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RotoBaller Live Chat: Fantasy Baseball Advice (5/25) – Leonys, Weeks, Carpenter, Garza & More

By dbking on Flickr (Originally posted to Flickr as "_MG_9144") [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The following are the transcripts from the RotoBaller Live Chat that took place on March 25th, 2013.  RotoBaller staff expert Uncle Leo (@Uncle__Leo) talks fantasy baseball, waiver wire, and more with readers.

As always, you can get some LIVE quick hit advice in RotoBaller’s fantasy baseball advice chat room.  Let’s win some leagues!


12:41Baller - Cathy

Hello...Granderson and Victorino goin down this week hurt me and now all I have is Gerrado Parra manning CF, any good CF options on waivers you can suggest I can grab and drop Rickie Weeks for like Bonaifico, Ankiel, Rasmus, Leoyns Martin, Denorfia, Chris Young, Amarista, Michael Saunders.

12:42Baller - Denis

That would be cool. Odds on someone else getting it?


@Cathy - Chris Young had a big game last night and has most upside. Leanys Martin has been solid recently also with avg / runs / steals

12:46Baller - Wyatt

Is zach wheeler worth stashing now, supposidly should be called up between june 6th and 11th

12:46Baller - Cathy

i see so its between Martin and Young?

ius it ok to drop Rickie Weeks now or will he bounce back?


@Thaddeus - yes Zack Wheeler will be called up in the next couple weeks - he's the Mets top prospect

12:47Baller - Cathy

I have Altuve and Gyorko for my 2nd basemen.

12:47Baller - Wyatt

Thanks, is the glass slipper falling off Kyle Kendrick?


RIckie Weeks is mostly droppable - he's sitting on some waiver wires in my leagues. if he gets hot, you can always pickup again

12:47Baller - Cathy

i see

young BA is just scary though, wondering if Martin might be better between the 2?

12:48Baller - Denis

I need to have enlightened speculation of who the Cardinals will move into the starting rotation.

12:49Baller - Cathy

Im keeping my watch list with Chris Carpenter, think he might coime back ok and noone is expecting it.

so who would you pick between Leoyns Martin and Chris Young?


depends on what you need. Young has more upside for power / rbis along with runs and some steals. Martin has more upside for avg / runs / steals

12:50Baller - Denis

Carpenter won't be back for a while. In the meantime, who fills in?

12:51Baller - Cathy

Well, i just need a guy who will play mopre and be more consistent for the time being. this wont be a permenant move until Victorin comes back and then eventually granderson

12:51Baller - Casandra

Is Prado worth holding onto? Thoughts on Ethier?


go with Young if you can stomach some 0-3 days

12:51Baller - Cathy

i see

is he a everyday player?

12:52Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

yes he is - the As outfield is hurting

12:53Baller - Cathy

got it

12:53Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

@Casaandra - Prado is worth holding onto. im benching him in 1 league until he heats up

12:53Baller - Claire

Start 2 greikie 2 starts, schrzer , peavy

12:54Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

is that a question or a statement?

12:54Baller - Claire


12:54Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

should you start greinke?

12:55Baller - Claire

Start. Of 3 greinkePeavy or scherzer

12:56Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

you can only start one of them?

12:56Baller - Cathy

thoughts on grabbing John Lackey?

12:57Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

if i could ONLY start one, probably Scherzer. but Peavy has great matchups, and Greinke is a must start always

12:58Baller - Claire


12:58Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

@Cathy - i grabbed Lackey in all my leagues. he's been awesome across the board

12:59Baller - Cathy

so did i

i dropped jose veras for him

hope he continues the upside

think Mike Adams will resume setup roll duties when activated tomorrow?>

13:01Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

pitchers usually get worked in slowly to high leverage situations when coming back after time off

13:01Baller - Cathy

i see

i was a little confused cause i had antonio bastardo who has played well but by depth chart standards adams is the setup man.

13:02Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

UPDATE: Jose Reyes has started running - good first step for his owners

13:02Baller - Cathy




and somehow im still 7-0

13:02Baller - Paulene

Anyone think hanley ramirez is a stud when he returns or should I deal him, for a stud?? Alot ofinterest in him in my league

13:04Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

Hanley will be solid for sure, but if you can get a stud for him id prolly pull the trigger

13:05Baller - Cathy

Uncke....I know you said Young but Martin seems to be playing better, any reason not to take him over Young again, sorry?

13:05Baller - Paulene

His ss/3b double elisgablitlyalong with my segura and aram sseemed like a good depth plan tho. Rite

13:07Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

@Cathy - Martin is def solid - i own him in a league. if you want more upside though, Chris Young has more power. either is a good choice

13:10Baller - Paulene

Uncle what's ur thoughts on Hanley ramirez when he returns? Stud production or try n steal a stud with hanley now... Soon.

13:10Baller - Cathy

I hear ya my man its just I had Young since beginning of the season and he just wasnt the same after he went down early and went to the DL. Now, I have been reading bout Martin on Roto and CBS and there talking bout upside. If Nando mentioned it in an article.

I may go with Martin but i have Cruz so i kinda dont like have 2 of the same guys from a team

we'll see

13:13Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

@Paulene - which studs are being offered for Hanley? Production will be solid, but not like the old elite Hanley

@Cathy - Texas has enough offense to go around. Martin is on a little streak so pick him up. Keep eye on Chris Young though if he gets hot add asap

13:17Baller - Paulene

U would just be so hard to trade him because having a backup to segura and aramis, who has knee problem, seems like the smart play instead of thinning my roster for one more, slightly upgradable, plqyer

Guess I gave myself my answer lol

13:18Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

13:18Baller - Cathy

So Rickie Weeks is safe to drop at this point if I have Altuve and Gyorko?

13:19Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

yea for sure

13:19Baller - Cathy


13:20Baller - Denis

Who are the cards going to put in the 5th rotation spot?

Carp is out for a while.

Any chance they call up wacha?

13:21Baller - Krysten

very good chance!



13:21Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

looks like theyre gonna roll with Waino, Lynn, Shelby, John Gast and Tyler Lyons for now

13:22Baller - Krysten

Wacha come a knocka!

13:22Baller - Cathy

thoughts on Dominc Brown rest of season.?

13:22Baller - Krysten

He is heating up

13:23Baller - Denis

Either Gast, Lyons, or Wacha get the slot obv. But who has the best odds?

13:23Baller - Krysten

living up to his potential

make sure you are benching him for better options when he faces lefties

and you will reap about 25-30 HRs this year

13:23Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

Dominic Brown will be decent this year - provide some HR/RBIs/Runs - but avg will be tough. And he'll be inconsistent

13:23Baller - Krysten

agreed uncle chewy

very much so

but he has shown streaky power potential

that is a nice breakout for him

he is crushing right handed pitching too

13:24Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

@Denis - Cardinals usually don't like to throw their prospects right into the rotation. They usually come up as relievers first. Looks like Lyons is going to man the 5th spot for now

13:25Baller - Denis


13:26Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

arite guys, another 15 mins for me in the live chat. hit me up with questions!

13:26Baller - Jeromy

@uncleleo is matt garza really a good choice? i dont really thing cubs help much


13:26Baller - Denis

Too early to stash wheeler?

13:27Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

@Jeromy - absolutely - Garza is a very good SP and was solid in 1st start back. get him in your lineup except for very tough matchups

13:27Baller - Georgine

what pitcher should I stack against tonight?

13:27Baller - Jeromy

he is facing Cueto and Corbin this week, so i guess i bench him in both?

13:27Baller - Cathy

do you guys think AJ Griffin and Cashner will have good outings tonight or should i sit one of them or both?

13:27Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

@denis - not too early to stash Wheeler if you have room. he's the Mets top prospect and could be a great add

13:28Real Talk Raph - Ro..

there is a reliever warming up in the RotoBaller bullpen......

13:28Baller - Denis

Is it criminally insane to give gast a spot start against the dodgers?

13:29Baller - Paulene

Andrew cashner.. Tonight and Ross thoughts

13:29Real Talk Raph - Ro..

His ERA is a little high this season in triple A, but its the PCL and an ERA in the mid to high 3's is actually very respectable

13:29Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

@Georgine - id say Walters from MIN vs DET, or Harrell vs OAK both are bad plays and have a chance to get blown up. Stack against those guys

13:29Baller - Cathy

so cashner is good to go for tonight, Griffin should i sit?

13:30Baller - Georgine


13:30Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

@Denise - not insane, Gast has been solid and LA bats have been cold


Cashner has been great this year. I'm starting him tonight, and every night, until he proves me wrong

13:32Baller - Cathy

got it

13:32Baller - Denis

How long should I expect jj putz on the dl

13:32Baller - Cathy

he has been playing very well

true and will heath bell reamin closer when putz is back?

13:32Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

Putz may be out a while, for a lot of the season. If Bell is good he'll probably keep the job

13:33Baller - Cathy

i picked bell off waivers

13:33Baller - Krysten

good move

13:33Real Talk Raph - Ro..

very nice

13:33Baller - Cathy


i also pickd up john lackey as well with Cashner and Jorge De la Rosa

13:34Baller - Denis

How long until dunn gets saves for miami?

13:35Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

Dunn got a save last week, but he's a lefty and Miami is going with a committee. For now he's just 1 of the options so won't be racking up saves

13:37Baller - Jeromy

between Derek Holland and Matt Garza which one should I drop?

13:38Uncle Leo - RotoBal..

Holland. Garza should be owned in all leagues

13:39Uncle Leo - RotoBal..arite guys… thanks for RotoBallin’ with me. good luck with your leagues, and you can always hit us up on @RotoBaller with quick hit questions



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