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[X] Daily League Analysis: How to Approach Daily League Snake Drafts, Part 2

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The information in this Daily League Strategy piece is limited to those sites which permit daily snake drafts such as the ones described. Stay tuned to for more articles covering all of your favorite Daily League formats in the coming days and weeks!

Daily Snake Drafts: Part II

In Daily Snake Drafts: Part 1, we discussed things you should do to improve your chances of winning your daily snakes on DraftStreet. Here is what you shouldn't do when playing daily snakes.

Don't Hold Grudges: Say last night you drafted Joe Mauer who uncharacteristically went on to go 0-4 with 2 strikeouts. You tell yourself you are cursed but tonight is the night where Joe busts out so you take him again. Mauer has another 0-4 night and you decide Joe Mauer is now your least favorite player of all time. You will never ever pick him because he screwed you over those two times when you first started playing. Don't be this guy! Get over it and take the smart approach because the next day Joe Mauer will go 4-4 against a rookie right handed starter but you avoided him because you were bitter. Again, don't be this guy.

Billy Beane 2006
Don’t draft players just because they play on your favorite team: I should call this the New York Knicks rule. When I play in Daily NBA leagues, I find people with usernames like “Knicksfan6” or “KnicksJohn” or “RickfromNY”. Five rounds into the snake here are their teams: Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler, J.R. Smith, Raymond Felton and Amare Stoudemire. This is important guys...If you want to win real money, you need to disassociate yourself from your real love for your favorite team. If you are a Rockies fan and you are choosing between Andrew McCutchen and Carlos Gonzales, go ahead and take your guy so you can watch the game and have fun with it. The difference between those two is minimal so even though we would take McCutchen any given night, we understand you taking Gonzales especially against certain pitchers. But when you are a Rockies fan and you decide to take Wilson Rosario over Yadier Molina, you will not have an easy time winning. You should be applying to be the Rockies' GM instead of playing in daily fantasy leagues. Remove your bias and you'll win a lot more money.

Don’t be an inconsistent gamer – It can be tempting to start playing in 4-5 leagues a day but that can be a major time commitment. Also, if you have won your snake three days in a row the WORST thing you can do is say “I'm a lock, I should play more snakes.” This is the gamblers mentality we want our fans to avoid. We aren't gambling. This is a game of skill and dedication. You get hot? Then continue to do what you did to get hot in the first place. We are putting in the work, making highly analytical picks, and sharing that knowledge with you to give you the best possibility of winning. If you win, we win! A few extra tips for Snake Drafts: Don’t join a snake draft if you can’t pay full attention to it. Any distractions will limit your ability to make the best possible selection when it is your turn to pick.


Join a free snake draft before doing any for money if you want to practice. It is a nice way to see where the top 10-15 picks will likely be selected.  The more snakes you play in the more you will be during the draft. Make your selection and don’t look back!

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