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The following are the transcripts from the RotoBaller Live Chat that took place on June 10th, 2013.  RotoBaller staff expert Ryan Rufe (@RyanRufe) talks fantasy baseball, waiver wire, and more with readers.

As always, you can get some LIVE quick hit advice in RotoBaller’s fantasy baseball advice chat room.  Let’s win some leagues!


13:25 Ryan Rufe -

Hey guys, hope you're having a great start to your week thus far. Any questions for me while I'm here?

13:25Baller - Mickey

Wacha or Cole?

13:25Baller - Autumn


13:26Baller - Alfonzo

wacha for this week, 2 starts vs mets and marlins

13:26Baller - Mickey

is he gonna get sent down though?!?!

13:26Baller - Maxwell

in weekly league, start Giancarlo??

13:26 Ryan Rufe -

@Mickey - I'd probably go Wacha. He's got 2 very winnable starts this week vs. NYM and MIA.

13:26Baller - Autumn

I have plenty of good pitchers and i deeperatly need an OF. Sabathia, Cobb, Miller, Fister, Greinke, Masterson, and Corbin. Trade one of them for an OF? which one?

13:26 Ryan Rufe -

@Maxwell - Yes, start Stanton.

13:27Baller - Lavonna

i also noticed Maybins games were all at Colorado this week. But i suppose you better pick him up now if you don't want to miss the bus

13:27 Ryan Rufe -

@Autumn - I'd see what you can get for Masterson or Corbin.

13:27Baller - Mickey

u think Maybin is for real?

13:27 Ryan Rufe -

@Mickey - Maybin is good for SBs and not much else.

13:28Baller - Neville

Im trying to purge some of my picks would you be more willing to package Mike Morse or Nick Swish and Homer Baileyfor maybe a closer or a better OF

13:28Baller - Maxwell

in weekly, start Jason Marquis?

13:28Baller - Lavonna

thx for backing me rufe

13:28Baller - Mickey

who do I drop Lind or Blanks?

13:28 Ryan Rufe -

@Neville - Sure, go for it.

13:28Baller - Autumn

who would win this trade? sabathia hanley and mcann for cargo, prado, and youk?

13:28Baller - Neville

@Ryan but who would you rather Part with Morse or Swisher ?

13:29 Ryan Rufe -

@Maxwell - Marquis has a 2 start week but 2 tough matchups against ATL and ARI. I wouldn't start him unless you absolutely had to.

13:29Baller - Mickey

both of them!!! Lol

13:29 Ryan Rufe -

@Mickey - Who would you be picking up if you dropped Lind or Blanks?

13:29Baller - Alfonzo

is cashner worth starting vs ATL? i benched him at COORS, and he had a great start....

13:30Baller - Mickey

A spot pitcher

13:30Baller - Maxwell

what to do with ogando?

13:30 Ryan Rufe -

@Autumn - Cargo is BY FAR the best player in that deal. I'd say that side wins even though Youk isn't exactly a reliable fantasy option at this point.

13:31Baller - Alfonzo

either is Prado

13:31Baller - Abby

need a sleeper at OF this week

13:31Baller - Mickey


13:31Baller - Maxwell

leonys martin sleeps well

13:31Baller - Lavonna

delmon young

13:31 Ryan Rufe -

@Maxwell - No idea what to do with Ogando. I've been debating that myself today. I'll probably hold onto him unless TEX announces he's moving to the bullpen.

13:32Baller - Maxwell

wow my thoughts exactly

he needs to go to the pen

but they dont have alot of other sp options as colby and matt are not back soon

13:33 Ryan Rufe -

They could trade Olt for a SP if they're really desperate.

13:33Baller - Maxwell

jose iglesias worth a roster spot??

13:33 Ryan Rufe -

@Maxwell - Nah, I'd pass on Iglesias.

13:33Baller - Maxwell

ok thanks

josh johnson was dropped...burn a waiver priority on him??

13:35 Ryan Rufe -

@Maxwell - Yeah, I'd probably take a gamble on Josh Johnson.

13:35Baller - Neville

Lance Lynn for Carlos Gomez ?

13:36 Ryan Rufe -

@Neville - That's a pretty fair trade. I'd be happy if I was getting the Gomez side.

13:36Baller - Lavonna

what do you think of gerrit cole and Zach wheeler season long impact potential moving forward

13:39 Ryan Rufe -

@Lavonna - I think Wheeler will have a bigger impact, as he has more staying power than Cole. Once he is called up he should have a spot in the Mets rotation ROS until he reaches an innings limit. Cole will probably get sent back down when some of their SPs get healthy again.

13:39Baller - Mickey

Is Wacha gonna stay?

13:40Baller - Lavonna

yes, but NY sucks and how successful do you expect them to be

13:41 Ryan Rufe -

@Mickey - I hope so. Tough to say because Lyons has pitched fairly well too.

13:41Baller - Mickey


13:42 Ryan Rufe -

@Lavonna - I don't expect the Mets to be competitive for at least a couple of years, but Wheeler can only help get them to that point. Gotta start him at some point.

13:44Baller - Daniel

ahoy all. anyone have any thoughts on a good person to target for the other end of a jerome williams trade? I'd also like to get rid of konerko

13:44Baller - Maxwell

carlos quentin worth a shot??

13:45 Ryan Rufe -

@Daniel - Good luck. Unfortunately, neither player has much trade value right now.

@Maxwell - Quentin is a streaky player but a nice cheap source of power. Ride him while he's got.

13:46Baller - Blair

N franklin or DiDI

13:46 Ryan Rufe -

@Blair - I prefer Franklin

13:46Baller - Rhett

Ryan, does puig stay ROS or get sent back?

13:47Baller - Maxwell

what is Aoki's problem??

13:47Baller - Francisca

Jason castro or jarrod saltalamacchia?

13:47 Ryan Rufe -

@Rhett - I hope Puig stays ROS. If he continues hitting like he is, I don't see how the Dodgers can send him back down. There seems to be some trade interest in Andre Ethier, so I think that will happen at some point.

13:48Baller - Jeramy

Lemahieu or dozier this week? 14 team H2H

13:48 Ryan Rufe -

@Francisca - That's a close one. I prefer Saltalamacchia slightly.

13:48Baller - Rhett

aoki is hitting 300 with a 373 obp, what else do you want?

Given that his future is uncertain, would you explore trades of puig?

13:49 Ryan Rufe -

@Jeramy - I'd probably go LeMahieu there but I'd mostly likely just flip a coin.

13:50Baller - Jeramy

what about cuddyer this week? all i see anywhere is they "hope" for him to be back tuesday

13:50 Ryan Rufe -

@Rhett - Right now, the price is going to be extremely high on Puig. You'd likely have to overpay to get him. I'd wait til he cools off a bit or I'd target him if the Dodgers do send him back down to the minors.

@Jeramy - I'd sit Cuddyer this week unless you have no other options.

13:51Baller - Rhett

Sorry, Im asking if I should SELL given the uncertainty

13:51Baller - Jeramy

i have moss and loney. i assume loney?

13:52 Ryan Rufe -

@Rhett - I probably wouldn't sell Puig unless I got an offer I couldn't refuse.

13:52Baller - Lavonna

Id say hes gonna be in the lineup for at least 2 more weeks regardless. But his value may be as high as it is going to get, but if he keeps mashing foranother week it is certainly gonna go up

13:53 Ryan Rufe -

@Jeramy - Neither are very exciting options to me, but yes, I'd go Loney.

13:53Baller - Jeramy

alright thanks

13:54Baller - Lavonna

what do you think about pineda should i grab him

im positive someone will pick him up in the next week if i dont

13:55 Ryan Rufe -

@Lavonna - Yeah, I'd grab him if you have room. I don't expect him to be a Cy Young caliber pitcher though.

13:55Baller - Lavonna

i don't know who to drop tho the possiibilties are

blanks, gattis, hart,wheeler, porcello


13:57Baller - Charity

I have to activate stanton from DL

should i cut loney, lind, or ozuna

13:57 Ryan Rufe -

@Charity - I'd cut Ozuna or Loney.

13:57Baller - Neville

@Charity maybe Loney hes gonna regress he always does

13:57 Ryan Rufe -

@Lavonna - 1 catcher league?

13:58Baller - Lavonna


13:58 Ryan Rufe -

@Lavonna - OK, who are you starting there?

13:58Baller - Lavonna

5 of tho, 12 teams

13:59 Ryan Rufe -

@Lavonna - I'd probably drop Porcello to pick up Pineda.

Alright folks, any more questions before I take off? I've got another few minutes before I head back to work.

14:02Baller - Carl

Should I stick with Josh Willingham? Not much is available. I could pick up Josh Reddick.

14:03 Ryan Rufe -

@Carl - I like Reddick, but I'd stick with Willingham.

14:03Baller - Carl


14:05Baller - Lavonna

sorry jon lucroy

and thx

but your not buying porcello?

14:06 Ryan Rufe -

@Lavonna - I like Lucroy, and I'd like to see some more consistency from Porcello before I buy into him.

14:07Baller - Jasper

Should I keep CJ Wilson or let him go to the streaming pool? Hanson too?

14:07Baller - William

Porcello is looking good

14:07Baller - Raymon

Crisp for Zobrist? Crisp for Hamels? Which do you like better - I could use another SP but I'm also starting A.Escobar at SS.

14:08Baller - Lavonna

i would buy hamels

14:08Baller - Jacinto

If crisp lands u hamels it's a steal

14:08 Ryan Rufe -

@Jasper - I'd probably hold onto Wilson, but Hanson you can let go.

14:08Baller - Lemuel

need serious help with this one. Cano Shields and Cingranni (me) for Reyes Kinsler, Kemp, Teheran

14:08Baller - Jacinto

Allen craig or starling marte as a keeper?

14:08Baller - William

He's earned my 4th SP spot, Im in a 14 team roto

14:08Baller - Lavonna

little earl, but i think ilike craig better

14:08Baller - William

Marte needs to re-heat

14:08Baller - Lavonna


14:08 Ryan Rufe -

@Raymon - I would do either of those trades in a heartbeat.

14:09Baller - Lemuel

definitely craig

14:09Baller - William


14:09Baller - Lemuel

but which side is better for my trade??i can't decide

14:09Baller - Lavonna


14:09 Ryan Rufe -

@Jacinto - Man, tough one. I'd probably keep Marte since he's considerably younger than Craig.

14:10Baller - William

your 4 for 3 deal is so lopsided its gross

14:10Baller - Jacinto

Different skill sets makes me think. Craig is a hr rbi guy while marte is sb and runa

I need to trade one.

14:11 Ryan Rufe -

@Lemuel - Cano is the best player in that trade but I like the Reyes/Kinsler/Kemp/Teheran is a nice return for what you'd be giving up, assuming you can start fill-ins for them until they return to health.

14:11Baller - Lavonna

yes and hr rbiare tougher to come by

14:11Baller - Jeramy

is ozuna work playing? or even keeping? i know he's hot but no one else around him is doing anything

14:12Baller - Jacinto

Depends when u compare him to

14:12Baller - Tyra

Hi All- H2H for this week, need 3 out of this group: Cuddyer(oblique), Profar, Stanton(just coming back), Heyward, Werth, Ped. Alvarez, Hanley Ramirez(not 100%), Ozuna... any advice /explantion would be great...thx

14:12Baller - Lemuel

@Ryan Rufe..Ian Desmond, Uggla/Gyorko, Trout/J.Upton/Braun

14:12Baller - Jacinto

I'd rather have Adam lind.. But it's different position

I'd give uggla and take trour

Give desmond and uggla, keep gyorko, and get... Trout.. Braun.. Upton

14:14 Ryan Rufe -

Alright folks, it's been great chatting with you all but I have to get back to work. Hit me up on Twitter @RyanRufe anytime!



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