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RotoBaller Challenge Homepage

Welcome to the leagues of extraordinary RotoBallers. Compete in 12 team leagues, compare your team to squads across all leagues for weekly and seasonal points scored prizes, and move up/down divisions based on standings and scoring leaderboards. All leagues are free to join, with cash prizes to the winners.

In 2018 we will expand to a multiple division setup. Relegation rules based on individual league and overall scoring standings.


NFL RotoBaller Challenge

Click here for the 2017 fantasy football RotoBaller Challenge.


MLB RotoBaller Challenge

2018 Fantasy Baseball - Sign Up Form

2017 Fantasy Baseball Leagues - General Info

2017 Fantasy Baseball Standings:

1) May Update

2) June Update

3) July Update

4) August Update

5) Final Update - league winners


2017 Notes and Possible Changes for 2018

Establishing elite competition and activity in the upper divisions is one of the top goals. We are working on a system of replacing inactive managers in the future, but in general the quality of competition will be noticeably better as you move up.

1) Remove the minor league slot - Fantrax doesn't have a setting that forces people to take a player out of the milb slot once they get the call

2) Trading rules - number of objections required is at 33% and the teams involved can't veto, so the number of vetos will be lowered. If managers think their trade was unfairly vetoed, they can contact us and the trade review board will make a final call.

3) Roster changes - we may reduce the number of outfield slots, and increase number of FLEX slots.

4) Slow drafts - we may potentially incorporate slow drafts for the upper division(s).

5) League settings - we may adjust the transaction limit, games started limit, IP min/max limits

6) Draft settings - we may lower time per pick from 1:30


League Constitution - Fantasy Baseball  

League Setup, Scoring, and Rules
12 team daily roto leagues
2017 1 division, 2018 2 divisions, 2019 3 divisions
Standard 5x5 categories
- Runs, RBIs, Home Runs, Stolen Bases, Batting Average
- Wins, Strikeouts, Saves, ERA, WHIP
162 max games played per starting bat slot, 1000 minimum innings pitched and 1650 max
Maximum 75 claims per season
Catcher, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, CI, OF, OF, OF, OF, OF, Utility
9 P slots
4 bench, 2 DL, 1 minor league slot
Registration and Entry
Registration form will be posted a month and change before opening day
Please, each individual can only manage one team.
Must sign up more than 20 days before opening day to retain your spot earned in the upper divisions. We need to fill divisions from the top down so those in upepr divisions should check in, register, and actually join a league pretty early in draft season.
Polls/Doodles for upper division draft time selection will be sent via email.
After the season starts, a waiting list be be posted on Replacement managers can take over a team from an inactive manager.
Replacement Managers
Someone is considered inactive after no lineup changes for two consecutive weeks
Inactive managers will be replaced throughout the season as consistently as possible. Competition and activity level will naturally improve as you move up divisions. Unfortunately that may mean the rare bottom division outlier will suffer but even in those cases managers are still competing in the overall division leaderboard and will have a slightly easier time moving up next season.
Trades, Vetoes, and Collusion
Any manager found guilty of collusion will be banned from the RotoBaller Challenge
Collusion includes:
1. Multiple teams run by the same manager
2. Purposely trading away players to help make another team stronger
3. Player rentals
Email if a pending trade appears to be collusion. Also send an email if you think your trade was unfairly vetoed and you still want it to go through.
The trade board, consisting of RotoBaller team members, can declare a commish veto or undo egregiously silly moves if deemed necessary.
Trades accepted after a player suffers an injury may be reversed and considered fair play
3 day trade review period after a trade is accepted. Will likely be changed to 2 days next season.
Trade Voting System - Days to Vote: 3, # of Objections Required: 33%
Double check before accepting a trade or making a transaction. Mistakes happen, if you accidentally do something you must post on your message board and contact mods within 30 minutes to undo your mistake.
Team Management
All managers are expected to be active and set their lineups for the season
Please set your lineup in advance if you won't have access for a stretch.
If an accident add/drop is made, email to have it reverted. Must notify within a reasonable amount of time.
1. Ahead in more scoring categories
2. 1st place in more scoring categories
3. Ahead in specific scoring category
Home Runs
4. Ahead in specific scoring category
Runs Batted In
If you may miss the draft please set your pre-draft rankings
Draft order is randomized once the league fills
No draft pick/slot trading.
Trash talking is encouraged but should be cheeky and fun, treat your fellow managers with some level of respect
Payouts Each league winner gets one free year of RotoBaller Premium access for all sports ($99 value), and also a $50 Fantrax credit. Grand prize of $500 for the overall winner of the 2017 RotoBaller Challenge.


Relegation Rules

2017 18 leagues x 12 teams = 216 teams this year


D1 = 6 leagues x 12 = 72 teams D1 = 7 leagues x 12 = 84 teams
1st-3rd place teams = 18 x 3 = 54 1st-3rd place teams = 18 x 3 = 54 1st-4th place teams = 18 x 4 = 72
Next 18 overall leaderboard = 18 Next 30 overall leaderboard = 30 Next 12 overall leaderboard = 12
Next in line: Overall leaderboard Next in line: Overall leaderboard Next in line: Overall leaderboard
D2 - everyone else D2 - everyone else D2 - everyone else


Specifics depend on how many leagues we fill
3 maybe 4 Divisions
4 divisions