST and an assists title for one year.

Isiah Thomas was an amazing player for his entire career, making the All-Star Game for 12 out of his 13 seasons. With such consistency and longevity, it may be questioned why he wasn’t able to crack the top 5. Even though he often made the All-Star Game, he only made the All-NBA team 5 times, each award occurring before 1987. This fact shows that even though Thomas was a great player, he was never considered among the elite in the second half of his career.

Some may also bring up his winning record against legends like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird, but Thomas did not defeat them by himself; his team played a role as well. So while Isiah Thomas will always be regarded as one of the most skilled and toughest point guards of all time, he remains at the number 6 spot.


5. Jerry West

Stats: 27.0 PTS, 6.7 AST, 5.8 REB

Accolades: 14x All-Star, 12x All-NBA Team (10x First Team, 2x Second Team, 5x All-NBA Defensive Team, 1x Scoring Title, 1x NBA Championship, 1x NBA Finals MVP

It’s no surprise that Jerry West cracked the top 5. After all, he is the logo of the NBA. His stats are also very impressive, featuring a career average of 27.0 PTS. It is his awards, though, that showcase how dominant he was during his time. He is only one of 5 players to be an All-Star for his entire career. Out of his 14 years, he was on the All-NBA First Team 10 times and the All-NBA Second Team 2 times. Winning these accolades, which are only awarded to the best 20 or so players each year, with such consistency is truly a remarkable feat. 

Some might knock him down a couple of spots, their main reasoning being his poor 1-8 Finals record. This statistic is unfortunately very misleading. In all of his Finals games, he averaged a stellar 30.5 PTS, 5.6 AST, and 5.0 REB. He was simply pitted against an overwhelmingly talented Celtics team that featured the likes of Bill Russell, John Havlicek, and Bob Cousy, among others. As I stated earlier, the number of titles a player wins is not entirely in his control and should not stain West’s legacy as a top 5 point guard.


4. John Stockton

Stats: 13.1 PTS, 10.5 AST, 2.7 REB

Accolades: 10x All-Star, 11x All-NBA Team (2x First Team, 5x Second Team, 4x Third Team), 9x Assists Titles, 5x All-Defensive Team, 2x Steals Titles

The NBA’s all-time total assists leader. Not much else needs to be said. As 1 of only 2 players in NBA history to average more than 10 assists for his entire career, Stockton remained as an elite facilitator for the 19 seasons he played in the league. 

Most fans consider his passing as his only valuable asset, but they are severely mistaken. Stockton was also a great defender, leading the NBA in all-time total steals as well. Furthermore, he was an extremely efficient scorer with a career FG% average of 51.5%. His contributions gave him 11 All-NBA Team selections, putting him among the top players for a good chunk of his career. 

Perhaps his most valuable trait, even with his passing and defense, was his durability. There were only 3 seasons in which he didn’t play all 82 games. Considering that he was able to play at an elite level with this workload, his strength should not be undervalued. For the reasons listed above, Stockton sits comfortably at the 4th spot.


3. Oscar Robertson

Stats: 25.7 PTS, 9.5 AST, 7.5 REB

Accolades: 1x MVP, 12x All-Star, 11x All-NBA Team (9x First Team, 2x Second Team), 6x Assists Titles, 1x NBA Championship

The original Mr. Triple Double. There was no other point guard better at filling up the stat sheet than Oscar Robertson. In only his second year in the league, he averaged a 30-point triple-double for the entire season, something that was never heard of at the time. For his first five seasons, he never averaged below 9 rebounds or assists. 

His awards also prove his superiority to other point guards at the time. Out of his 14 seasons, he was an All-Star 12 times and on the All-NBA team 11 times, 9 of them being on the First Team. He also won the 1964 MVP award over the statistically dominant Wilt Chamberlain. Pair these accolades with the sheer production of Oscar Robertson and you have yourself a top 3 point guard of all time.


2. Stephen Curry

Stats: 24.6 PTS, 6.5 AST, 4.7 REB

Accolades: 2x MVP, 9x All-Star, 8x All-NBA Team (4x First Team, 3x Second Team, 1x Third Team), 2x Scoring Champion, 4x NBA Champion, 1x Finals MVP

Undisputedly the greatest shooter of all time, Stephen Curry belongs nowhere below the top 2 point guards of all time. There’s also a valid argument to put him as the greatest point guard of all time. He outshines Magic significantly in the scoring department, amazing the crowd with his quick-release threes and tough finishes near the basket. His playstyle has sparked the three-point revolution, completely changing the way the game is played. It is not an understatement to say that Stephen Curry is a pioneer in the game of basketball.

Not only is Curry an amazing individual talent, but he is also a leader and a winner with four rings to his name. He has always been the centerpiece of the Warriors dynasty, contrary to what his 1 Finals MVP might suggest. No other point guard below him on this list has had as much individual dominance, winningness, and impact in his career as Curry, making him the second-best point guard on our list.


1. Magic Johnson

Stats: 19.5 PTS, 11.2 AST, 7.2 REB

Accolades: 3x MVP, 12x All-Star, 10x All-NBA Team (9x First Team, 1x Second Team), 4x AST Champion, 2x STL Champion, 5x NBA Champion, 3x Finals MVP

There is no better nickname for the greatest point guard of all time than “Magic”. Similar to Curry, Magic Johnson had a generational impact on the game of basketball. He garnered millions of fans with his unmatched showmanship and diverse skillset. In addition, there was the famous “Magic vs Bird” rivalry, drawing national attention to this sport. When you hear the word “basketball”, Magic is one of the first names you think of.

What separates Magic from Stephen Curry was his undisputed superiority to other point guards during his era, which is proven by his accolades. He was a superstar for his entire career. Out of the 13 years he played, he was an All-Star for 12 of them; the one year he wasn’t an All-Star, he only played 37 games. He was also on the All-NBA First Team 9 times and won 3 MVP awards. When comparing these awards to Curry’s 9 All-Star selections, 4 All-NBA First Team selections, and 2 MVPs, it is apparent that Magic has the edge.


So there you have it: the 10 greatest point guards to ever play the game as of 2023. Once again, they were ranked based on their individual dominance relative to the era they played in. However, there are many other ways to measure greatness, which can cause some ranks to move around or even some new names to join the list. If you disagree or have a different list, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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