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Fantasy football pundits and prognosticators love making predictions as much as Rachael Ray loves making dinner. I love making both, but this column is about my predictions, not my pasta. I have no crystal ball or portal to the future to help make these predictions, nor can I speak to the dead like Tyler Henry... Read More

When our lead editor, Pierre Camus, asked me to contribute to this year's bold predictions, I was extremely excited. If there's one thing I am very good at it's making bold predictions, although I'm not as good at the whole "having those predictions come true" part. I've got five bold predictions for you today. Will... Read More

Next up to bat, stepping up the plate... wait, wrong sport. I've been all in on football for the past month or so between drafts, mocks, rankings, and stalking Josh Gordon's Twitter feed, but I am a baseball junkie too (and football and hockey and soccer and table tennis and rugby and anything that resembles... Read More

I love bold predictions. I have always had two schools of thought on this. Bold predictions could happen. A long-shot, sure, but still possible. Hot takes are even more unlikely to happen. While you are reading this article, keep in mind these predictions probably won’t come true, but there is an outside chance they could... Read More

In my group of friends, I am known for making outlandish claims that, most of the time, even I don't believe. It antagonizes the hell out of them because they know I'm just complaining about how LeSean McCoy is going to finish with zero touchdowns because I'm annoyed it's Week 3 and he hasn't scored... Read More

I mean, if you're not putting out absolute fire takes in the preseason, can you REALLY call yourself a fantasy football analyst? Some of Rotoballer's big dogs are bringing you their bold predictions for the 2018 fantasy football season, and we might as well kick it off with the biggest dog in the yard, right?... Read More

Fantasy Headliners - 2018 Bold Predictions

This is the time when your craziest fantasy football thoughts can be voiced and you not be crucified for them. In this episode, Jake will give out five bold predictions for the 2018 fantasy football season. In this episode, Jake will discuss a few players including: Eli Manning Tarik Cohen Jordan Howard George Kittle This... Read More

In my first three seasons of writing this piece, I did well enough. Always a few clunkers, but generally nailing a couple and being in general vicinity on a couple more. 2018 has not been so kind. The spirit of the exercise is lighthearted even though it’s tilted toward failure if you’re being truly bold.... Read More

These bold predictions usually go one of two ways--I'm either spot on or I look like a clown. Still rubbing off the white makeup from my face after last year. It's funny, because I'm pretty good when it comes to rankings, but these shots in the dark, not so much. But this year will be... Read More

Bold predictions aren't meant to be taken too seriously, but all of these are plausible in my mind. They’re bold and hot take-esque, but I really believe that all ten of these predictions could come true. Let's wrap up RotoBaller's bold predictions series for 2018 as we prepare for first pitches across the country.  ... Read More

JB's 10 Bold Predictions for 2018

Opening Day is rapidly approaching and our experienced writers will be offering their most daring predictions for the 2018 fantasy baseball season. Nick Mariano, Rick Lucks, Pierre Camus, and Kyle Bishop all have given it their best shot at being bold so far. But it's all been child's play up to this point. Many people don't... Read More

With Opening Day rapidly approaching, our experienced writers will be offering their most daring predictions for the 2018 fantasy baseball season. Many of my predictions over the years have been laughable at season’s end, but there have been several success stories, as well. Regardless, all predictions are based in trends and patterns, with just a... Read More

Several of my colleagues have already announced their Bold Predictions for the 2018 fantasy baseball season, and now it's my turn. This is my third year participating in this exercise. The first one was great, as I correctly predicted Steven Wright would matter in 2016 fantasy leagues. The second one wasn't, as I had a... Read More

As we steamroll toward Opening Day, our experienced writers will be offering their most bold predictions for the 2018 fantasy baseball season. These are always a fun exercise that allows us to really trumpet our more outlandish stances heading into 2017. I promise it comes from an educated place, but these are far from "probable"... Read More

As we steamroll toward Opening Day, our experienced writers will be offering their most bold predictions for the 2018 fantasy baseball season. Although I will never be able to replicate last year's successes in calling Giancarlo Stanton's mammoth season, I will do my best. Feel free to ignore the majority of those other predictions from 2017.... Read More

Every day from now until Opening Day, our writers will be offering their most audacious projections for the 2018 fantasy baseball season. This is my fourth go-round with this series. I've had some great successes and some equally terrible calls in both previous attempts, and this year should be no different. Hopefully the former outweigh... Read More

What’s even more fun than making bold predictions? Looking back at the end of the season to see how good (or so, so hilariously bad) they were. Just like with the preseason pieces in March, I’m kicking off the review of our RotoBaller staff’s 2017 bold predictions. Let's get to it.   Grading the Predictions... Read More

Reviewing JB's 2017 Bold Predictions

What’s even more fun than making bold predictions? Looking back at the end of the season to see how good (or so, so hilariously bad) they were. As Michael Scott once said, "It takes a big man to admit his mistakes, and I am that big man."    JB's Rowdy (Bold) Predictions for 2017 1. Buster Posey... Read More

So, it makes sense that the worst fantasy season of my life coincides with my worst bold predictions. I failed to finish in the top five in any league for the first time, which I guess makes sense considering how heavily I bought into Joc Pederson and Yu Darvish— as you’ll soon find out. I... Read More

Well, my quest for a second straight championship in the RotoBaller Expert's League fell short. Congrats to Max Petrie for pulling away mercilessly in the final few weeks. Luckily I was able to hold off the aggressive pushes from Brad Johnson and Kyle Bishop to finish in second place. For those of you keeping track... Read More

One of the my favorite articles of the year is to write up my bold predictions for what will happen in the upcoming fantasy baseball season. Another one of my favorite articles is looking back on those bold predictions to see how great (terrible) my predictions wound up being. I will tell you right now,... Read More

What’s even more fun than making bold predictions? Looking back at the end of the season to see how good (or so, so hilariously bad) they were. It's my turn to determine if my preseason picks make me a Champ or a Chump. I was terrible this year, so the answer is the latter. Let's... Read More

Oh hot damn, RotoBaller's big dawgs are back for football season. You know you never get sick of bold predictions and hot taeks, and our taeks are the hottest around. Unplug your smoke detectors--here comes the fire. Our "Fantastic Four" is comprised of JB Branson (@RowdyRotoJB), Nick Mariano (@NMariano53), Max Petrie (@Max_Petrie) and Bill Dubiel (@Roto_Dubs). The... Read More

If you think about it, everything we do is a bold prediction in this industry. We know not what the future holds, yet we are tasked with ranking players, suggesting waiver wire adds and evaluating trades. That's what makes it so fun. There is a chance that every single one of these predictions becomes laughably incorrect... Read More

Now that the NFL season is nearly here, it's time to put away our spreadsheets and calculators, and let's rip a few bold predictions. I think that in order to be considered bold, a prediction has to be unlikely, so I'm not expecting a great success rate here. On the other hand, these aren't ridiculous... Read More

Now this is going to be a fun little piece where a bunch of us here at RotoBaller get to swing for the fences. Bold Predictions, as the name implies, are all about calling your shot on some unconventional outcomes for the upcoming fantasy season. I'll be putting on my Infinity Gauntlet and rubbing my... Read More

My least favorite type of baseball articles to read are preseason predictions for awards. Nobody in their right mind is going to pick against Mike Trout for AL MVP and there's a very narrow population of players that are considered in the NL. It's not exactly informative to hear someone say, "Clayton Kershaw has a... Read More

One of my favorite preseason series here at RotoBaller has been the “10 Bold Predictions” series. It allows authors to pump up a few of the players and teams they like (and deflate the guys they dislike), while also going on record with actual stats and metrics. Be sure to check out just how wonky... Read More

Just when you thought it was over... this will officially conclude our Bold Predictions series for the fantasy baseball season. Last year was the debut of my 10 bold predictions, and I think I did pretty well. But you should be the judge for yourself and review how I did before deciding how much stock... Read More

Here at Rotoballer, we truly do believe in the "grand finale" concept--that's why you're getting MY bold predictions after all the other chuckleheads. By chuckleheads I mean my talented and respectable colleagues. Be sure to check out just how wonky we all get this time of year with our entire Bold Prediction Series. I didn't have... Read More

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