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Fantasy Baseball Advice: Tyler P's Live Chat - Castro, Perez, Eaton, Nava and more...

The following are the transcripts from the RotoBaller Live Chat that took place on September 8, 2013. Fellow RotoBaller Tyler Petagine talks fantasy baseball, waiver wire, trades and more with some readers.

As always, you can get some LIVE quick hit advice in RotoBaller’s fantasy baseball chat room. Let’s win some leagues!


12:33Tyler Petagine -
np, feel free to ask for as much advice needed. will be live-chatting for the next hour or so.12:33Baller - Marcelino
think jason castro will play tonight?12:33Baller - Marcelino
i have salvy but im pretty sure he'll sit so i need a replacement, I could pick up castro or maybe mcann

12:34Tyler Petagine -
mar.- reports are claiming he will be in the lineup tonight, so i would put him in your lineups--just double check a few hours before game time.

12:34Tyler Petagine -
*to make sure. but he looks like a go.

12:34Baller - Marcelino
k thanks

12:36Tyler Petagine -
marcelino- depends on the league; is it a daily or weekly league?

12:36Baller - Marcelino

12:38Tyler Petagine -
at this point, i'd roll with castro--mccann is better, but at this point in the year, you gotta ride the hotter hand.

12:38Baller - August
is david wright done for the season?

12:39Tyler Petagine -
the braves offense has cooled down, and castro may be able to give you one last hot streak.

12:40Tyler Petagine -
august-no, he's hasn't been ruled out ros. he's beginning a rehab assignment tomorrow, so there's a chance he ca n return within the next 1-2 weeks.

12:40Baller - Lael
Like M Perez or Morton?

12:41Tyler Petagine -
lael- both are more for streaming than anything else. but i'd rather have perez ros.

12:41Baller - August
Cool good to know thanks Ro, I have a problem I need some help with, Dom Brown is on my DL as is David Wright and to throw in a zinger I got Matt Kemp on the DL too, Im really suffering in the outfield right now because of all the injuries. Im being forced to play brown every week because theres no more room on my bench. Should I drop either Kemp or Brown to stop the bleeding?

12:44Tyler Petagine -
august- whatever you do, avoid dropping kemp at all costs. he can make a huge impact upon his return. as for brown vs. wright, it really comes down to wright's injury status. if he's gonna take another 2 weeks let's say, it might not be worth it. but if i had to make a decision right now, i'd prob drop brown.

12:46Tyler Petagine -
*it's official; brown has been shut down for the next week-- but wright's return timetable is still unknown. 1-2 weeks appears likely, if he comes back at all.

12:47Tyler Petagine -
i would take the safer route if you can: who are your outfield options on the wire?

12:48Baller - August
thanks tyler, I also was going to add that I only have 1 or 2 more games of regular season left before playoffs and I have the best record in the league so Im a sure thing for the playoffs, should I still drop brown even if I dont need him to make it to the post season?

12:49Tyler Petagine -
august- at this point, you have to gear up for the playoffs-- so there's no point in h2h leagues, to wait for a roster spot to clear up. i would use the space now towards a good free agent.

12:50Tyler Petagine -
listen, brown is a stud-- but the chances of him returning within 2 weeks are still very slim.

12:51Tyler Petagine -
you can wait for kemp or wright to open up a dl slot, but then that's time you'll be paying for.

12:52Baller - August
ok thanks, theres a lot on the waiver wire so Im not too hesitant about dropping him at this point, I was looking at a couple guys, I really have been targeting guys who hit homeruns so I was looking at maybe picking up Ibanez, Schierholtz, Will Venable or Matt Joyce? I really like Ryan Raburn too but I think hes on a lower tier than the guys above?

12:52Baller - August
Evan Gattis is also still available but idk if hes burned out for this year?

12:54Tyler Petagine -
now isn't a time to worry too much about positional depth--you gotta go for the best overall talent available. gattis is a top-20 catcher imo, but he hasn't looked like the same hitter in the 2H. so unless you are desperate for a starting C option, then maybe look elsewhere.

12:55Baller - August
justin morneu is also available

12:55Baller - August
I was looking at him because of the recent trade

12:55Tyler Petagine -
i like venable the most out of the group you gave me, but he's not a home run hitter per se, but def the best overall option. if you can send me a link to your league, i'll be able to help you out better.

12:56Baller - August

12:56Baller - August
I think that link should work? If it doesnt let me know and Ill go grab the link for the ww

12:57Tyler Petagine -
the link is not letting me view the league, for some reason.

12:57Baller - August

12:58Baller - August
thats the link to the ww

13:00Tyler Petagine -
not working, but no big deal-- just write a list of some guys that are appealing to you, and i'll tell you who i like most.

13:04Baller - August
I was mainly looking at: Eric Hosmer / Will Myers / Justin Morneu / Michael Young / Will Venable and James Loney or Emilio Bonifacio

13:05Tyler Petagine -
and you can only add 1 from the group?

13:06Baller - August
Well I could add 2

13:06Baller - August
but I recently picked up Daniel Nava

13:06Baller - August
So I would have to drop Nava to add two

13:06Baller - August
Which I would also be willing to do

13:07Tyler Petagine -
ok, i'll help you out don't worry--but i'm gonna take a look at next week's match-ups to see who the best 2 options are. it's the short-term here that matters. name value should be thrown out the window come playoff time.

13:08Baller - August
Ok thanks a lot

13:09Tyler Petagine -
might take a few minutes--i will let you know on my top 2 soon.

13:16Tyler Petagine -
i would go with myers and hsomer.

13:16Tyler Petagine -
venable and bonifacio would be my next 2 choices in that order. so myers and hosmer it is.

13:17Baller - August
cool thanks, should I drop Daniel Nava for hosmer?

13:18Tyler Petagine -
yes, i would.

13:18Tyler Petagine -
nava was a solid player in the 1H, but he isn't an every day starter anymore.

13:18Baller - Adrianne
In your opinion does j. rutledge have any value for the rest of the year?

13:19Baller - August
Lol I can answer that Adrianne

13:19Baller - August

13:19Baller - August
Im a rockies fan this point I don't expect anything out of the guy

13:19Baller - Adrianne
He's hit since coming back up

13:19Baller - Adrianne

13:19Tyler Petagine -
adrianne- only in roto at the moment. i can see him getting a few steals and runs ros.

13:20Baller - August
Yeah I guess Im jumping the gun he is a good guy to add some offense back in the lineup

13:20Baller - August
But man has he looked absolutely terrible this year

13:21Tyler Petagine -
i think as long as tulo is playing, rutledge will always be overshadowed. and the rocks also have a trevor story looming, who is also better than rutledge. i see him as a role player one day or just an average regular. i just don't see all-star upside in him.

13:23Baller - August
Thanks for the earlier advice Tyler I really appreciate it. Yeah its disappointing too because he had such a great upside at the beginning of the year with all he had brought to the Rockies late in the season last year, but then he comes back and plays so bad they send him back down to triple A, just killed all the momentum he had.

13:24Tyler Petagine -
you got it! always looking to help.

13:24Bal\ler - Adrianne
I play in a 5x5 roto. Big money league and I'm currently in 3rd. Lineup is: S. Perez, F. Freeman, Cano, Aybar, Longoria, P. Fielder-CI, Bonifacio-MI, Granderson, J. Bruce, A. Eaton, G. Stanton, Util-C.Beltran and Rutledge, Kemp-DL. Pitching-No RP-Strasburg, Lester, Weaver, Wacha, Ryu, McCarthy, Straily, Niese, Gee, Roark.

13:24Baller - Adrianne
I can't see any holes in my lineup and or rotation. But can't seem to get up to first place.

13:25Baller - Adrianne
Wouldn't mind picking up some speed (I lost both Braun and E. Cabrera)

13:25Tyler Petagine -
what categories are you hurting in?

13:26Baller - Adrianne
Lots of what looked like good trades at the beginning of the year. HR, Runs, SB, Saves of course, I could pick up a few points in Ks, ERA and Whip. Difference between 1st and 3rd place is 4 points

13:28Baller - Adrianne
What about Duda. I essentially need a short term Utility Rental until Kemp comes back.

13:28Baller - Adrianne

13:29Tyler Petagine -
adrianne- do you have a link to your ww-- i'd be willing to check it out.

13:30Baller - Adrianne

13:30Baller - Adrianne
Dropped Villar for A. Wood. Villar stopped running.

13:30Tyler Petagine -
darn, it doesn't work.

13:30Baller - Maryam
its because yahoo is probably private

13:31Baller - Maryam
league needs to be public for links to work

13:31Baller - Adrianne
Yeah it's a private, very competitive league. $150 buy in, $.50 trades.

13:32Baller - Adrianne
Kind of just looking for a flash in the pan hot hitter for a week or two rental.

13:33Baller - Adrianne
What about Brian Roberts?

13:33Tyler Petagine -
if you need speed, you got a few options: adam eaton, billy hamilton, jarrod dyson, alcides escobar. not really much there.

13:33Baller - Maryam
Need to drop 2 to get Cain and Kluber off of DL for tomorrow starts - Wacha/Morton/Cole/Cashner/Olberholtzer only need W and nothing but W Olberholtzer and Cole stand out but Olberholtzer has a few wins of late and is @Oak and Cole on Pitts prob has a bit better chance at W than Cashner

13:33Tyler Petagine -
except for eaton-- he's a stud right now.

13:33Tyler Petagine -
maryam- is this roto or h2h?

13:33Baller - Maryam

13:34Baller - Adrianne
I've got a waiver claim in on BHam, the rest are gone. I've got eaton. I'm low on the waiver order, so I'm not sure if I'll get him.

13:34Tyler Petagine -
adrainne- go get billy ! he might not play much, but in daily leagues as a bench player, he's useful.

13:35Tyler Petagine -
my bad, didn't realize you had eaton.

13:35Baller - Adrianne
I'm tryin'

13:35Tyler Petagine -
maryam- ok, you need to drop 2?

13:35Baller - Maryam
if i want to get both Cain and Kluber off of DL for their starts tomorrow

13:35Baller - Adria
start Pedro Alvarez, Moreland or Avisail Garcia today? roto

13:37Tyler Petagine -
i would drop wacha and olberholtzer, if i had to drop 2.

13:37Tyler Petagine -
i like morton right now in roto-- good peripheral guy.

13:37Tyler Petagine -
adria- give me a sec...

13:37Baller - Maryam
what about cole who may be on an IP leash?

13:38Baller - Adria
sure, thanks

13:38Baller - Adria
If Nolasco is available i like more Nolasco's, scheadule than morton's

13:39Baller - Maryam
isn't and im not looking to pick anyone up need to drop to get Kluber and Cain off of DL

13:39Tyler Petagine -
i would start alvarez and garcia.

13:41Tyler Petagine -
cole has a few more starts left-- i'm not a big fan of him ros, but wacha hasn't held down a rotation spot so i don't like his value. and as for olberholtzer, he's still mostly a streamer.

13:41Baller - Adria
To Start Garcia i would sit Rajai Davis, Eaton or Pagan... any suggestions?

13:42Baller - Adria
Pagan is facing Corbin...

13:44Tyler Petagine -
if this is roto, i wouldn't sit pagan-- i would start those 3 over garcia. but i would bench rajai if i had to bench 1 of them.

13:45Baller - Adria
yeah, rajai is facing a RHP, not his strong but two HR in the last two days is weird haha

13:46Tyler Petagine -
adria- yup! but i think one of those hr's was against a lefty. ha!

13:47Tyler Petagine -
i don't see a problem with benching rajai in favor of garcia. bc i think garcia has been one of the hottest hitters lately. but in roto, i'd still favor rajai slightly.

13:48Baller - Adria
haha thanks,

13:49Tyler Petagine -
btw, i'm finally sold on sonny gray. must-add in all 12 teamers or deeper. go get em' now!



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