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The following are the transcripts from the RotoBaller Live Chat that took place on March 29th, 2013.  RotoBaller staff expert Ryan Rufe (@RyanRufe) talks fantasy baseball, waiver wire, and more with readers.

As always, you can get some LIVE quick hit advice in RotoBaller’s fantasy baseball advice chat room.  Let’s win some leagues!


13:35Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

Hey RotoBallers! I'll be around for the next 30 minutes or so. Any questions for me?

13:35Baller - Deborah

who is the next big hitting prospect who will be called up?

13:35Baller - Dinah


13:36Baller - Jacinto

Just one...

13:36Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Deborah - Definitely Christian Yelich. Kid is raking and it's not like there's anyone standing in his way.

13:36Baller - Jacinto

Shield... Moreland and gallardo for one of those 3 sp is a steal for which sode

13:36Baller - Dinah

when Stanton comes back, will it be Yelich, Stanton, Ozuna? Ruggiano odd man out?

13:37Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Dinah - I'm thinking so. And Juan Pierre likely to get traded.

13:37Baller - Shiela

dinah- who knows by then. but yelich has a good chance to be called up before stanton gets back.

13:37Baller - Dinah

@Ryan Rufe, is Kemp still worth "buying low" or has he officially entered the twilight zone

13:37Baller - Deborah

when is stanton due back?

13:39Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Dinah - Kemp is worth buying low but I'm not trying to target him in any trades.

13:39Baller - Shiela

deborah- there is no definite timetable, but expect him to be out for at least another month.

13:40Baller - Dinah

i have a weak OF, lack HR/consistent rbi, just traded Verlander for Braun, but the rest of my OF is Crawford/Marte/Trumbo/Cain so good averages and steals, just no consistent RBI and power

13:41Baller - Shiela

dinah- what kind of league is it- h2h or roto? # of teams?

13:41Baller - Dinah


13:41Baller - Dinah

10 team

13:41Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Dinah - I like your outfield. Braun and Trumbo will provide the HRs and RBIs.

13:42Baller - Dinah

my Infield right now is Machado, Moreland, Tulo, Nick Franklin, Ryan Zimmerman, but yet i lose in HRs and barely win RBIs

13:43Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Dinah - I'd chalk it up to just bad luck? Your infield is pretty solid.

13:44Baller - Dinah

Is Gausman droppable especially with the Tigers for his next start sunday? it is a keeper league but he wouldnt be one of my 4 keepers as of now

13:44Baller - Lynne

Whats your take on Nick Franklin?

13:45Baller - Joni

does it make sense to drop moreland to pick up domonic brown for the utility spot?

13:45Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Lynne - I'm thinking a reasonable comparison would be Neil Walker.

13:46Baller - Lynne

Fair assessment Ryan. Did you get him?

13:46Baller - Rolland

altuve or kendrick?

13:46Baller - Joni


13:47Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Lynne - I haven't picked up Franklin in any leagues but might throw a bid at him in my NFBC league.

@Rolland - Altuve

13:48Baller - Dinah

im already stashing Wheeler, how soon is 2 soon to stash Yelich and Corey Hart?

13:48Baller - Joni

i can also choose to drop arenado (or moreland) for domonic brown? WHo should I drop in a H2H league. Arenado is my backup for miggy, but i slot him in utility now and then.

13:49Baller - Dinah

drop arenado

he hasnt done anything since his first like 4-5 games

13:49Baller - Helen

Who do you think will get called up first: C. Yelich or W. Myers?

13:49Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Joni - Miggy doesn't need a backup.

@Helen - That's a tough one. I'm going to guess Myers, because the Rays need his bat desperately. The Marlins can afford to wait on Yelich since they're not in contention this year.

13:51Baller - Helen

you think it'll be this month with Myers?

13:51Baller - Dinah

is Yelich worth picking up next week in a 10 team league?

13:51Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Helen - If you mean June, then yes.

13:52Baller - Patty

Any thoughts on gausman? I just don't think he is ready for bigs yet. Have him on my bench, should I drop?

13:52Baller - Helen

i would drop Gausman

13:52Baller - Dinah

have Gausman as well, he is going to be facing the Tigers next so....theres that

13:52Baller - Helen

i already did for Wacha

13:53Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Patty - Depends who you're considering dropping Gausman for.

@Dinah - A 10 team league might be too shallow to pick up Yelich, unless you have deep benches.

13:55Baller - Dinah

yea im already stashing wheeler right now, is Corey Hart worth the pickup and stash on DL right now?

13:55Baller - Jacinto

Sale or weaver

13:55Baller - Shiela

jacinto- sale

13:55Baller - Jacinto

Thought so

13:55Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Dinah - Sounds like Hart will go on rehab assignment soon. Go ahead and stash him now.

13:56Baller - Patty

Definately sitting him against tigers. Not sure who I would drop him for , just don't want to waste spot on him

13:56Baller - Rolland

roto 5x5 league - drop headley for chavez, dominguez, or freese?

13:56Baller - Helen

Is C Perez worth keeping? Especially if I picked up K. Rod??

13:56Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Rolland - No way. Stay patient with Headley.

13:57Baller - Dinah

is Lorenzo Cain worth rostering in a 10 team H2H? is it him or just the Royals lineup as a whole right now?

13:57Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Rolland - Headley's numbers are similar to how he started last year. Stay the course. He's FAR superior to the available options you listed.

@Helen - I'd keep Perez.

13:58Baller - Helen


13:58Baller - Rolland

i like freese, but as a cards fan, i worry about being biased

13:59Baller - Joni

start starlin castro or peralta today at SS?

14:01Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Joni - Castro. Peralta has had poor numbers vs. AJ Burnett.

14:01Baller - Shiela

irrelevant fantasy question: who wins tonight, yankees or mets?

14:02Baller - Joni

ok, thanks

14:02Baller - Deborah

who are some buy low pitching options for me?

14:03Baller - Shiela

joni- whenever you decide on your starting lineup, always look at splits, batter vs. pitcher records, and game logs.

14:03Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Deborah - I'd try to buy low on James Shields. Numbers have superb besides last start, just lacking wins.

@Deborah - I'd also target Alexi Ogando as a buy low pitcher.

14:08Baller - Helen

Anyone think Z. Wheeler is gonna get roughed up in the Majors?

14:10Baller - Jacinto

Moreland and gallardo for ogando?

14:12Baller - Ginger

10 team roto, a team dropped Hanley Ramirez last week, is he worth the roster spot in this shallow league? My current SS is Tulo, so I would play him in a Utility spot.

14:12Baller - Jacinto

Lol. I'm desperate to find someone to dump these two on haha

14:12Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Helen - I think Wheeler will do just fine in the majors. Probably won't be a Cy candidate right away but he's definitely got front of the rotation type stuff.

14:12Baller - Jared

Should I keep Jim Henderson?

14:13Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Ginger - Yes, I'd scoop up Hanley in a heartbeat.

14:13Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Jared - Depends who you'd consider dropping him for and if you have room to stash him until he returns.

14:14Baller - Jacinto

And with good sp in front of gallardo his era hit doesn't hold et as much

14:14Baller - Aisha

ryan what are your thoughts on heyward

sell or hold

14:14Baller - Jacinto

Could u name a few sp off top of ur head that Ud aim for with moreland and gallardo..?? I know that's a tough question my bad.

14:14Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Aisha - Definitely hold onto Jason Heyward. You wouldn't get much if you sold him right now so stay the course and reap the rewards when he turns it around.

14:15Baller - Aisha

im trying to package heyward and moreland for choo

im real short on avg and BB

14:18Baller - Helen

Brantley or Worth next week?

To add....

14:19Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Jacinto - Let's put this Gallardo/Moreland thing to rest. To be honest, you're not going to get much for Gallardo right now if you try to trade him, so wait til he has a good/great start and THEN try to unload him to another team.

14:19Baller - Dinah

Werth, worth trading for, pun kind of intended

14:19Baller - Haydee

Start Weaver?

14:19Baller - Aisha

Ryan final call here. what do u think of that trade pssibility moreland and heyward for choo. 12 team mixed roto

14:20Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

@Aisha - If I were the Choo owner, I wouldn't accept the trade offer. Moreland just isn't exciting to me as a throw in.

14:20Baller - Aisha

right right

14:21Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

See what the owner's needs are (ie - does he need saves or stolen bases) and then make a better offer.

14:24Ryan Rufe - RotoBal..

Alright folks, I've got to run. It's been a pleasure chatting with you. I'll be sure to stop in again tomorrow.


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