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About Brian Dunleavy - RotoBaller (NCAA)

Brian has been writing about college and professional sports for more than 20 years. He is an avid fantasy player.

Brian Dunleavy - RotoBaller (NCAA) has written 89 articles so far, you can find them below.

We don't claim to get it right every time. In fact, we're usually our own worst critics. So, while we took it on the chin in the lead-up to the NCAA Tournament for putting down the SEC--a position for which we received some vindication as March Madness played out--we also note that we were wrong... Read More

We all know the favorites. The likes of Villanova, Michigan State, Kansas and Virginia aren't going to sneak up on anybody. But who will surprise us during March Madness? RotoBaller picks five teams to watch during the tournament.   NCAA East Regional West Virginia, (24-10; Seed: 5th) Seems absurd to call WVU, a solid Top 25 team,... Read More

Filling out brackets is hardly an exact science. In the early rounds, even the best among us guess. Some of us more than others, in fact. Sometimes, even your intrepid reporter takes a few stabs in the dark, as the first draft of this article proved. However, one thing is for certain: Not all of... Read More

It's conference tournament time, and because every conference wants to hold its big event in the Big Apple, schedules are all over the map. And, it seems a few of the teams in our rankings--notably a couple of Big Ten stalwarts--failed to update their calendars. As a result, there's been some shakeup in our final... Read More

As we head into March, we know one thing is certain in college basketball: That nothing is certain in college basketball. With the cloud of the ongoing FBI investigation hanging over the sport, even the winners could be losers. Might our No. 1 team--or Nos. 2 through 10, for that matter--come under the law enforcement... Read More

In desperate need of inspiration, we're listening to some records as we write our rankings this week. For all you millennials, a record is like Spotify, except you pay for it. Rimshot. Speaking of bad jokes, the knee-jerk reactions from the conventional pollsters in recent weeks are almost laughable. For once, we're proud of our... Read More

Old habits die hard. Actually, we don't like to make changes to our rankings for change's sake. So while the conventional pollsters were quick to drop certain teams--and boost others--based on the result of a single game, we're don't generally have such knee-jerk reactions. Because, when we've had them, we've ended up looking bad for... Read More

  We get bored easily. It's one of our many flaws. It leads to a lot of channel-surfing, and a lot of unfinished business. And so, we were a bit concerned as we put together our Top 10 for this week. There are not a lot of changes, at least at the top, and that... Read More

We've all heard the quotes from players, coaches and media types alike. You know, the ones that begin, "Good teams..." "Good teams win close games." "Good teams win when they aren't playing well." "Good teams capitalize on mistakes." Well, it goes without saying that the programs in our top 10 are "good teams." So here... Read More

Here's a little "inside baseball"--er, inside basketball?--for you. We're struggling to come with a "lead"--journalist speak for intro--to this week's Top 10. What? You don't read these paragraphs we slave over every week? Good. Here are the Rotoballer college hoops rankings as of January 24, 2018 (won-loss records in parentheses).   NCAA College Basketball (CBB)... Read More

We doubt Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. cared much about college basketball--not that that tarnishes his legacy with us in any way. But as the nation observed his life and legacy this week, we saw a number of games that provided evidence of the sport's appeal for the rest of us--and that led to some... Read More

Most people like to say, "We told you so," when others make an error in judgement. But we're not most people. Why? Because we put our thoughts out there every week, and most of the time we're wrong. Or some of the time anyway. Where will we err this week? Here are the Rotoballer college... Read More

A conventional top 10--after last night's epic Championship Game--would be the essence of anti-climactic. We all know which team reigns supreme, and they wear crimson and white. But which players on the top teams will be factors in NFL fantasy leagues in 2018 and beyond? Here are the names to watch from the teams we... Read More

Normally, we would welcome the change a New Year brings--and we were particularly looking forward to ringing in 2018. Let's just say 2017 could have ended better for a few of us here at Rotoballer College Sports HQ. And so, we found ourselves thinking, "It's time for some things to end and others to begin."... Read More

First, it was exams. Then, it was the winter break. Now, we're sure the Trump administration will do something to disrupt the college basketball schedule--and thus our schedule. Actually, that was just a lame attempt to up our Google search traffic. Our rankings aren't lame, however. At least we hope not. Here are the Rotoballer... Read More

There's an old saying, "A day late and a dollar short." Consider us both. Yes, we usually do our rankings on Tuesdays but, as another saying goes, "Life got in the way." So here we are. Thinking: It's never too late to share our thoughts on the current college basketball landscape. Or: "Better late than never."... Read More

As a fan, we love upsets. Who doesn't want to see David beat Goliath? Or the glass slipper fit Cinderella? Sports writers, that's who. Upsets mean more work for us. Last-minute comebacks lead to 11th-hour rewrites. Your friendly neighborhood sports reporter is the only one leaving the building unhappy following an "instant-classic" win. We know:... Read More

We can hear Mick's words in our heads as we write this, "When the days get shorter and the nights get long..." No, the Stones' tune "She's So Cold" isn't about December--not exactly--but the line does carry a certain weight now that, well, the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, not only for... Read More

They say timing is everything. It's also the key to comedy. So, while some of you may find it funny that we're bothering to do a top 10 two hours before the only rankings that matter--those of the BCS Selection Committee--are released, we don't care. Because we have our own thoughts as to the top teams--and... Read More

Thanksgiving does more than simply raise our body weight and cholesterol levels. Holiday weekend tournaments also shape much of the rankings for the rest of the season--separating the contenders from the pretenders throughout college basketball. So, where do we stand after the first slate of big games this season? Here are Rotoballer's college hoops rankings,... Read More

We believe it was Churchill who once said, "Anything can happen in the Iron Bowl." Okay, it wasn't Churchill. He probably never heard of the Iron Bowl. Still, the old axiom is certainly true, and it is one that we here at Rotoballer College Football HQ nevertheless forgot. Again. With that in mind, here's our... Read More

Cupcakes and cream puffs. No, we're not planning our dessert for Thanksgiving Day, we're calling into question the rules--or lack thereof--that allow top teams in the FBS to schedule FCS teams, and other softies, toward the end of the season. Sure, by doing so, these big teams don't hurt their postseason prospects any, but they... Read More

Suddenly, it's college basketball season. Here we are, still with football on the brain, and we find ourselves already two or three games into the hoops season. What to do? Well, get down to business for one thing. So, here are our first CBB rankings for the 2017-18 season, as of November 15, 2017 (won-loss... Read More

Commentators from every major media outlet that covers college football are falling over themselves trying to be the first to say that Auburn, with two losses, still has a shot at the BCS playoffs. And, to be fair, the Tigers' convincing thumping of Georgia on Saturday has done them a lot of favors--and left SEC... Read More

Boy, Saturday sure was a great day. As fans, we loved all the upsets and, thus, upheaval among the top teams. As the guys who put together the weekly rankings for Rotoballer, however? Not so much. Ah well, there are worse jobs. Here's our Top 10 after another crazy weekend as of November 6, 2017... Read More

It's not how you start. It's how you finish. Vince Lombardi said that. Or was it Knute Rockne? For all we know, it was Dabo Swinney. Or maybe even Urban Meyer. Because it looks like their respective programs could have the last laugh come January. Here's our Top 10 after a topsy-turvy weekend as of... Read More

It's not even November, and Army has already accepted a bowl bid. And perennial Ivy-League doormat Columbia is 6-0. Oh, and while we're handing out praise, Rutgers--Rutgers!--has won two Big Ten games in a row. Okay, enough about FBS also-rans. Let's get into the nitty-gritty of the division. Here's our Top 10 as of October... Read More

Sometimes, we think it would be easier to rank the 10 worst teams in the country. But then we remember that these games are played by kids--as we noted last week--and that that would be cruel. And not to mention bad karma. And we have enough of that. Anyway, it's not as if any of... Read More

It's easy to forget that the kids banging into each other on Saturday afternoons are just that--kids. So, with that in mind, we hope Iowa State QB Jacob Park, not typically a factor in these parts, is okay. Having said that, after seeing his pregame walk-in prior to his team's loss to Texas last week,... Read More

We're not big on apps. We're old school. Which means, of course, we're old. But we're also big on on all types of football. Which is why we were in Glasgow yesterday. So while we may not always feel comfortable with technology, certain apps--we won't mention any names--allowed us to keep up with goings-on on... Read More

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