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Using the #AllBenchRB Strategy

Using the #AllBenchRB Strategy

I apologize to my millions of fans for my absence these past few weeks. I was busy completing an Ironman whilst studying for the Mensa exam. During my training and study breaks, I pondered a topic I wrote about last year that I coined #AllBenchRB. I submitted my analysis to the Mensa Board, who instantly... Read More

There are only two feelings you have once you finish your fantasy football draft; love or hate. Don't let the post-draft grades produced from algorithms sway you. Mute the outside noise and Stop The Slander. Trust your team. No matter how much preparation you did leading up to your fantasy draft, what "expert" advice you... Read More

After an unprecedented year for rookie running backs, lightning will not strike twice. The rooks will have a big regression and veterans will retain their position at the top of the heap in fantasy football. Typically, when one analyzes the fantasy football field, rookies are viewed like the shrimp at an all you can eat... Read More

While it is never smart to think you will have the same defense at the end of the season that you draft at the beginning, there may be some leagues in which it is a must. Whether it be a best ball league (acceptable) or a league which limits roster moves (unacceptable!), if you need... Read More

This article was updated on 9/4 to account for the Jerick McKinnon and D'Onta Foreman injury updates. We have learned over time that the running back position is without question the most volatile in fantasy football. This understanding is based upon the percentage of injuries versus the other skilled positions, NFL teams increasingly using split back committees creating... Read More

RotoBaller writer Blake Sullivan and Fantrax HQ writer Steven Toroni are joined by Sam Lane to share their thoughts on fantasy drafts, the outlook for teams and player, and provide some hot takes on fantasy football. This radio show is sponsored by our good friends over at RTSports. Be sure to tune into RotoBaller Radio on SiriusXM (channel... Read More

Handcuffing running backs has been a long-standing practice when it comes to assembling a fantasy team. When you draft a stud running back in a great situation, you're hoping you can keep a hold on that situation all season. We've seen backup running backs carry teams to championships in the past, such as the famous... Read More

As fantasy football gets bigger, and access to information comes easier, sometimes you have to zig when everyone else zags. When you combine the depth at running back, and the level of success of the top wide receivers, 2018 is a prime year for the "Zero RB" strategy. They might say you need to take... Read More

Lucky Fantasy Players! Why are you lucky? Because it's draft time. Is there a better time of the season? It's like Friday night with the whole weekend ahead of us. Or the first day of an amazing vacation. And most of you will screw it up. Let me guess, you're going to draft best value... Read More

I did a few mocks recently in preparation for a long-running league I won last season. 10 teams, ESPN standard scoring; nothing fancy just a group of buddies who started it to find more reasons to watch football together. The casual nature of the league has extended itself to the draft prep process, especially since... Read More

RotoBaller fantasy football lead editor Pierre Camus (@pfunk00) and writer Chris Mangano (@ChrisMangano) discuss the late-round QB trend in fantasy football drafts to determine whether grabbing a elite quarterback early could be a successful contrarian strategy. This radio show is sponsored by our good friends over at RTSports. Be sure to tune into RotoBaller Radio on SiriusXM (channel Sirius 210,... Read More

RotoBaller fantasy football lead editor Pierre Camus (@pfunk00) and writer Chris Mangano (@ChrisMangano) explain how the Zero WR strategy works in fantasy football drafts and which mid-round wide receivers to target if you truly commit to it. This radio show is sponsored by our good friends over at RTSports. Be sure to tune into RotoBaller Radio on SiriusXM (channel Sirius... Read More

RotoBaller writer Blake Sullivan and Fantrax HQ writer Steven Toroni are joined by James Koh, formerly of NFL Network, and currently at DirecTV to do a mock draft for NFL fans, share their main targets in fantasy drafts, and provide some hot takes on fantasy football draft advice. This radio show is sponsored by our... Read More

The popular sentiment these days is to wait on quarterbacks and draft them late so you can load up on position players first. While this can work in many cases, let’s look at the other angle and ponder taking a quarterback earlier in the draft. While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it... Read More

For someone drafting 8th in a 10-man league last year, going Zero-RB could have potentially netted them a top-three round haul of Mike Evans, Jordy Nelson, and Demaryius Thomas. On draft day, this is an amazing stack of WR1s. By the end of the year, it's weekly middling to poor performances that the owners' highest draft... Read More

This weekend saw the fantasy football world converge on the football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, for the inaugural King’s Classic. Thanks to Bob Lung and Brad Evans (among many others), we had 24 sites represented between two divisions -- Brown and Blanda, named for the first two players taken in the first ever... Read More

One of the most commonly used pieces of jargon in fantasy football analysis is roster construction. It is almost always used at the tail-end of a debate to reconcile two seemingly irreconcilable positions. Usually something along the lines of, “Well, I guess this really comes down to roster construction and how you want to build... Read More

Fantasy football draft season is upon us and RotoBaller is here to help! In this series, two RotoBaller experts will discuss the merits of two players with similar value and average draft position (ADP). Remember that situations will change for all players over the course of the summer and it may impact where they are... Read More

The NFL season is quickly approaching and we are getting into prime drafting season. Some of us start drafting earlier but I know many of my readers are saner than I am and typically draft as close to the NFL season as possible. I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I can... Read More

Zero RB, WR Value, Best Player Available, Valued Based Drafting, Team Constitution and on and on. What strategy have you locked yourself into come this year’s draft? There is validity to each and every one of these along with analysts and corresponding data to help you along the way. But I have a strategy that... Read More

Take yourself back to the 2015 draft season. We had just come off the year of the receiver, highlighted by breakout rookie seasons from Odell Beckham Jr. and Mike Evans, and career years from Emmanuel Sanders and Golden Tate. In 2014, 23 players had 1,000 or more receiving yards and 10 had more than 1,300.... Read More

Using last year’s results alone to predict this season’s outcomes is borderline foolish. Luckily, when it comes to the task of projecting the upcoming NFL season there are a few other factors which can increase our odds of success. I mean sure, you could draft based on talent and opportunity alone, but the number of... Read More

The tight end position is always one of the most frustrating ones to fill. There's a major gap between the top talent at the position and everyone else in a way that there isn't for running backs, wide receivers, and quarterbacks, so it can be tempting to grab someone in the Rob Gronkowski/ Travis Kelce/... Read More

The common sentiment is to take established veterans over rookies in redraft leagues since we know what we are going to get out of them. If the last few seasons have taught us anything, especially at the running back position, it is that this may not always be the right strategy. Players with the talent... Read More

For nearly the past decade it has been en vogue to draft quarterbacks late in your typical fantasy football drafts. There are plenty of studies that have determined that there isn’t a huge weekly difference between the perceived top quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers and lower-end streaming options. That advice has worked well... Read More

The same question is everlastingly debated every year – should you take one of the elite level quarterbacks early, or wait on some of the QB2s with upside later? It’s definitely a debate worth having, but there are so many moving parts it becomes difficult to say decisively if taking a QB either early or... Read More

For six and a half games, there was no brighter star soaring through the fantasy football galaxy than Deshaun Watson. In 2018, whether it be the ghost of Robert Griffin, III or a limited sample size, the doubters outweigh the believers in Watson. Stop the Slander! Watson started from humble beginnings. 100 yards and a... Read More

Superflex leagues, for those that don't already know, are a fantasy football setup in which every team's lineup includes at least one flex spot that can plan any offensive position, including quarterback. Typical leagues with flex spots allow for just RB/WR/TE combos, but superflex throws the high-scoring QB position in the mix. Current conventional fantasy... Read More

The 2018 Fantasy Football season is here and mock drafting is in full swing. A mock draft may not tell you exactly how the picks will fall but it helps you get an understanding of what rounds players can typically be taken in. In this episode we have 2 RotoBaller experts completing a 12 team... Read More

As millions prepare for their respective fantasy football draft, know this - the key to your salvation may be the same thing you have been programmed to distrust, loathe and sometimes ignore its existence altogether. Running Back By Committee or RBBC is not a four-letter word. What if I told you the most treasured new... Read More

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