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PGA DFS Vegas Report Spencer Aguiar's Betting Picks for the Houston Open(Premium Content)

All other PGA Premium Tools can be accessed on the premium dashboard.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter @Teeoffsports to get my updated picks as the tournament progresses, and if you don't have that as one of your social media platforms, here is a link for my betting card weekly. Plays will always get updated as soon as they are placed and will include outright, head-to-head and top-20 recommendations. My free DFS column, which includes my top plays for the week and a list of options I will be fading, can be found here. And if you ever have any questions about a particular bet, player in the field or anything golf-related, be sure to contact me on Twitter.


Other Houston Open Content

Be sure to get an in-depth breakdown of the top DraftKings PGA picks, FanDuel PGA picks, check out Joe Nicely's weekly Horse For The Course that highlights the best fits for the week's course. Be sure to also read all of our other top-notch weekly PGA DFS and betting articles to help you win big!


Memorial Park

7,432 Yards - Par 70 - Greens: Bermuda

Measuring marginally over 7,400 yards, Memorial Park is widely regarded as one of the top municipal golf courses in the world, something that makes the 2019 renovation of the track that much more impressive since Tom Doak was able to remodel the layout and get it back up and running for the nearly 60,000 patrons that visit the grounds each year. Doak was accompanied on the project by former world number one Brooks Koepka, and the purpose of the rebuild was to create a challenging tournament venue that could provide dramatic lead changes down the stretch.

We see that with six holes yielding either a 21% bogey rate or 20% birdie percentage on the back nine, but the primary blueprint to one of Doak's designs will always be his distinctive green complexes. That remains front and center for the week because of the nine percent increase in dispersion of scoring when it comes to strokes gained around the green, and players have mentioned how failing to get a putter in hand can present this ping-pong nature of going back and forth on this unique contextual setup. The 23.4% output of pertinent scoring over the past two years in around-the-green importance is about as high as I have ever encountered for a non-Augusta National comp in the space, and it highlights this need for golfers that can provide an overall skillset to take advantage of the demanding layout.

Large specimen oak trees are positioned to cause issues if you are wayward off the tee, and there are weird quirks throughout, including a clamshell landing area on the par-four 10th that will create problems if you go inside of it. Add that fact to a ravine that runs through a handful of holes, green complexes that produce a 3.8% reduction in GIR percentage and fairways that are 3.1 yards narrower than average, and you get this diabolical test that will reward quality tee-to-green play, all while punishing any shot that is not adequately accounted for when it comes to the complex nature of the course.


Let's Look At The Stats

Stat Memorial Park Tour Average
Driving Distance 290 282
Driving Accuracy 55% 62%
GIR Percentage 62% 65%
Scrambling Percentage 55% 57%
Average Three-Putts Per Round 0.48 0.55


Key Stats

  • Weighted Tee-To-Green (25%) -¬†When we remove putting from the equation, the standard distribution for tee-to-green tends to be about¬†23.6% off the tee, 53.8% approach and 22.6% around the green. Those totals are widely regarded in my model as the expected dispersion metrics to follow if looking at a course where we have no concept of long-term information, but with two years of data for us to call on this week, there are some massive disparities in how I recalculated my data to mimic Memorial Park. The first thing worth noting is that off-the-tee experiences over a five percent decrease here versus a standard test, but the unique variable that comes into play is how distance and accuracy both see significant boosts with my corollary totals. That signifies a roundabout way that we might want to handicap off-the-tee metrics, which is one of the reasons I recalculated a total driving category to look at 55% accuracy and 45% distance. I then merged that number into its own "off the tee" standalone total and recombined the expected tee-to-green weights to look like the following:¬†22.5% off the tee, 42.5% approach and 35% around the green. That provides the substantial short-game increase we are looking for in our builds and does so in a fashion that equally spreads out the expected dispersion metrics.
  • Bermuda Putting (5%) -¬†As everyone knows, I am not a big believer in putting statistics meaning a ton from a macro sense, but I did incorporate in five percent to try and marginally filter in golfers that would see positive boosts on this specific grass type. More than anything, this is an excellent category to get unique and highlight quality Bermuda putters, but I wouldn't get carried away with overly weighing the data in my model if you make a copy.
  • SG: Total Bermuda (10%) -¬†This metric completely encapsulates all strokes gained outputs on Bermuda over a two-year sample size, meaning putting does re-enter the mix a second time, and the breakdown of the data mimics this week's venue over a random test.
  • SG: Total Wind (7.5%) -¬†Early reports forecast about 10-15 MPH throughout the four days of scheduled play. It wasn't enough for me to do anything outlandish in my model past the seven or eight percent that I used, but Texas gusts are usually prevalent, and I preferred looking at the results of my data from a broad sense over trying to guess weekend tee times for the field. That doesn't do us any good outside of daily contests, and we can always add more to this category if anything changes.
  • SG: Total Over 7,400 Yards (10%) -¬†Memorial Park is a long Par 70, with five par-fours stretching between 490 to 529 yards. The ability to find fairways will be critical since the width of this course is 3.1 yards more narrow than average, and I always like using this category to highlight similarities between properties at their most basic level. Sure, there are some issues when comparing different setups, even if the length directly intertwines, but the ability to use outside-of-the-box derivatives that many users won't consider during their research is worth the risk since nothing indicates we can't dive deeper into the examples we have on hand. For that reason, I condensed the totals down even further to include only Par 70 venues that stretched over 7,400 yards, and I made sure each track had five or more par-four holes over 490 yards. That was the best way to ensure we got the most out of the information.¬†
  • Weighted Par-Three (7.5%) -¬†I compared around the green and mid-to-long iron play to overall birdie or better percentage. Essentially, I wanted the proximity ranges players will face for the week and then used that information to extrapolate the data and project scores on these five holes daily.
  • Weighted Par-Four (10%) - The easiest par-fours will be the 406-yard 13th and 440-yard fifth. Each will feature a 22% to 27.6% birdie or better percentage, but the difficulty ramps up from there, where we see five of the six most challenging holes take place between 490 to 529 yards.
  • Par-Five Birdie or Better (17.5%) -¬†Even though we only have three par-fives, the average production for top-10 finishers combines to be about 0.04 strokes below the other 15 holes in expected strokes gained for high-end golfers on the leaderboard. That suggests these three situations are as critical to success as everything else players will face daily.
  • Weighted Total Scoring (7.5%) -¬†Consider this the most basic category of the mix. I took birdie or better percentage for each player and blended that in with my two-year bogey avoidance returns at a 55/45 split.


Outright Options To Consider - Houston Open

It is one of those tournaments where books are trying to push bettors away from the top of the board by giving us increased hold percentages. That is a fancy way of saying the high-end golfers have seen too much reduction in their odds to warrant making them long-term value plays, and it provides a headache from a betting sense when the implied probability given exceeds the projected win equity of my model.

Options like Scottie Scheffler, Sam Burns and Aaron Wise should be your legitimate favorites to capture the title, but the 31.31% implied win probability for the event that casinos have attached to that trio is where the problem enters the mix. In theory, the remaining 130+ golfers should have a 68.69% win rate, and that is before we even get to the other names near the top of Tony Finau, Hideki Matsuyama, Russell Henley, Taylor Montgomery and Maverick McNealy - five golfers that carry an additional 22%. Let's talk a little about what that means in an easier-to-understand sense and see if we can do anything to combat a board that is set against us finding success.

Essentially, every wager you make has somewhere between a zero to 100 percent expected win rate, but the actual hold percentage refers to the portion of the money the house keeps for every dollar wagered. I am running this through a limited sample size of books, but the 150.11% hold percentage for the week suggests that your average shop is taking in an extra 50.11% upfront. An increase is to be expected to allow shops to have their built-in edge, but it becomes challenging when it gets enhanced at the very top of a board and mimics my thoughts of who the favorites are for the week. That is only sometimes the case with how I reconstruct my model, but the nearly 25% win equity return that I have for Scheffler, Burns and Wise indicates we are 6.31% below what the casino deemed proper. That isn't going to be enough when each contributes to that discrepancy, and while I love Wise's potential to win this event, I would still need closer to 20/1 to pull the trigger.

Remember, it is a 52-week season, and we aren't required to force action when it isn't conducive. I am going into this week with the mindset that we are missing out on the most likely group of winners by taking a more cautious approach to help facilitate our long-term edge, but the nature of the board does naturally decrease any advantage that we are hoping to find.


Jason Day (33/1) BetMGM

We can harp on the lack of value throughout the entire board, or we can get unique in our research, which is what I did to make Jason Day an intriguing value for us to consider this weekend at the Houston Open.

Day's resurgence to begin the 2022-2023 season hasn't gone unnoticed by my model, but the long-term duration I use to run my information does hurt his upside when we get technical, something I decided to handle myself when I went in and removed the two-year running data that I operate for every golfer. It is important to stress that hand-controlling the metrics for individual players will always be a dangerous game to play, but the historical profile of the Australian does indicate that he was a major championship winner that ascended to world number one when providing his very best. It felt irresponsible to view his form at the most rudimentary level, especially considering injuries ravaged his career for a few seasons and helped to forge a statistical depiction that might not hold accuracy anymore if his health has turned around.

Look, I am not unequivocally saying Day is back, although the metrics would bear fruit to that statement being factual. The 34-year-old ranks first in my model from an upside perspective on long courses over 7,400 yards, and his three straight top-21 finishes would be the first time he has accomplished that feat since the 2020 season. All of that makes me bullish in taking a stance at this 33/1 price tag if the form has returned to any semblance of what he is capable of as a player, and in gambling, you need to trust your math if you want to be successful. I had this adequately priced at closer to 25/1, generating eight points of value on a golfer that has shown tangible win equity in the past.


Taylor Pendrith (60/1) Bet365

We have nine golfers in this field ranked inside the top 30 for all three critical scoring metrics that I reweighed for the Houston Open. The majority will end up being your expected favorites in Scottie Scheffler, Tony Finau, Aaron Wise, Taylor Montgomery, Hideki Matsuyama, Sam Burns and Jason Day, but there are two outliers to the mix that we will get to over these subsequent two recommendations.

The first is Taylor Pendrith, who has an eclectic profile that shows high-end potential because of his total driving and projected scoring, but it wouldn't be an accurate depiction of a 60/1 golfer if we didn't highlight his tumultuous short game, two areas where he ranks outside of the top 50 when it comes to Bermuda putting and strokes gained around the green.

In fairness, those flaws feel common when talking about a longshot that isn't a perfect stylistic fit for the course, but my model had the Canadian priced closer to 48/1 because of his quality returns in multiple avenues of my sheet. Pendrith's combination of how he ranked in par-four and par-five scoring placed him sixth in this field, and his recent improvement with his irons boosted him up 33 spots above his baseline projection over his last 24 rounds.


Keith Mitchell (70/1) Bet365

Of golfers listed better than 150/1 on the slate, only Gary Woodland has a more extreme trajectory in my model when comparing upside versus safety than Keith Mitchell. That means the potential win equity alone should make us consider choices like Woodland and Mitchell when making a futures wager, even if the bottom-end performances are producing exceptionally high missed cut percentages for the week. I wouldn't consider that a bad thing in the outright market since a second-place finish is as good as a missed cut, but I bring it up to let everyone know that the scope of how this wager performs will be drastic in its approximation.

Mitchell ranks first in this field in total driving geared toward accuracy, a metric that molds nicely next to his sixth-place grade in strokes gained on Bermuda over the past two years, and his wind expertise is notable since it provides another top 10 mark for us to use for the week.

It has been five months since Mitchell cracked the first page of the leaderboard on Sunday evening, but the long-term expectation out of Memorial Park that my model believes is there for the American is noteworthy from an upside sense. His 32-spot improvement in weighted proximity has my model showing the 30-year-old as a top 10 win equity choice on the board, and his 70/1 outright price offers value with him placing him 26th out of 132 golfers in what is being presented in the space.


Dean Burmester (80/1) Bet365

I had to reduce some of Dean Burmester's metrics across the board to make them more realistic since the limited sample size of information that we have on the rookie is propelling him up my model at an alarming rate, but the biggest takeaway that I found while doing that is how his Bermuda putting and overall scoring numbers held steady in all iterations of my sheet.

Burmester ranked first in birdie or better percentage and bogey avoidance, and even when I drastically shifted his data to get away from that output, it was still nearly impossible to remove him from the top of those areas because of his strong returns to begin the season.

It is a very similar thought process that we just talked about with Jason Day on the opposite end of the spectrum, but if 15% reduction marks can't expel him from the top 10 of my model, I feel like I would be doing a disservice by taking a more assertive stance than that when I haven't regressed totals by more than 15 percent in the past five years of running my model.

In theory, we can only do so much to discredit Burmester's projections, which means we must trust what the model is telling us at some point. If we were talking about a 20/1 golfer, I would be more hesitant, but the fact that it is an 80/1 price suggests that we shoot for the stars on a limited information profile and hope that my sheet has figured something out over the rest of the industry.


Sebastian Munoz (80/1) Bet365

I worry Sebastian Munoz might lack the high-end results needed to win this event, but consider this a number grab that allows us to gain 10 points of value.

My projection for the Columbian in the first-round leader market is one that we will get into later this week because that feels like the optimal path to realize the full potential of his upside, but Munoz does his best work with his driver, par-four scoring and play in windy conditions, and the hope here is that gusts turn this into a much more penal contest than what we see currently projected in the forecast.


Options That Barely Missed: Aaron Wise (18/1)

Let's try to become invested on Thursday night if Wise gets off to a slow start since we have more than enough room to jump back into the mix after risking only 0.67 units pre-event. Usually, I try to keep things under 1.25 units, meaning any opening can still be attacked by us throughout the event. 


Golfer Odds Risk Win
Jason Day 33 0.24 7.92
Taylor Pendrith 60 0.13 7.8
Keith Mitchell 70 0.11 7.7
Dean Burmester 80 0.095 7.6
Sebastian Munoz 80 0.095 7.6


There has been a lot of movement this week. It is hard to do a real article and avoid some of these shifts in price, but here is where you can still find some similar prices if you shop around:

Pendrith 50/1 - BetMGM & DraftKings (I am fine with this price).
Day 28/1 - BetMGM (It was mostly a number grab at 33/1. That is a play I mentioned on Twitter yesterday).
Mitchell 60/1 - FanDuel (No issues with the new price. I had under 50/1 as proper).
Munoz 70/1 BetMGM- Ehh. That is what I had as proper, but I am going to keep it for tracking since I don't want to lose a play from the article.
Burmester 66/1 BetMGM - I had 50/1 as proper.

I am going to keep the Day price since I tweeted it yesterday, but I have no issue using this for the week when it comes to tracking. It is essentially a 0.08-unit shift between where the numbers were and where they are now to get to where we were. I wouldn't worry too much about having to add an extra tenth of a unit here and there!


Odds Risk Win
Jason Day 33 0.24 7.92
Taylor Pendrith 50 0.155 7.75
Keith Mitchell 60 0.13 7.8
Dean Burmester 66 0.115 7.59
Sebastian Munoz 70 0.11 7.7


First-Round Leader

Odds Risk Win
Adam Long 80 0.04 3.2
Aaron Wise 31 0.1 3.1
Sebastian Munoz 60 0.05 3
Keith Mitchell 55 0.05 2.75
Dean Burmester 85 0.03 2.55
Davis Riley 50 0.06 3


Top-40 Market 

Davis Thompson T40 +150 BetRivers, -110 FanDuel, +110 DraftKings

  • We have a limited sample size of information, but Davis Thompson has blown away any outlook we could have imagined to begin his career.¬†
  • Two top-12 finishes since the Fortinet in three attempts this season, and his GIR rank in my model places him first overall.¬†
  • You could say there are some concerns about weighted proximity or his projected par-four scoring, but we don't have to look any further than most of the prices listed in the space for him to come top 40 to realize +150 is too high for the week.¬†
  • I will bet on the quality results he has shown us over the past two months and take the 50 points of value BetRivers is offering at his inflated price tag.¬†


Alex Smalley T40 +165 FanDuel, -110 Betrivers, -110 DraftKings


Golfer Odds Risk Win
Davis Thompson 1.5 0.6 0.9
Alex Smalley 1.65 0.6 0.99

Head-to-Head Play of the Week 



Standard Matchups

Davis Riley -111 over Mackenzie Hughes (BetMGM)

It feels like a spot where Mackenzie Hughes' course history and current form are both severely boosting his projection in the market. That is something we need to be aware of from a betting perspective, but books have overreacted to his recent run, providing us a chance to take him on with a golfer like Davis Riley, who my model believes is a top 25 caliber player in this field in all iterations.

Hughes' recent iron play could prove to be a problem when we look at his 90th-place mark for weighted proximity and 110th-place grade for GIR percentage, and it doesn't help that his total driving ranks 102nd in this field when I recalculated the data to fit Memorial Park. I will do a standard one-unit play here since course history has no impact on future results at this track, but for all the head-to-head wagers we have hit over the past few weeks, this is my lowest ranked of the mix. It doesn't mean it won't win since there is still an opportunity to take on Hughes at what my model deems proper, but I would temper expectations some since I only have about a 3% implied probability edge. That means that anything up to about -124 would still show value.

I know that is a very negative stance on a wager I am taking, and I don't mean for it to be since there is still value on the surface, but these head-to-head wagers are typically something I don't release unless I have a 30-point advantage. It is one of the reasons I have been able to hit at over a 60% clip through 700 plays, but be aware there might not be as much strength here as you would typically get on a wager of mine in this market.


2022 Top Head-to-Head Record (11-5-0)

+6.96 Units Year-To-Date From Premium H2H Bets

H2H Bet
Risk Units W L T TP Percentage Profit/Loss
21.73 11 5 0 16 68.75% 6.96
BMW Championship Taylor Pendrith -110 over J.T. Poston 1.44 1 1 1.31
Rocket Mortgage Cameron Davis -120 over Kevin Kisner 1.44 1 1 1.2
Open Championship Tommy Fleetwood -118 over Tyrrell Hatton 1.30 1 1 1.1
Travelers Brendan Steele -115 over Denny McCarthy 1.45 1 1 1.26
U.S. Open Aaron Wise -105 over Davis Riley 1.40 1 1 1.33
RBC Canadian Open Aaron Rai -112 over Hank Lebioda 1.40 1 1 1.25
Memorial Sungjae Im -136 over Davis Riley 1.36 1 1 1
PGA Championship Chris Kirk -120 over Kevin Kisner 1.44 1 1 1.36
Byron Nelson Patton Kizzire -110 over Kevin Kisner 1.40 1 1 1.27
RBC Heritage Ian Poulter -110 over Cameron Young 1.30 1 1 -1.3
Valero Keegan Bradley -110 over Jason Day 1.30 1 1 1.18
Valero Sahith Theegala +102 over Ryan Palmer 1.30 1 1 -1.3
API Sergio Garcia -110 over Tommy Fleetwood 1.30 1 1 -1.3
Honda Classic Jhonattan Vegas -115 over Mito Periera 1.30 1 1 -1.3
Genesis Cameron Smith -115 over Viktor Hovland 1.35 1 1 -1.35
Waste Management Keegan Bradley +100 over Pat Perez 1.25 1 1 1.25

Year-To-Date Pre-Tournament Head-To-Head Results (46-25-5)

+17.64 Units Year-To-Date From Pre-Tournament H2H Bets

H2H Bet
Risk Units W L T TP Percentage Profit/Loss
85.60 46 25 5 71 64.79% 17.64
Mayakoba Aaron Rai -110 over Robby Shelton 1.10 1 1 1
CJ Cup Tommy Fleetwood -110 over Adam Hadwin 1.10 1 1 1
ZOZO K.H. Lee -110 over Lucas Herbert 1.10 1 0
Shriners Open Wyndham Clark +100 over Nick Taylor 1.00 1 0
Sanderson Farms Dean Burmester -120 over Aaron Rai 1.20 1 1 1
Fortinet Championship Rickie Fowler -110 over Joel Dahmen 1.10 1 1 1
Fortinet Championship Tom Hoge -120 over Chez Reavie 1.20 1 1 1
Fortinet Championship Patrick Rodgers -120 over Brendon Todd 1.20 1 1 -1.2
Fortinet Championship Gary Woodland -120 over Matt Kuchar 1.20 1 1 -1.2
Fortinet Championship Brendan Steele -127 over Denny McCarthy 1.27 1 1 -1.27
Tour Championship Billy Horschel -115 over Brian Harman 1.15 1 0
BMW Championship Shane Lowry +100 over Max Homa 1.00 1 1 1
BMW Championship Sungjae Im -120 over Collin Morikawa 1.20 1 1 1
BMW Championship Emiliano Grillo -110 over Denny McCarthy 1.10 1 1 1
BMW Championship Rory McIlroy -120 over Patrick Cantlay 1.20 1 1 -1.2
St. Jude Will Zalatoris -115 over Cameron Young 1.15 1 1 1
St. Jude Shane Lowry -120 over Tyrrell Hatton 1.20 1 1 -1.2
St. Jude Scottie Scheffler -120 over Justin Thomas 1.20 1 1 -1.2
Wyndham Championship
Brian Harman -110 over Denny McCarthy 1.10 1 1 1
Rocket Mortgage Adam Hadwin +100 over Denny McCarthy 1.00 1 1 1
Open Championship Tony Finau -125 over Louis Oosthuizen 1.25 1 1 1
Open Championship Tiger Woods +145 over Bryson DeChambeau 1.00 1 1 -1
Travelers Aaron Wise -105 over Davis Riley 1.05 1 1 -1.05
U.S. Open Aaron Wise -105 over Cameron Young 1.05 1 1 1
U.S. Open Xander Schauffele -110 over Cameron Smith 1.10 1 1 1
U.S. Open Daniel Berger -110 over Billy Horschel 1.10 1 1 -1.1
U.S. Open Luke List -110 over K.H. Lee 1.10 1 1 -1.1
Memorial Rickie Fowler -110 over Stewart Cink 1.10 1 1 1
Charles Schwab Viktor Hovland -120 over Will Zalatoris 1.20 1 1 1
PGA Championship Tommy Fleetwood -120 over Maverick McNealy 1.20 1 1 1
PGA Championship Webb Simpson -110 over Marc Leishman 1.10 1 1 1
PGA Championship Rory McIlroy -135 over Viktor Hovland 1.35 1 1 1
PGA Championship Aaron Wise -110 over Jhonatthan Vegas 1.10 1 1 1
Byron Nelson Charles Howell III -120 over Nick Taylor 1.20 1 1 1
Byron Nelson Si Woo Kim -120 over Christian Bezuidenhout 1.20 1 1 -1.2
Wells Fargo Cameron Davis -120 over Dylan Frittelli 1.20 1 1 -1.2
Mexico Open Charles Howell +100 over Brendon Todd 1.00 1 1 1
Mexico Open Anirban Lahiri -115 over Andrew Putnam 1.15 1 1 1
Mexico Open Alex Smalley -115 over Greyson Sigg 1.15 1 1 1
Mexico Open Patrick Rodgers -110 over David Lipsky 1.10 1 1 -1.1
RBC Heritage Tommy Fleetwood +100 over Jason Kokrak 1.00 1 1 1
RBC Heritage Tom Hoge -120 over Mito Pereira 1.20 1 1 -1.2
RBC Heritage Charles Howell III -110 over Mackenzie Hughes 1.10 1 1 1
RBC Heritage Erik Van Rooyen -110 over Dylan Frittelli 1.10 1 1 1
Masters Rory Group Winner +330 0.35 1 1 1.16
Masters Rory McIlroy -120 over Collin Morikawa 1.20 1 1 1
Masters Cam Young -110 over Luke List 1.10 1 1 -1.1
Masters Tommy Fleetwood -110 over Bubba Watson 1.10 1 1 1
Valero Jordan Spieth -102 over Hideki Matsuyama 1.02 1 1 1
Valspar Joel Dahmen -112 over CT Pan 1.12 1 1 1
Valspar Jason Kokrak -118 over Gary Woodland 1.18 1 1 -1.18
Valspar Alex Noren -120 over Jason Day 1.20 1 1 1
Valspar Mito Periera -120 over Francesco Molianri 1.20 1 1 1
Valspar Pat Perez -120 over Carlos Ortiz 1.20 1 1 1
Players Daniel Berger -120 over Cameron Smith 1.20 1 1 -1.2
Players Brendon Todd -115 over Troy Merritt 1.15 1 1 -1.15
Players Paul Casey -110 over Gary Woodland 1.10 1 1 1
Players Russell Henley -110 over Max Homa 1.10 1 0
API Cam Young -120 over Tom Hoge 1.20 1 1 1
API Sahith Theegala -110 over Andrew Putnam 1.10 1 1 -1.1
Honda Classic Sepp Straka -127 over Dylan Frittelli 1.27 1 1 1
Genesis Jordan Spieth -105 over Brooks Koepka 1.05 1 1 1
Genesis Dustin Johnson -125 over Collin Morikawa 1.25 1 1 -1.25
Genesis Rory McIlroy -115 over Collin Morikawa 1.15 1 1 -1.15
Genesis Sahith Theegala -120 over Francesco Molinari 1.20 1 1 1
Waste Management Luke List -115 over Tony Finau 1.15 1 1 1
Farmers Insurance Talor Gooch -110 over Corey Conners 1.10 1 1 1
American Express K.H. Lee -105 over Michael Thompson 1.05 1 1 1
American Express Gary Woodland -115 over Cameron Champ 1.15 1 0
Sony Billy Horschel +110 over Seamus Power 1.00 1 1 -1
Sony Si Woo Kim +100 over Seamus Power 1.00 1 1 -1
Sentry Patrick Cantlay -108 over Viktor Hovland 1.08 1 1 1
Sentry Jon Rahm -127 over Viktor Hovland 1.27 1 1 1
Sentry Justin Thomas -132 over Viktor Hovland 1.32 1 1 1
Sentry Bryson DeChambeau -112 over Collin Morikawa 1.12 1 1 -1.12
Sentry Jordan Spieth -105 over Hideki Matsuyama 1.05 1 1 -1.05

2022 In-Tournament Head-to-Head Record (74-44-14)

+24.93 Units Year-To-Date From Premium In-Tournament H2H Bets

H2H Bet
Risk Units W L T TP Percentage Profit/Loss
150.51 74 44 14 118 62.71% 24.93
Mayakoba Jason Day -120 over Nick Hardy (R4) 1.2 1 0
Mayakoba Martin Laird -145 over Harry Higgers (R3) 1.45 1 0
Mayakoba J.T. Poston -110 over Cameron Champ (R1) 1.1 1 1 1
Bermuda Scott Brown -110 over Fabian Gomez (R3) 1.1 1 1 -1.1
Bermuda Alex Smalley -120 over Byeong Hun An (R1) 1.2 1 0
Bermuda Seamus Power -125 over Nick Taylor (R1) 1.25 1 1 1
CJ Cup Aaron Wise -120 over Maverick McNealy (R4) 1.2 1 1 1
CJ Cup Brian Harman -110 over Andrew Putnam (R3) 1.1 1 1 1
CJ Cup Matthew Fitzpatrick -135 over Maverick McNealy (R3) 1.35 1 1 -1.35
CJ Cup Corey Conners -110 over Andrew Putnam (R2) 1.1 1 0
CJ Cup Si Woo Kim -105 over Jason Day (R2) 1.05 1 1 -1.05
CJ Cup Corey Conners -120 over Andrew Putnam (R1) 1.2 1 1 -1.2
ZOZO Championship Sungjae Im -120 over Tom Kim (R1) 1.2 1 1 -1.2
Shriners Open Taylor Pendrith -120 over Mverick McNealy (R4) 1.2 1 1 -1.2
Shriners Open Taylor Pendrith -110 over Rickie Fowler (R2) 1.1 1 1 1
Sanderson Farms Sam Burns -125 over Denny McCarthy (R4) 1.25 1 1 1
Sanderson Farms Nick Hardy -118 over S.H. Kim (R4) 1.18 1 1 1
Sanderson Farms Kevin Streelman -110 over Nick Taylor (R3) 1.1 1 1 -1.1
Sanderson Farms Stephan Jaeger -105 over Stewart Cink (R2) 1.05 1 1 1
Sanderson Farms Chesson Hadley -120 over Henrik Norlander (R1) 1.2 1 1 1
Presidents Cup Christiaan Bezuidenhout +100 over Kevin Kisner (R5) 1 1 1 1
Presidents Cup Finau/Kisner -115 over Im/Munoz (R4) 1.15 1 1 -1.15
Presidents Cup Davis/Scott +165 over Spieth/Thomas (R2) 0.8 1 1 -0.8
Presidents Cup Day 1 Winner Team USA -195 (R1) 1.25 1 1 0.64
Fortinet Championship Rickie Fowler -110 over Mackenzie Hughes (R4) 1.1 1 1 1
Fortinet Championship Rickie Fowler -114 over Matthias Schwab (R3) 1.14 1 1 1
Fortinet Championship Adam Svensson -105 over Zac Blair (R3) 1.05 1 1 1
Tour Championship Sungjae Im -115 over Joaquin Niemann (R3) 1.15 1 1 1
Tour Championship Tom Hoge -115 over Sepp Straka (R2) 1.15 1 1 1
Tour Championship Aaron Wise -110 over Sahith Theegala (R1) 1.44 1 1 1.31
BMW Championship Will Zalatoris -110 over Sam Burns (R3) 1.1 1 1 -1.1
BMW Championship Russell Henley -110 over Tyrrell Hatton (R3) 1.1 1 1 -1.1
BMW Championship Sungjae Im -110 over Sam Burns (R2) 1.1 1 0
BMW Championship Taylor Pendrith -118 over Marc Leishman (R2) 1.18 1 1 1
BMW Championship Brendan Steele -110 over Matt Kuchar (R1) 1.1 1 1 -1.1
St. Jude Hayden Buckley -110 over Dylan Frittelli (R3) 1.1 1 1 1
St. Jude Max Homa -120 over J.T. Poston (R2) 1.2 1 1 1
St. Jude Scottier Scheffler -115 over Cameron Smith (R1) 1.15 1 1 -1.15
Wyndham Sungjae Im -125 over Will Zalatoris (R2) 1.25 1 1 -1.25
Wyndham Sungjae Im -115 over Will Zalatoris (R1) 1.15 1 1 1
Rocket Mortgage Sam Ryder -110 over Zach Johnson (R3) 1.1 1 1 -1.1
Rocket Mortgage Cameron Tringale -120 over Kevin Kisner (R2) 1.2 1 1 1
Rocket Mortgage Cameron Tringale -105 over Kevin Kisner (R1) 1.05 1 1 1
3M Open James Hahn -110 over Danny Willett (R4) 1.1 1 1 1
3M Open Doug Ghim -115 over Brice Garnett (R3) 1.15 1 1 1
3M Open Tom Hoge -120 over Dylan Frittelli (R2) 1.2 1 1 1
3M Open Emiliano Grillo -110 over Cameron Champ (R1) 1.1 1 1 1
3M Open Tom Hoge +105 over Dylan Frittelli (R1) 1 1 1 1.05
Scottish Sungjae Im -110 over Ryan Fox (R2) 1.1 1 1 -1.1
Scottish Sungjae Im -110 over Ryan Fox (R1) 1.1 1 1 -1.1
Travelers Aaron Rai -110 over Maverick McNealy (R2) 1.1 1 1 1
Travelers Aaron Rai -129 over Wyndham Clark (R1) 1.29 1 1 -1.29
U.S. Open Scottie Scheffler -115 over Jon Rahm (R4) 1.15 1 1 1
U.S. Open Hideki Matsuyama -115 over Billy Horschel (R2) 1.15 1 1 1
U.S. Open Talor Gooch -120 over Kevin Na (R2) 1.2 1 1 -1.2
U.S. Open Hideki Matsuyama -115 over Billy Horschel (R1) 1.15 1 1 1
RBC Canadian Open Emiliano Grillo +115 over Brendon Todd (R4) 1 1 1 -1
RBC Canadian Open Ryan Armour -120 over Matt Wallace (R3) 1.2 1 1 1
RBC Canadian Open Tyler Duncan +100 over Robert Streb (R3) 1 1 1 1
RBC Canadian Open Stephan Jaeger -115 over Rasmus Hojgaard (R2) 1.15 1 1 -1.15
RBC Canadian Open Brice Garnett +100 over Matt Wallace (R2) 1 1 1 -1
Memorial Charles Howell III -120 over Beau Hossler (R4) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Memorial Corey Conners -+150 over Jon Rahm (R3) 1 1 1 -1.00
Memorial Marc Leishman -105 over K.H. Lee (R1) 1.05 1 1 -1.05
Charles Schwab Lucas Glover +100 over Denny McCarthy (R4) 1 1 1 -1.00
Charles Schwab Lucas Glover -110 over Nick Taylor (R3) 1.1 1 1 1.00
Charles Schwab Sam Burns -105 over Talor Gooch (R2) 1.05 1 1 1.00
Charles Schwab Joel Dahmen -125 over Talor Moore (R2) 1.25 1 1 1.00
Charles Schwab Davis Riley -120 over Denny McCarthy (R2) 1.2 1 1 1.00
PGA Championship Kramer Hickok +145 over Francesco Molinari (R4) 1 1 1 -1.00
PGA Championship Louis Oosthuizen +100 over Billy Horschel (R3) 1 1 1 1.00
Byron Nelson Adam Scott -115 over Dylan Frittelli (R4) 1.15 1 1 1.00
Byron Nelson Lanto Griffin -110 over Matthias Schwab (R3) 1.1 1 1 1.00
Byron Nelson Adam Scott -115 over Davis Riley (R3) 1.2 1 1 -1.15
Byron Nelson Alex Noren -110 over Christian Bezuidenhout (R3) 1.1 1 1 -1.10
Byron Nelson Aaron Wise -125 over Ian Poulter (R2) 1.3 1 0.00
Byron Nelson Sahith Theegala -110 over Taylor Moore (R1) 1.1 1 0.00
Wells Fargo Kurt Kitayama -120 over Adam Schenk (R4) 1.2 1 1 -1.20
Wells Fargo Austin Smotherman -120 over Kevin Chappell (R3) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Wells Fargo Max Homa -115 over Jason Day (R2) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Wells Fargo Brian Harman -105 over Troy Merritt (R2) 1.1 1 1 1.00
Wells Fargo Lucas Glover -120 over Zach Johnson (R1) 1.2 1 1 -1.20
RBC Heritage Tom Hoge -120 over Mackenzie Hughes (R2) 1.2 1 1 1.00
RBC Heritage Alex Noren -115 over Ian Poulter (R2) 1.2 1 1 -1.15
RBC Heritage J.J. Spaun -110 over Luke List (R1) 1.1 1 1 1.00
Masters Tony Finau -110 over Sergio Garcia (R4) 1.1 1 1 -1.10
Masters Robert McIntyre -125 over Lee Westwood (R3) 1.3 1 1 -1.25
Masters Harry Higgs -105 over Hudson Swafford (R3) 1.1 1 0.00
Masters Tyrrell Hatton +140 over Jon Rahm (R3) 1.0 1 1 -1.00
Masters Rory McIlroy -120 over Brooks Koepka (R2) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Masters Tyrrell Hatton -120 over Billy Horschel (R2) 1.2 1 1 -1.20
Masters Patrick Reed -120 over Lee Westwood (R2) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Masters Dustin Johnson -120 over Collin Morikawa (R1) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Valspar Adam Svensson -115 over Grayson Sigg (R4) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Valspar Sahith Theegala -115 over Brice Garnett (R3) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Valspar Stewart Cink -110 over Brice Garnett (R2) 1.1 1 1 1.00
Valspar Aaron Wise -105 over Mackenzie Hughes (R2) 1.1 1 1 -1.05
Valspar Aaron Wise -105 over Mackenzie Hughes (R1) 1.1 1 1 1.00
Valspar Brian Harman -110 over Bernd Wiesberger (R1) 1.1 1 1 1.00
API Adam Schenk -125 over Stephan Jaeger (R3) 1.3 1 1 -1.25
API Maverick McNealy -110 over Tommy Fleetwood (R2) 1.1 1 1 -1.10
API Cam Young -120 over Taylor Pendrith (R1) 1.2 1 1 1.00
API Gary Woodland -110 over K.H. Lee (R1) 1.1 1 0.00
API Ian Poulter -120 over Andrew Putnam (R1) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Honda Classic Nick Taylor -120 over Kevin Tway (R2) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Honda Classic Sepp Straka -115 over Vincent Whaley (R1) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Genesis Rickie Fowler -115 over Harry Higgs (R4) 1.2 1 0.00
Genesis Carlos Ortiz -115 over Francesco Molinari (R3) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Genesis Adam Hadwin -120 over Scott Stallings (R2) 1.2 1 1 -1.20
Genesis Paul Casey -110 over Abraham Ancer (R1) 1.1 1 1 1.00
Genesis Russell Henley -110 over Corey Conners (R1) 1.1 1 0.00
Waste Management Luke List -120 over Francesco Molinari (R4) 1.2 1 1 -1.20
Waste Management Max Homa -115 over Kevin Kisner (R3) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Waste Management Brooks Koepka -120 over Gary Woodland (R2) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Waste Management Matthew Fitzpatrick -120 over Aaron Wise (R1) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Pebble Beach Russell Knox -115 over Brendon Todd (R2) 1.2 1 0.00
Pebble Beach Jason Day -110 over Matthew Fitzpatrick (R1) 1.1 1 1 1.00
Farmers Insurance Joaquin Niemann -110 over Billy Horschel (R3) 1.1 1 1 -1.10
Farmers Insurance Matt Jones -110 over Hudson Swafford (R1) 1.1 1 1 -1.10
Sony Keegan Bradley -120 over Hayden Buckley (R4) 1.2 1 0.00
Sony Adam Svensson +165 over Seamus Power (R4) 0.8 1 1 -0.80
Sony Hayden Buckley -118 over Vincent Whaley (R3) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Sony Corey Conners -125 over Seamus Power (R2) 1.3 1 1 1.00
Sony Keegan Bradley -110 over Harry Higgs (R2) 1.1 1 1 1.00
Sony Michael Thompson +112 over Erik Van Rooyen (R1) 1.0 1 1 1.12
Sony Keegan Bradley -115 over Harry Higgs (R1) 1.0 1 0.00
Sentry Abraham Ancer -145 over Branden Grace (R4) 1.5 1 1 -1.45
Sentry Sungjae Im -115 over Hideki Matsuyama (R3) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Sentry Marc Leishman -130 over Lucas Herbert (R2) 1.3 1 1 1.00
Sentry Lucas Herbert -115 over Matt Jones (R1) 1.2 1 1 1.00
Sentry Patrick Cantlay -135 over Harris English (R1) 1.4 1 1 1.00
Sentry Brooks Koepka +125 over Viktor Hovland (R1) 1.0 1 1 1.25

2022 Bets That Have Finished Inside The Top-10

Player Event Odds Finish Position
Sam Burns Charles Schwab 90 1
Joaquin Niemann Genesis Invitational 75 1
Scottie Scheffler Waste Management 30 1
Will Zalatoris St. Jude 28 1
Russell Henley Mayakoba 50 1
Viktor Hovland Arnold Palmer 18 2
Rory McIlroy Masters 22 2
Tony Finau Mexico Open 25 2
Jordan Spieth Pebble Beach 22 2
Matt Jones Valero 130 2
Tony Finau RBC Canadian Open 30 2
Sungjae Im 3M Open 25 2
Sungjae Im Tour Championship 22 2
Brian Harman Mayakoba 40 2
Jason Day Farmers Insurance 110 3
Corey Conners Match Play Rollover 3
Cam Davis RBC Heritage 180 3
Xander Schauffele Waste Management 16 3
Joaquin Niemann Memorial 75 3
Scottie Scheffler BMW Championship 18 3
Kevin Yu Bermuda 110 3
Patrick Rodgers Bermuda 30 3
Daniel Berger Honda Classic 16 4
Troy Merritt Valero 100 4
Tom Hoge 3M Open 80 4
Dean Burmester Sanderson Farms 65 4
Tommy Fleetwood CJ Cup 80 4
Justin Thomas Byron Nelson 14 5
Ryan Palmer Byron Nelson 120 5
Brooks Koepka Match Play Rollover 5
Matthew Fitzpatrick PGA Championship 50 5
Tommy Fleetwood PGA Championship 110 5
Daniel Berger Memorial 60 5
Russell Henley Wyndham 22 5
Corey Conners BMW Championship 50 5
Mark Hubbard Sanderson Farms 110 5
Justin Thomas Genesis Invitational 16 6
Alex Smalley Mexico Open 90 6
Billy Horschel Waste Management 66 6
Dustin Johnson Open 40 6
Aaron Wise Tour Championship 45 6
Aaron Wise CJ Cup 65 6
Kevin Na Charles Schwab 60 7
Chris Kirk Honda Classic 70 7
Callum Tarren 3M Open 130 7
Rory McIlroy PGA Championship 18 8
Patrick Cantlay Open 33 8
Tyrrell Hatton Wyndham 60 8
Jon Rahm BMW Championship 14 8
Tyrrell Hatton Match Play Rollover 9
Brian Harman Wells Fargo 75 9
J.T. Poston Tour Championship 90 9
Erik Van Rooyen RBC Heritage 110 10
Tommy Fleetwood RBC Heritage 55 10
Keith Mitchell Waste Management 110 10
Sungjae Im Memorial 40 10

Yearly Record

2017 Golf Betting:
Top Head to Head Bets (10-2-2) +8.03 Units
Outright Winners (5)
Dustin Johnson Genesis Open (10/1)
Sergio Garcia Masters (50/1)
Brooks Koepka U.S. Open (45/1)
Justin Thomas PGA Championship (35/1)
Dustin Johnson Northern Trust (14/1)
Overall Units Won (+54.26) 194.24% ROI

2018 Golf Betting:
Top Head to Head Bets
(37-18-2) +26.64 Units
Outright Winners (6)
Phil Mickelson WGC-Mexico (22/1)
Bubba Watson WGC- Match Play (45/1)
Brooks Koepka U.S. Open In-Play Wager (14/1)
Dustin Johnson RBC Canadian Open (7/1)
Justin Thomas WGC-Bridgestone (30/1)
Matt Kuchar Mayakoba Golf Classic (66/1)
Overall Units Won (+55.88) 51.70% ROI

2019 Golf Betting:
Top Head to Head Bets
(16-8-2) +8.48 Units
Outright Winners (4)
Corey Conners Valero Texas Open (200/1)
Rory McIlroy RBC Canadian Open  (10/1)
Brooks Koepka WGC- St. Jude Classic (12/1)
Rory McIlroy Tour Championship (8/1)
Overall Units Won (+27.743) 40.70% ROI

2020 Golf Betting:
Top Head to Head Bets
(13-14-2) -1.46 Units
Outright Winners (5)
Bryson DeChambeau U.S. Open (33/1)
Dustin Johnson Travelers Championship (30/1)
Sungjae Im Honda Classic (35/1)
Patrick Reed WGC-Mexico (50/1)
Cameron Smith Sony Open (55/1)
Overall Units Won (+37.015) 20.21% ROI

2021 Golf Betting:
Top Head to Head Bets
(17-13-1) +1.97 Units
Outright Winners (10)
Daniel Berger Pebble Beach (18/1)
Max Homa Genesis Invitational (66/1)
Justin Thomas Players Championship (22/1)
Billy Horschel Match Play (150/1)
Cameron Davis Rocket Mortgage (150/1)
Seamus Power Barbasol Championship (20/1)
Kevin Kisner Wyndham Championship (40/1)
Tony Finau Northern Trust (60/1)
Patrick Cantlay BMW Championship (25/1)
Rory McIlroy CJ Cup (20/1)
Overall Units Won (+68.846) 14.22% ROI


Career Record (Excluding 2022 Season Results)

Top Head-to-Head Bets (93-55-9) +43.66 Units 
Other Head-to-Head Bets (81-88-9) -4.82 Units
In-Tournament Head-to-Head Bets (125-82-22) +26.27 Units 
Outright Winners (30)
Top 5s (Didn't Track in 2017)
2018 - 16
2019 - 26
2020 - 19
2021 - 32
Top 10s (Didn't Track in 2017)
2018 - 31
2019 - 41
2020 - 41
2021 - 60 


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Jaylen Waddle46 mins ago

Clears Concussion Protocol
Saquon Barkley56 mins ago

To Do Individual Work Thursday
Pablo López1 hour ago

Pablo Lopez To Start Game 1 Of Wild-Card Series
Carlos Correa1 hour ago

Won't Travel To Colorado
Bryce Jarvis2 hours ago

Serving As Opener For Arizona
Ryan Yarbrough2 hours ago

Starting On Thursday Versus Rockies
Francisco Lindor2 hours ago

Explodes In Doubleheader Split With Marlins
AJ Smith-Shawver2 hours ago

Recalled And Starting Thursday
Lourdes Gurriel Jr.2 hours ago

Returns For Diamondbacks
Jorge Polanco2 hours ago

Not Playing Thursday
Gus Edwards3 hours ago

No Longer In Concussion Protocol
Aaron Jones4 hours ago

Trending Toward Playing, May Be On A Snap Count
Christian Watson4 hours ago

Likely To Play, May Be Limited
David Montgomery4 hours ago

Expected To Play Thursday Night
John Klingberg5 hours ago

Forced To Exit Early Wednesday
Cole Perfetti5 hours ago

Under Evaluation After Taking Hit To The Head
Filip Zadina5 hours ago

Exits With Injury Wednesday
Mike Matheson6 hours ago

Misses Wednesday's Preseason Game With Injury
Roope Hintz6 hours ago

Unavailable Due To An Upper-Body Injury
Zach Whitecloud6 hours ago

Nursing Unspecified Injury
Kris Bryant13 hours ago

Has Been Under The Weather
Christian Watson15 hours ago

Expected To Play Thursday Night
Byron Buxton15 hours ago

Royce Lewis, Byron Buxton Take Part In Sim Game
Lourdes Gurriel Jr.15 hours ago

Could Return Thursday
Aaron Nola15 hours ago

Won't Pitch Again In Regular Season
Ronald Acu√Īa Jr.15 hours ago

Ronald Acuna Jr. Swipes 70th Bag Wednesday
Gerrit Cole16 hours ago

Dominates AL East Rival Wednesday
Tyler Glasnow16 hours ago

Stifles Red Sox Wednesday
Brandon Pfaadt16 hours ago

Delivers In Key Spot For D-backs Wednesday
Max Scherzer17 hours ago

Throws Light Bullpen
Derek Carr18 hours ago

No Practice For Derek Carr On Wednesday
Jerry Jeudy18 hours ago

Limited With Knee Injury
Golden State Warriors18 hours ago

Rudy Gay Signs Deal With Warriors
18 hours ago

Kobe Brown Healthy To Begin Training Camp
Bryce Young18 hours ago

On Track To Start In Week 4
Victor Oladipo18 hours ago

Won't Be Ready For Training Camp
Jerome Ford18 hours ago

Limited On Wednesday
Puka Nacua18 hours ago

Still Dealing With Oblique Injury
Miami Heat19 hours ago

R.J. Hampton Joins Heat On Two-Way Deal
James Conner19 hours ago

Dealing With Back Injury
Joe Burrow19 hours ago

Listed As Full Practice Participant
Kawhi Leonard19 hours ago

Paul George Healthy For Training Camp
Cooper Kupp19 hours ago

Rams Hoping Cooper Kupp Can Return In Week 5
Austin Ekeler19 hours ago

Returns To Practice
Christian Watson19 hours ago

Is Questionable For TNF
Corey Seager19 hours ago

To Play On Wednesday
Aaron Jones19 hours ago

Officially Questionable For TNF
Michael Brantley19 hours ago

Returning To The Lineup
Chas McCormick19 hours ago

Out Of The Lineup On Wednesday
Christopher Morel19 hours ago

Sitting Out On Wednesday
David Montgomery20 hours ago

Listed As Questionable Ahead Of TNF
Brandon Aiyuk20 hours ago

Logs A Limited Practice On Wednesday
Deebo Samuel20 hours ago

Does Not Practice Wednesday
Joel Edmundson21 hours ago

To Miss 4-6 Weeks With Hand Injury
Jordan Kyrou21 hours ago

Misses Practice Wednesday
Justin Faulk21 hours ago

Expected To Return To Practice Thursday
Josh Norris22 hours ago

Inching Towards Return
Jakob Pelletier22 hours ago

To Undergo Shoulder Surgery
Nassir Little22 hours ago

Keon Johnson Shipped To Suns
Dylan Gambrell22 hours ago

Suffers Concussion
Mikael Backlund22 hours ago

Signs Two-Year Extension With Flames
Grayson Allen22 hours ago

Headed To Phoenix
Jrue Holiday22 hours ago

Moved To Portland In Massive Swap
Jusuf Nurkic23 hours ago

Joining Suns In Three-Team Deal
Deandre Ayton23 hours ago

Portland Obtains Deandre Ayton In Huge Trade
Damian Lillard23 hours ago

Bucks Acquiring Damian Lillard In Blockbuster Trade
Blake Wheeler1 day ago

Makes Scoring Debut For Rangers
Alex DeBrincat1 day ago

Debuts For Red Wings With Two Assists
Kasperi Kapanen1 day ago

Battling Minor Upper-Body Injury
Justin Faulk1 day ago

Exits Preseason Contest With Injury
Cam Atkinson1 day ago

Dealing With A Lower-Body Problem
Joel Edmundson1 day ago

In Danger Of Missing Start Of Season
Damian Lillard2 days ago

Joining Heat Becoming "Unlikely"
Scottie Barnes2 days ago

"Not Available" In Trade Talks
Buddy Hield2 days ago

Pacers Want To Keep Buddy Hield
Chris Paul2 days ago

Steve Kerr Still Undecided On Chris Paul's Role
Ryan Preece2 days ago

Will Remain With Stewart-Haas Racing In 2024
Los Angeles Clippers2 days ago

Clippers, Brodric Thomas Agree To Exhibit 10 Deal
Tyler Herro2 days ago

Jazz, Bulls, Hornets, Nets All Interested In Tyler Herro
Ben Simmons2 days ago

Is '100 Percent Healthy' Entering Training Camp
2 days ago

Dereck Lively II Will Get The Chance To Start
Matt Ryan2 days ago

Timberwolves Ink Matt Ryan To Two-Way Deal
Torey Krug2 days ago

Expects To Be Ready For Season Opener
Filip Chytil2 days ago

Day-To-Day With Upper-Body Injury
Minnesota Timberwolves3 days ago

Trevor Keels Signs With Timberwolves
Rafael Fiziev3 days ago

Suffers Knee Injury To Cut Main Event Short
Rafael Fiziev3 days ago

Mateusz Gamrot Victorious After Rafael Fiziev Suffers Knee Injury
Michelle Waterson-Gomez3 days ago

Dominated In TKO Loss
AJ Fletcher3 days ago

Drops To 1-3 In The UFC
AJ Fletcher3 days ago

Bryan Battle Submits AJ Fletcher For Second Straight Finishing Win
Ryan Blaney3 days ago

Speeding Penalty Costs Him Big At Texas
William Byron3 days ago

Earns Sixth Win Of Season At Texas
Denny Hamlin3 days ago

Secures Third Straight Top-Five Finish At Texas
Tyler Reddick3 days ago

Late Wreck Ruins Tyler Reddick's Race At Texas
Chase Briscoe3 days ago

Delivers Big Value At Texas
Kyle Busch3 days ago

Championship Hopes Take Big Hit After Texas Wreck
Ross Chastain3 days ago

Overcomes Throttle Issue To Finish Second At Texas
NASCAR3 days ago

Bubba Wallace "Gave it Away" At Texas, Finishes Third
Chris Buescher3 days ago

Has Another Strong Points Day At Texas
Kyle Larson3 days ago

On Playoff Hot Seat After Wrecking At Texas
Ricardo Ramos4 days ago

Submitted Early At UFC Vegas 79
Charles Jourdain4 days ago

Extends Win Streak To Two
Marina Rodriguez4 days ago

Scores One-Sided TKO Win At UFC Vegas 79
Dan Ige4 days ago

Falls Short Against Another Top-10 Opponent
Bryce Mitchell4 days ago

Returns To Win Column At UFC Vegas 79
Brad Keselowski4 days ago

Feels Good About His Car at Texas
Tyler Reddick4 days ago

a Very Strong Option at Texas
Denny Hamlin4 days ago

Pegged as Favorite to Win at Texas
Carson Hocevar5 days ago

Looks Impressive Again at Texas
Zane Smith5 days ago

Slow In Practice and Qualifying at Texas
Todd Gilliland5 days ago

in Downgraded Equipment for Texas
Ryan Preece5 days ago

Will Start 25th At Texas
Chase Briscoe5 days ago

The Top Value Play On Sunday At Texas
Ricky Stenhouse Jr5 days ago

.'s Struggles At Texas To Continue This Weekend
Joey Logano5 days ago

Makes For A Nice Bounce Back Play At Texas