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RotoBaller Live Chat: Fantasy Baseball Advice (5/30) – Moreland, Franklin, K-Rod & More

By Red3biggs (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

The following are the transcripts from the RotoBaller Live Chat that took place on March 29th, 2013.  RotoBaller staff expert Shawn Caswell (@CasKnowsRoto) talks fantasy baseball, waiver wire, and more with readers.

As always, you can get some LIVE quick hit advice in RotoBaller’s fantasy baseball advice chat room.  Let’s win some leagues!


13:36Shawn Caswell -

Miami's OF could be Ozuna, Yelich, Stanton in the near future

13:37Baller - Helen

Im hoping

13:37Baller - Shalonda

GM need your advice Heyward & Cobb for Fowler & Wilhelmes

13:38Shawn Caswell -

Heyward side

13:38Baller - Helen

Franklin or Escobar at back up SS ?

13:38Shawn Caswell -


13:38Baller - Helen

A. Escobar


13:38Shawn Caswell -

I'd love to say Franklin but no idea if the OBP will carry over

13:39Baller - Helen

i hear ya. It's my only concern. We already know who Esco is

13:39Shawn Caswell -

yes indeedy

13:40Baller - Shalonda

Hamilton & wilhelmsen better deal?

13:40Shawn Caswell -

I'd take Hamilton & Tom spec. if you need saves

13:41Baller - Shalonda

Yeah he's trying to give me fowler I want Hamilton...

13:42Baller - Helen

Rollins or Esco today?

13:45Baller - Sophie


13:46Shawn Caswell -

actually today I'd go with JStroll

13:46Baller - Helen

Why's that?


13:47Shawn Caswell -

Franklin Morales...

13:47Baller - Helen


Esco is playing Wacha Flacka....

13:47Shawn Caswell -

Wacha never been seen before

13:48Baller - Helen


hes on St Louie though....

13:49Baller - Coleman

Which waiver wire 2B can I pick to play? I have Utley and Aaron Hill come back from DL?..

13:49Shawn Caswell -

although....Rollins is 0-5 vs Morales

Coleman who are the options?

13:49Baller - Helen

Ill just roll with N. Frankin

13:50Shawn Caswell -


I'd still say Rollins but its all luck anyway

13:50Baller - Coleman

Not much.. Nick Franklin, Nick Punto, Darin Barney..

13:50Shawn Caswell -

Franklin would be the add

13:50Baller - Helen

it truly is

13:50Baller - Coleman

Galvis, Ryan Roberts, Lombardozzi.. you get the idea

Franklin it is then..

13:52Shawn Caswell -

actually Galvis could hold the most value short term

sneaky pop and speed combo

Franklin more of a long term guyer

13:53Baller - Helen

I gotta sit one of my RP's for Wacha....who do I sit? Rodney, K. Rod, or J. Johnson? I'm thinking K. Rod...

frigen eligibility

13:54Shawn Caswell -

Rodney if its daily rosters

13:54Baller - Helen


13:54Shawn Caswell -

3 straight games prob would be Peralta if a save came up today

13:54Baller - Coleman

It isnt a dynasty league so short term would be better, so should I roll with Galvis instead of Franklin?

13:55Shawn Caswell -

yeah Galvis until Utley returns

13:55Baller - Glen

travis wood with wind blowing out today or alex colome against miami

13:55Shawn Caswell -


13:55Baller - Sophie

think it's peralta and not mcgee?

13:55Shawn Caswell -

9.96 K/9 for Colome

yeah it would be Peralta

13:56Baller - Tamra

Shawn - as a follow up to my earlier trade ? - What do you think of Aoki & Sandoval for Altuve & Jennings?

13:56Baller - Helen

Would you drop a infield position player for Ozuna?

13:56Shawn Caswell -

Im taking the Altuve side

but its close

13:56Baller - Helen

Franklin & Esco

13:56Baller - Tamra

ok, thats the side im on. Took Lynn off the table for BJ Upton.

13:57Shawn Caswell -

yup I would drop Franklin for Ozuna

13:57Baller - Helen


no hope in him, huh?

13:57Shawn Caswell -

Ozuna would be a 20/20 threat in any other stadium

13:57Baller - Coleman

someone's giving me Stanton for Marte.. already have Willingham, Braun and Choo in outfield.. seems fair trade?

13:58Shawn Caswell -

I would take Stanton

I actually just got "Dont Call Me Mike" myself

Marte will be leveling off for the ROS

14:01Baller - Joni

is moreland colling off? still worth keeping?

14:01Shawn Caswell -

He will be streaky

but I think a .260 average with 30 HR isnt out of the question

he's a fringe second tier 1B

14:02Baller - Tamra

What are your thoughts on Gyorko (Keeper league)? Worth dropping Seager or Weeks for him?

14:02Shawn Caswell -

I would take Gyorko over Weeks at this point

not Seager though

14:03Baller - Coleman

Does Marte, Castro and McCannvseem fair for Stanton, Rizzo and Rollins? Need help at 1B since I have Yonder.. my C is Santana

14:03Baller - Joni

i already have goldschmidt and cuddyer has 1B eligibility if needed. I picked up moreland when he was hot. wondering if I should hang on to him or should I drop him and pick up whoever else is hot currently for the utility position (currently it's domonic brown). i might have to let go of moreland when utley is back from the DL

or drop moreland for another streamer - like jeff locke or zach mcallister? whoever is trending well.

14:05Shawn Caswell -

i would hold onto Mitch, Cuddyer is a health risk

14:06Baller - Coleman

what ya think about the trade Shawn?

14:08Shawn Caswell -

doesn't Santana have 1B elig?

He should

14:09Baller - Wilda

Is having Wacha in the lineup today too risky?

14:09Baller - Coleman

Yes, but and McCann and Grandal on my bench

14:09Shawn Caswell -

Wilda, depends on how much $ you have on it haha

14:09Baller - Wilda

haha, currently 2nd place in roto league despite being last in wins and Ks

14:10Shawn Caswell -

Start McCann at catcher and move Santana to 1B

I think Wacha is a worthy add for sure

14:10Baller - Helen

Gausman just got dropped. Should I scoop him up?

14:11Shawn Caswell -

no leave Gausman there

14:11Baller - Helen

Lol. Ok

14:11Shawn Caswell -

he needs more work in Double-A

14:11Baller - Helen


14:11Shawn Caswell -

Alright 'gents. I must bid you farewell for today

BOL, as for that trade...I say stick with Marte/Castro/McCann with Santana at 1B

14:12Baller - Coleman

Appreciate it.. thanks

14:12Shawn Caswell -




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