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Live Chat: Fantasy Baseball Advice (7/28) - Sabathia, Nava, Prado, Lawrie & More

The following are the transcripts from the RotoBaller Live Chat that took place on July 28th, 2013. Fellow RotoBaller Tyler Petagine talks fantasy baseball, waiver wire, trades and more with some readers.

As always, you can get some LIVE quick hit advice in RotoBaller’s fantasy baseball chat room. Let’s win some leagues!


17:47 Tyler Petagine -
late-night rotoballer here to offer advice! 12-1 let's go

17:47 Tyler Petagine -
anyone have any trade or propsect questions, let me know.

17:48Baller - Glynda
Yes, I do.. Some guy said he'll do CC and Freeman for Sale and a hitter which should I ask from.. from that group of 5.. probably can't get alvarez.

17:48 Tyler Petagine -
glynda- you'd be receiving sale?17:48Baller - Glynda

17:48 Tyler Petagine -
i think it's a fair deal, is this for h2h or roto

17:49Baller - Richie
I would take a risk on Kemp Glynda

17:49Baller - Glynda
h2h espn.. but what hitter should I ask for

17:49 Tyler Petagine -
i think dealing the 2 for sale is worth it in roto

17:49 Tyler Petagine -
sabathia is a peripheral killer right now, and freeman isnt quite an elite option

17:49Baller - Miles
Hey Tyler, what are your thoughts on Brad Miller. Seems to have some hype but only one good week. I have him in a H2 pts league.

17:50 Tyler Petagine -
glynda- who are the owner's hitters?

17:50Baller - Glynda
He would possibly give up Eric young Jr, Leonys Martin,

17:50Baller - Glynda
maybe Chase Utley doubt it

17:50 Tyler Petagine -
miles- i think with the emergence of dustin ackley, he could get dropped in the batting order, if he doesn't keep producing.

17:51 Tyler Petagine -
also, franklin has been playing lights out- so miller has a lot of competition, but he should still get everyday ab's ros.

17:52Baller - Miles
I agree. Thinking of dropping him. But not sure who to replace him with. Looking at guys like Crawford, Drew, Beckham,

17:52 Tyler Petagine -
gylnda- stay away from young at the moment, bc his injury status is still not known. so, i'd take martin of the 2. but try to target a better player if you can to go along with sale.

17:53Baller - Jeanine
U guys like lawrie hill or lucroy at util ROS?

17:53 Tyler Petagine -
miles- what position is miller currently being used at, on your team?

17:53Baller - Richie
Hey Tyler

17:53Baller - Richie
do you like Hamels or CC long term

17:53 Tyler Petagine -
jeanine- still go with lawrie, despite the injury risk.

17:54Baller - Miles
I have him at MI. I have Jed Lowrie at SS, Kipnis at 2nd. Waiver wire is pretty sllim

17:54 Tyler Petagine -
hey richie, how's it going? late-night rotoballer tyler here; i'll be live chatting until 1 a.m. est. i go until 2 on weekdays.

17:55Baller - Jeanine
even with hill starting to hit I kno he got hurt today though

17:55 Tyler Petagine -
richie- i like hamels over cc

17:55Baller - Richie

17:56Baller - Gregorio
I like hamels over CC by a wide margin

17:56 Tyler Petagine -
richie- cc doesn't have the same velocity as in year's past and he plays in a tougher hitting division.

17:56Baller - Richie

17:56Baller - Richie

17:56 Tyler Petagine -
miles- pretty weak options there, any other alternatives. maybe you should give ackley a shot.

17:57Baller - Miles
I can grab Ackley.

17:58Baller - Miles
one more, Zac McAllister a viable match up option in a 12 h2h pts league? I struggle grabbing these young guys.

17:58Baller - Jeanine
u think lawrie gets moved up in order now that hes hitting

17:59 Tyler Petagine -
miles- if it's a weekly league, i'd stay away from mcallister.

17:59 Tyler Petagine -
jeanine- i think he could get moved up a few spots; the 6th spot at best if i had to predict.

18:00 Tyler Petagine -
miles- i like ackley as a 12-team league pickup, for needy-middle infield owners. might as well use him while he's hot.

18:00Baller - Jillian
Tyler what do you think of trading Beltre, Austin Jackson and Prado for Freeman, Matt Moore and Bourn? I would be giving away Beltre who isnt Keepable but the side I would be getting are all keepable

18:01 Tyler Petagine -
he's currently batting 7th in the order, so he doesn't have great counting stats potential. but the seattle offense has been on fire lately, so worth a gamble.

18:01 Tyler Petagine -
jillian- h2h or roto?

18:01Baller - Jillian

18:02Baller - Jillian
my picthing is terrible that is why im trying to get moore

18:02Baller - Jillian

18:03 Tyler Petagine -
jillian- if it's h2h, i think you should keep the players you have. moore is def a top-20 starter imo, but he's much more appealing in roto. bourn is mostly a sb option, so he's the most easily replaceable. and freeman isn't an elite option.

18:03 Tyler Petagine -
also, prado is bound for a big 2nd half

18:04Baller - Jillian
yea he has been hot of late

18:04 Tyler Petagine -
jillian- beltre is still the best player in the deal, and he shouldn't be dealt unless you're getting a top-10 starter in return.

18:06Baller - Miles
Hey Tyler. Way to keep with all this, impressive. Thoughts on Erasmo and Martin Perez (12 team H2H weekly). I have decent SP and just looking at depth. But not sure they are worth holding this yr. More next yr.

18:08 Tyler Petagine -
miles- yeah, both have solid keeper-appeal. but i like perez a lot more for this season. he is worth owning in most 12-teamers, and erasmo can be avoided at this point.

18:09Baller - Miles
Thanks. I will hang on to Perez. And ditch Erasmo and add a hitter. Nothing on the waiver wire worth grabbing really.

18:10 Tyler Petagine -
miles- perez isn't must-own ros, but he has solid win-potential when given the right match-up. not a great strikeout pitcher, if that's what you're looking for.

18:11 Tyler Petagine -
miles- np, here to help.

18:11Baller - Miles
Good point on Perez. He hasn't overwhelmed me. And I think I can afford to ditch him.

18:12Baller - Miles
hey is Daniel Nava only hitting against RHP? Picked him up but missed he only hits against RHP

18:12 Tyler Petagine -
miles- if your starting staff doesn't have great win totals, then keeping perez makes sense.

18:14Baller - Miles
I ave Lester, Griffin, Bumgartner, Lackey, Minor, Holland, Grenke, CJ Wilson, and Cahill on IR

18:14 Tyler Petagine -
yeah, nava has not been receiving everyday ab's, which has put a major damper on his value.

18:15Baller - Beverly
H2H-mixed, 12 teams, daily moves, each cat is worth 1 point. Win that cat for the week, earn 1 point. W-L-T Cats: R, H, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, TB, A, FPCT, AVG, OPS, CYC, OFA I need a filler for D Brown. I was thinking dropping De Aza also. Then grab Aoki and Quentin? FA: Dan Uggla (Atl - 2B). Carlos Quentin (SD - OF). Kelly Johnson (TB - 2B,3B,OF). Norichika Aoki (Mil - OF). Zack Cozart (Cin - SS). Jordy Mercer (Pit - 2B,SS). David Freese (StL - 3B). Ryan Doumit (Min - C,OF). ROSTER:C Yadier Molina (StL - C), 1B Prince Fielder (Det - 1B), 2B Ben Zobrist (TB - 2B,SS,OF), 3B Ryan Zimmerman (Was - 3B), SS Brad Miller (Sea - SS), OF Matt Carpenter (StL - 1B,2B,3B,OF), OF Alex Gordon (KC - OF), OF Marlon Byrd (NYM - OF), Util Josh Donaldson (Oak - 3B), Alejandro De Aza (CWS - OF), DL Domonic Brown (Phi - OF)

18:15Baller - Miles
oh and I have Santiago who has RP eligibility.

18:15 Tyler Petagine -
bumgarner, holland, greinke, lester, minor, lackey, wilson, cahill ros.

18:17 Tyler Petagine -

18:18Baller - Beverly
pick them both up and also drop De Aza? notice I also have Brad Miller...he's not panning out well...maybe I just hold and drop him when Brown come off DL?

18:19 Tyler Petagine -
15 minutes left until i have to call it a night: start sending the questions, ha!

18:19Baller - Jillian
Freeman and Bumgarner for Beltre and Prado sould good Tyler? Bumgarner I can keep Beltre I cant and im out of the playoffs

18:20Baller - Richie
should I be looking to trade Rios right now Tyler?

18:20 Tyler Petagine -
beverly- i would add aoki for miller. i would hold de aza until brown returns, unless there are inferior options.

18:21 Tyler Petagine -
richie- it depends on if he gets traded or not. if he does, then it would be wise to wait on it, bc his value would ultimately rise.

18:21 Tyler Petagine -
if rios goes to the rangers let's say, then his owners may be able to increase the asking price.

18:22 Tyler Petagine -
richie- i agree tho, that he is a good sell-high, but i'd at least wait to see if a trade develops.

18:22Baller - Jillian
Freeman and Bumgarner for Beltre and Prado sould good Tyler? Bumgarner I can keep Beltre I cant and im out of the playoffs

18:23Baller - Miles
Thoughts on Mitch Moreland? Could try to ride the highs with him as well.

18:23Baller - Beverly
but i still have an OPEN bench spot to fill since i put Brown on DL. if I drop Miller I still have that open bench. if I drop Miller and pick up Aoki I sitll have an open bench. so you want me to keep that open bench till Brown returns? i love Quentin on the road and he's been very good in this scoring system

18:24 Tyler Petagine -
jillian- as much as i like prado to turn it around, i think the freeman-bum is the better side from an overall value standpoint. but if you are deep in starting pitching, the trade makes sense.

18:25Baller - Jillian
I would be getting the Bumgarner side

18:26Baller - Angelica
Def worth it

18:26 Tyler Petagine -
beverly- if you still have an extra bench slot, then just add aoki. if you are desperate for hr totals, then add quentin for miller, not de aza.

18:27 Tyler Petagine -
jillian- i like the bum side slightly more, so i would take the deal.

18:27Baller - Beverly

18:27 Tyler Petagine -
beverly- what about junior lake? is he available by any chance?

18:29Baller - Beverly
hmm..let me see

18:29Baller - Beverly
No Tyler

18:30 Tyler Petagine -
miles- mitch mooreland can offer respectable rbi totals, while posting a solid ba.

18:30 Tyler Petagine -
i just wouldn't expect the same kind of hr production he was offering earlier in the season

18:30Baller - Elroy
should i drop swisher or morneau for lake?

18:31 Tyler Petagine -
beverly- awww that's too bad. lake is one of the hottest pickups right now, prob the number one waiver priority after yelich.

18:32 Tyler Petagine -
elroy- well both play 1B but swisher also offers of eligibility, and he's in a better offense. so i would drop morneau for lake, and keep swisher.

18:33Baller - Miles
you thinking Lake is a good option in a points league as well?

18:33 Tyler Petagine -
late-night rotoballer has 10 more minutes left of live-chat!

18:33Baller - Elroy
Thanks Tyler! I appreciate it!

18:34Baller - Richie
Hey Tyler

18:34Baller - Richie
do you like Glen Perkins or Kenley Jansen and why

18:35 Tyler Petagine -
miles- i think lake is still worth starting in points leagues, as long as you are weak at 3B. he isn't the most reliable option but he doesn't produce many k's.

18:35 Tyler Petagine -
richie- def kenley jansen.

18:35Baller - Beverly
Tyler...i am looking for more RBIs...Aoki does not help with that eh?

18:36 Tyler Petagine -
jansen is pitching for one of the best teams in baseball, so he'll get a lot more opportunities. and perkins could lose his relevancy in save-only leagues, if he gets traded at the deadline.

18:36Baller - Richie
Jansen or Rafael Soriano

18:37 Tyler Petagine -
beverly- no, not at all. aoki is a steals specialist and an above average run producer.

18:37 Tyler Petagine -
richie- soriano for saves, but jansen is better for peripherals.

18:38Baller - Richie
thanks Tyler

18:38Baller - Beverly
so should I switch and grab Quentin first?

18:39Baller - Beverly
thats why i picked up Byrd for RBI this league since ther are so many cats...have to pick some and target them to win at least 5 of the 8 each week

18:40 Tyler Petagine -
beverly- i wouldn't mind dropping miller, but if your waiver wire's middle infield is extremely shallow, then find an alternative for quentin. it sounds like you're afraid to lose miller.

18:41 Tyler Petagine -
richie- if jansen is getting a decent amount of opportunities, then he's an elite closer.

18:42 Tyler Petagine -
i have 5 more minutes to go, folks.

18:43Baller - Miles
Rex Brothers, or Tanner Sheppers, for RP. I have Balfour and all other true closers are gone (H2H pts league).

18:44 Tyler Petagine -
miles- brothers is the better option since he's a closer.

18:46Baller - Miles
Tyler how often do you do this?

18:48 Tyler Petagine -
it's truly been a pleasure chatting fantasy baseball with you folks, as always! enjoy the weekend and hopefully we'll continue to stay in touch: 12-1 a.m. est weekends, 12-2 a.m. est weekdays. oh, and also try to stay active with this site as much as possible, and spread the word! see ya later.

18:48Baller - Miles

18:50 Tyler Petagine -
miles- my twitter account isn't active at the moment, but will be up and running in the near future.

18:50Baller - Miles
okay I will be watching.

18:51Baller - Elroy
Thanks for the advice Tyler

18:51 Tyler Petagine -
elroy- any time, take care!



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