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Live Chat: Fantasy Baseball Advice (8/7) - Lucroy, Avila, Prado, Upton & More

The following are the transcripts from the RotoBaller Live Chat that took place on August 7th, 2013. Fellow RotoBaller Tyler Petagine talks fantasy baseball, waiver wire, trades and more with some readers.

As always, you can get some LIVE quick hit advice in RotoBaller’s fantasy baseball chat room. Let’s win some leagues!


18:36 Tyler Petagine -
hey folks! late-night rotoballer tyler here. ready to start a live-chat from 12-1. let's go!18:36Baller - Barney
Lucroy or Avila? For the rest of the season18:37 Tyler Petagine -
barney- still gotta go lucroy, but avila is actually one of my top pickups.

18:37Baller - Belva
I dropped Prado months ago and went into a bad slump... It was probably unrelated though. I think he's droppable.

18:37Baller - Barney
so, grabb Avila for now?

18:38 Tyler Petagine -
3 hr's in the last 5 games is hard to pass up.

18:38 Tyler Petagine -
barney- i would only use avila with the intent of having him be your backup.

18:39Baller - Bobby
tyler- sorry if you've heard this one. would you trade cuddy/Molina for cespedes/mauer?

18:39 Tyler Petagine - i still wouldn't drop a 2nd-tier option for him.

18:39 Tyler Petagine -
bobby- np, don't worry about reduncy, here to help. now give me a sec...

18:40Baller - Michael
Am I an idiot for holding on to Lester? Should I ditch him for Miley?

18:40 Tyler Petagine -
bobby- i like it especially with molina being hurt. and it works even more in your favor in a roto league, bc molina might help come playoff time.

18:40Baller - Barney
I have Vic Mtz and lucroy, Vic is my catcher and lucroy my utility

18:40 Tyler Petagine -
cespedes is due to go on a surge

18:41 Tyler Petagine -
michael- i'd keep lester over miley unless you'll be able to pick lester back up

18:41Baller - Barney
Eric young jr should I drop him? Still Stealing bases but not batting much

18:41 Tyler Petagine -
barney- can't go wrong with those catcher, nice!

18:41 Tyler Petagine -

18:41Baller - Bobby
drop crisp for bogaerts?

18:42 Tyler Petagine -
barney- for 12-teamers or shallower, i don't see ey jr. as anything more than a bench option.

18:42 Tyler Petagine -
bobby- no, i'd keep crisp unless he's your worst possible hitting option.

18:42Baller - Belva
Drop Nick Franklin, Brad Miller, or Héctor Santiago to waiver claim Lincecum? I have Lawrie and Josh Donaldson.

18:43 Tyler Petagine -
btw, if anybody has a keeper/dynasty question, please specify.

18:43Baller - Bobby
crisp is my worst hitting option

18:43Baller - Bobby
franklin in my ss

18:43Baller - Bobby
he's on my bench

18:44 Tyler Petagine -
belva- keep franklin over miller. now between franklin and santiago, it depends on team needs.

18:44Baller - Stephanie
Hi Tyler, thanks for answering our questions. I just want to hear your thoughts on Segura. I feel like he's been regressing a bit but the general fantasy consensus is that he's still one of the top SS today and in the future. I was offered Hosmer (who's heating up) for Segura in a keeper league so it's somewhat intriguing.

18:44Baller - Barney
Beachy? I've been benching him but I don't know if I should just drop him

18:45Baller - Winfred
I say hold beachy

18:45Baller - Winfred
he looked good last start

18:45Baller - Winfred
bench if you must

18:45Baller - Winfred
but hold on to him

18:45 Tyler Petagine -
bobby- then, i don't see a prob with the move. it must be an extremely shallow league considering crisp is your worst hitter, haha. i'm fine with the move. just don't count on bogaerts to get the call.

18:45Baller - Gaye
simmons or lake?

18:46Baller - Barney
So, dropp bogearts? I grabbed him because everyone was talking to much about him haha

18:47Baller - Winfred
cobb or parker

18:47 Tyler Petagine -
stephanie- well, other than ian desmond, i can't name another shortstop who i can clearly say is a superior option to segura. also, this year has been a huge disappoint for most high-end shortstops. hosmer is solid and has good potential, but don't get too caught up in the "superstardom rumors". give me segura any day of the week.

18:47 Tyler Petagine -
winfred- parker ros!

18:48Baller - Michael
Is lawrie coming around or is it smoke?

18:48Baller - Winfred
drop prado for parker?

18:48Baller - Winfred
i also have laroche and morse

18:48Baller - Stephanie
Thanks for the help Tyler. Appreciate it

18:48Baller - Winfred
but laroche is my only 1b pujols on thedl

18:48 Tyler Petagine -
barney- if it's a h2h league, and you're safely in contention, then bogaerts could make for a nice speculative add.

18:48Baller - Barney
BJ Upton? After his two first two games?

18:49Baller - Barney
thanks, I'll keep bogaerts and drop young

18:50 Tyler Petagine -
michael- i think lawrie is coming around, yes. i've never questioned his abilities- when he plays, he does little harm. problem has always been his health.

18:50 Tyler Petagine -
stephanie- np, here to help. feel free to ask for as much advice as needed.

18:50Baller - Belva
H2H better UTL Billy Butler or Norichika Aoki?

18:50Baller - Winfred
Michael Morse prospects for ROS??

18:51 Tyler Petagine -
belva- butler overall. but aoki will provide more runs and ton more sb's.

18:51 Tyler Petagine -
a lot more sb's*

18:51Baller - Gaye
Simmons or lake ros?

18:51Baller - Jeremiah
is gattis still alive?

18:52Baller - Belva

18:52 Tyler Petagine -
gaye- simmons is a steadier option/ less streaky. however, lake does possess the greater upside. personally, i'd take the home-run play.

18:52 Tyler Petagine -
pun intended, ha!

18:53 Tyler Petagine -
jeremiah- gattis is a solid backup catcher in 12 -teamers. starter-worthy in deeper leagues.

18:53Baller - Gaye
yea I agree ive been using simmons but I feel the pop at ss would be awesome

18:54Baller - Winfred
Tyler ive read Pujols is going to return this season and since DL stashed him do you think he will come back and be productive in time for fantasy playoffs

18:54 Tyler Petagine -
gaye- for roto, it's harder to take risks though. simmons has a low celing, but he also has a high floor.

18:55 Tyler Petagine -
winfred- i think in deeper leagues, he's a must-stash, but i honestly don't expect much if he returns.

18:55Baller - Justine
who would you rather have rest of season, Yonder Alonso or Mike Moustakas

18:55 Tyler Petagine -
justine- mike the moose! royals heating up!

18:56 Tyler Petagine -
justine- but i give you a lot of props- that's a great question!

18:56Baller - Michael
I am in contention but lack HR and RBI. I can trade pitching and Andrus for Tulo OR pitching and lawrie for longoria. I am doing great with steals. Any thoughts on which trade is better? 12 team h2h.

18:56Baller - Justine
aha thanks! i recently picked up alonso but moustakas is absolutely on fire

18:56Baller - Winfred
please rank these outfielders who should i start Justin Upton Curtis Granderson Jason heyward Dexter Fowler Michael Morse

18:57 Tyler Petagine -
justine- moustakas will provide the better counting stats but alonso will provide better all-around production (in a modest way). the BA and SB numbers are slightly in alonso's favor, but the moose gets the nod for better overall production.

18:58Baller - Justine
well alonso will probably be on the wire for good if i do drop him, as of right now i have butler and morales at 1b and longoria and sandoval at 3b so i guess i really could use moustakas

18:58Baller - Justine
thanks again, means a lot!

18:58 Tyler Petagine -
michael- longoria is not much of a power threat, so i don't think trade option #2 would be as beneficial.

18:59Baller - Stephanie
Can Wil Myers keep his batting average above .300? He's raking but I'm just hoping he can keep it up

19:00 Tyler Petagine -
stephanie- i believe he will hit a bump in the road eventually, but BA is certainly not a category i would worry about with myers.

19:00Baller - Stephanie
haha thanks. his 5 steals are a pleasant surprise too

19:01 Tyler Petagine -
myers could be the second-coming of ted williams. now, please don't take this comment to heart, but it's a realistic comparison.

19:02Baller - Stephanie
Alright this is my last question for you Tyler. I've been riding Rizzo as my 1b all season but his batting average is very disappointing. Is Rizzo a better hitter than his current .240 average or should i start looking at other options at 1b such as hosmer?

19:02Baller - Miguel
In a Keeper lead with prospects.. Need power.. Brandon Phillips for Oscar taveras?

19:03 Tyler Petagine -
stephanie- in a 12 team h2h league, i'd feel comfortable with rizzo as my starting 1B option. but in roto, you have to be a little more careful and dodge his slumps- bc he can be a detriment in BA.

19:04 Tyler Petagine -
miguel- i don't care what you need, give me taveras. love it!

19:05 Tyler Petagine -
taveras is my number one ranked keeper prospect by a country mile. unless you're giving up a perennial 2nd-round pick for him, chances are, it's probably worth it. ha!

19:05Baller - Stephanie
Thanks again for the help and input Tyler. Feeling better about my roster now haha. Have a good one! Good luck to all the other managers out there

19:05 Tyler Petagine -
stephanie- any time! and good luck to you, too. take care.

19:07Baller - Terra
Tyler, I'm looking to add an OF, who would you suggest between Swisher, Morse, and Byrd?

19:07 Tyler Petagine -
does anyone have any starting-lineup decisions, by any chance? need one of those, ha!

19:07 Tyler Petagine -
terra- roto or h2h? and are you looking for the best ros option or best temporary option?

19:07Baller - Winfred
wish i never dropped myers when they teased his call up and then didnt

19:08Baller - Terra

19:08Baller - Terra
ros option

19:08 Tyler Petagine -
terra- gotta go swisher. then, i'll take byrd.

19:09Baller - Terra

19:09 Tyler Petagine -
i like morse, but it's hard to trust his health.

19:10Baller - Terra
yeah, I had swisher earlier in the season and dropped him when he was hurt and in a huge slump

19:11 Tyler Petagine -
terra- he has started to snap out of it recently, so i'm a believer.

19:11 Tyler Petagine -
swisher was also one of our top 2nd-half breakout candidates.

19:13Baller - Winfred
Tyler is there any chance Morse gets 3 games played at 1b

19:15Baller - Winfred
thoughts on Laroche ros will he have a big finish

19:15 Tyler Petagine -
winfred- unless his injury woes get straightened out, it's hard to count on it.

19:17 Tyler Petagine -
winfred- i think his 2nd-half track record has too many ppl jumping out of there shoes. the washington bats are still ice cold, but if they ever heat up, then laroche should play a major role in the offense.

19:18 Tyler Petagine -
winfred- the power potential remains, but i don't expect the huge rbi numbers he's been accustomed to.

19:21Baller - Terra
Tyler, should I start Reyes tomorrow against king felix or chris johnson against gio in my util roster spot?

19:22Baller - Winfred

19:23 Tyler Petagine -
terra- i'd go with reyes.

19:23Baller - Lina
thanks, tyler. where can i find the article

19:24 Tyler Petagine -
lina- it wasn't an article. i just mentioned him in a waiver pickup.

19:26Baller - Lina
this is a 14 team, 30 man roster league...

19:26Baller - Lina

19:29Baller - Terra
how long do you think until Bogaerts is up with the Red Sox? It doesn't seem like their current 3B options are doing too much

19:30Baller - Lina
yeah, i hear you. currently rostering both putz and aardsma. trying desperately to avoid Hou RP, but watched Field 1.1, 4k + save outing versus BOS and was impressed

19:30 Tyler Petagine -
terra- i think as long as stephen drew is hitting like this, it may end up being a lot longer than most owners expect. remember, will middlebrooks is another infield option who could get the call before the highly-touted prospect.

19:31Baller - Terra
even though reports have been that he has outplayed Middlebrooks at Pawtucket?

19:31Baller - Lina
MIddlebrooks has been DH'ing last 2 weeks in order to get XB the 3B look

19:32Baller - Lina
I like XB too.

19:34 Tyler Petagine -
terra- yes, regardless of minor-league performance, it all makes sense for middlebrooks to get called up first. there's no need to rush his development, especially if the offense isn't in desperate need of a hitting boost.

19:37Baller - Lina
cool; thx for the take

19:38 Tyler Petagine -
lina- you got it!

19:39Baller - Lina
SP question-- how would you rank these 5 SP for ROS: Wily Peralta, Erasmo, Alex Wood, Ogando, Niese,

19:39Baller - Meaghan
Just lost Cruz... Who's for real on the wires? Michael Saunders, Leonys Martin, any suggestions for deep league depth in outfield. Need some speed and extra base hits

19:40Baller - Mohammad
What do you think of this trade? Rizzo, Archer and Franklin for Ian Desmond, Headley and Hellickson They are all keepers

19:41 Tyler Petagine -
lina- 1 peralta 2 wood 3 ogando 4 niese 5 ramirez

19:42 Tyler Petagine -
meaghan- if you are needy for speed, martin makes for a reliable option. saunders is more of a hr/sb combo than a speed-artist.

19:42Baller - Lina
ha; i had -- 1) erasmo, 2) wily 3) wood 4) ogando 5) niese...

19:43 Tyler Petagine -
we agreed, except i have erasmo have him first. ha! close either way.

19:44Baller - Meaghan
Any sleepers? All position players

19:45 Tyler Petagine -
mohammad- if it's a shallow league, i like it. simply bc desmond is by far the best player in the deal. but in a deeper league, the trade could damage your team's overall depth.

19:46Baller - Mohammad
Its a 16-team keeper league, Im out of the playoffs so just trying to get better for next year

19:46Baller - Lina
does Cashner have an innings limit? I thought I read 150 ip, but have no idea where I read it, nor can I find any SD Padres announcement. Just assuming...

19:47 Tyler Petagine -
12-teamer or shallower, i would pull the trigger for desmond. but. if it's anything deeper, then it gets trickier. it basically comes down to headley vs. franklin. i'd still take headley for the short-term. so i'll give you the green-light. but if this were a dynasty format, franklin provides solid long-term value while manning a much scarcer position.

19:48 Tyler Petagine -
mohammad- i think you still gotta do it. but like i said, it works out better in a shallower league.

19:48 Tyler Petagine -
mohammad- how many returnees are you allowed to have?

19:49Baller - Mohammad
We are allowed 7 keepers and they have to be drafted in the 6th rd or later

19:50 Tyler Petagine -
lina- it should be in 150-160 range, for sure. and with sd falling further out of contention, it seems more likely.

19:51Baller - Bobby
AJ or Avila?

19:51 Tyler Petagine -
bobby- aj

19:52Baller - Mohammad
If the trade goes through my keepr options would be Alvarez, Austin Jackson, Lawrie, Headley, Desmond, Prado, Hellickson, Arcia, Ramos and Reed

19:52 Tyler Petagine -
howver, aj might have his pt limited more than avila. in daily leagues, still i'd still go with aj.

19:53 Tyler Petagine -
is this for roto or h2h?

19:53 Tyler Petagine -

19:53Baller - Mohammad

19:55 Tyler Petagine -
mohammad- i would keep the following (in order of priority): desmond, jackson, alvarez, reed, headley, lawrie, prado.

19:57 Tyler Petagine -
have around another 5 more minutes folks, then i gotta wrap it up. it's been a pleasure chatting it up thus far!

19:58Baller - Mohammad
What about Jackson for Derek Holland? Jackson side right

20:00 Tyler Petagine -
mohammad- jackson is a top-25 starter, but holland appears to be emerging as an elite-starter. i'd actually keep the player with more upside. hold holland.

20:00 Tyler Petagine -
jackson is a top-25ish outfielder*

20:01Baller - Bobby
archer over hellickson ros?

20:01Baller - Mohammad
I would be trading for Holland and I was thinking about doing it becasue the guy lost Jennings tonight

20:01 Tyler Petagine -
an elite starter is a lot harder to find than an elite outfielder. holland has been one of this year's SP breakouts. gotta take the higher-upside play.

20:01Baller - Terra
someone had asked earlier if you had any sleepers? I was wondering if you had any outfielders that might be good targets to keep an eye on

20:01 Tyler Petagine -
bobby- yes, but that's as long as he remains in the rotation.

20:02 Tyler Petagine -
mohammad- or should i say, get holland. ha!

20:02Baller - Bobby
you'd agree it would be tough to kick him out of rotation at this point

20:03 Tyler Petagine -
bobby- of course, lol. just saying you can't rule out the possibility. but barring injury, there's no reason why he should ros.

20:03Baller - Mohammad
Lol thanks for the help Tyler

20:03Baller - Bobby
thanks tyler

20:04 Tyler Petagine -
mohammad- np, here to help. now listen, i'm a huge a-jax fan, but he doesn't have superstar potential. holland does.

20:04 Tyler Petagine -
mohammad- derek holland that is, ha!

20:04Baller - Debi
Considering making an offer of Josh Hamilton for Matt Kemp with eye on the playoffs. Have a semi comfortable lead in head to head.Thoughts?

20:05 Tyler Petagine -
debi- neither one have been very reliable this year. but mainly due to less injury-risk, i'd rather have hamilton.

20:07Baller - Angelica
Moustakas back?

20:07Baller - Debi
hmmm... I know both have been disappointments, but my thought is Kemp has the better shot at returning to form come September.

20:08 Tyler Petagine -
angelica- well, not totally. the power output is still lacking, but the rbi potential is def. intriguing.

20:08Baller - Angelica
With such weak position I think I'm happy to have hin as backup to hanley

20:09Baller - Angelica
What's ur thoughts on carlos Gonzalez. He called himselfa slap hhitter. Should I trade him for bes ti can get?

20:09Baller - Angelica
That finger is a h ge problem and with Colorado out if the race already he could get some t down at some point too soon.

20:10 Tyler Petagine -
debi- i don't think either one is out of the woods just yet, but it's easier to trust hamilton's health at this point. wait, what did i just say? ha!

20:11 Tyler Petagine -
angelica- yeah, i'm very weary of the injury myself. but it has to be a hard to trade a guy who can go for 5-for-5 on any given night.

20:11 Tyler Petagine -
...i would still look to get an elite option in return, and nothing less.

20:12 Tyler Petagine -
gonna take any last thoughts, and then i'll be back another time.

20:12Baller - Angelica
Have a good one... Thanks

20:13 Tyler Petagine -
np, any time! wish you the best of luck! go yanks!

20:15 Tyler Petagine -
well in any case, i hope all my advice has helped. always remember to stay updated with rotoballer, and spread the word! take care everyone- it was a pleasure chatting with y'all as always. peace out.


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