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The Fantasy National Golf Club is a private golf club for fantasy golfers.

FNGC doesn't make lineup picks - they make world class DFS research tools that save you time and allow you to make better decisions.


Stat Engine for DFS Golf

There are ton of tools offered by Fantasy National, but the stat engine is the anchor. Unlike the other sites, which only offer total season stats, our stat engine allows you to grab stats that only include each player’s last 12, 24, 100, or 1000 rounds. Then ranks their performance in each stat relative to the current week’s field. Want stats over a specific date range? That’s easy too. If you’ve ever purchased anything online, you’ll know how to work the FNGC stat engine. Not really a numbers guy? We’ve made it easy. Everything is color coded. All you need to remember is: Green is good. Red is bad. Hope you got that.

Want to know who’s been putting the best on bent grass greens over their last 24 rounds? Better stretch out that finger because this might take you a total of two mouse clicks. Select greens: bent. Sort by strokes gained putting. Boom. Scroll over a players’ rank to reveal exactly how many total strokes he’s gained with his putter on bent greens. It also tells you what he’s averaged. Need to dig in more. Click the player name to get a see how they’ve fared in every measured event, by any stat you like.

The FNGC stat engine lets you filter your stats to only include rounds played in certain conditions. Want stats exclusively from rounds that played tough relative to par? How about rounds where hitting the fairway was easy? How about rounds where the rough was long? How about rounds where the wind was blowing? Maybe you want to know who’s played the best on the weekend. Well… you get the idea.

The rolling reports let you see how a player is trending in any stat by ranking them against the field over various round intervals allowing you to quickly see who has the best current form and long term form in a single, simple view… and remember… Green is good. Red is bad.

And the icing on the cake… Once you’ve determined which stats you think are going to be important this week – and you can check out other videos for ways to do that – you can create your own custom model based only on those stats AND the stat engine will create your own custom power rankings based on those stats. Oh yeah… You can also throw your power rankings in the rolling report as well.

The Fantasy National Stat engine is the most comprehensive, efficient and easy way to research golf on the planet. Are you ready to become a member?



Stat Engine Screenshots

  • Access to every stat you need
  • Variable Sample Sizes (Rounds / Player)
  • Fully Customizable Time Frames
  • Filter on related courses
  • Pricing for Betting Odds, DraftKings, FanDuel, and Fantasy Draft


Fantasy National Golf Club


List of all the different round conditions you can filter on:

Fantasy National Golf Club


Rolling Reports allow you to look at a how a player has performed in a specific stat over multiple round sizes in a single view to see how they are trending:

Fantasy National Golf Club


Create your own weighted custom model using any stats you like:

Fantasy National Golf Club


Custom Weighted Model will list all your important stats and create a custom power ranking for you:

Fantasy National Golf Club



Lineup Generator - DFS Golf

If you are familiar with lineup generators, Fantasy National’s is a little different than ones you may have used in the past. Fist off, Members of the Fantasy National Golf Club pick their own players. That’s what they do. We’re not going to put anyone on your lineup unless you want them there. That being said, to get the simulator to work you have to “favorite” all the players you want to use in your lineups. You can do that on the main stat engine page. People often ask what the right number of players to use is, and that really depends. Some people like to use between 15 and 20 and others will use as many as 50. It all boils down to risk / reward. In general, the fewer players you use, the higher the risk / higher reward. If you only have a handful of guys and they all the players play great, you’re winning all the money that week. On the flip-side, if even two or three of them fail to make the cut, they could take out upwards of 80% of your lineups. When you are selecting your players, make sure you have enough guys, and make sure their pricing is spread out, because after all, we need to build valid lineups.

There are a few basic settings you can use to fine tune the generator: first select how many lineups you want to create. Next you set your minimum and maximum lineup salary to use. Finally, you can set the maximum number of players any of your generated lineups can share. Setting the maximum to 3 would prevent the generator from creating any lineups with the same four players on it.

Now the fun part. Set the exposure you want to have for each player, then generate your rosters. If you don’t like the distribution of your players, you can run the generator again for a fresh start, or re-distribute shares of one player to another by using the “move shares” option. When you’re satisfied, click “Export Lineups” and you’re done.

Then, merely head to the site of your choice, go to the “upload lineups” feature, use the file downloaded from Fantasy National. Making 100 lineups by hand takes hours. Just minutes if you’re a member of Fantasy National Golf Club.

The Fantasy National Lineup DFS generator makes building and customizing each lineup incredible simple if you want to build rosters for DraftKings, Fanduel, or Fantasy Draft. And yes, that includes weekend DraftKings lineups.


Lineup Generator Screenshots

  • Only builds lineups with player’s you have selected
  • Set number of lineups, Max / Min Salary, and maximum number of players that can be the same on any two lineups.
  • Set weights to increase their likelihood of being placed on a roster.

Fantasy National Golf Club


Once the generator has built your lineups, you can easily move players’ exposure around to fine tune your overall roster construction.

Fantasy National Golf Club




Everyone loves a head-to-head match up wager, especially us at Fantasy National Golf Club. Off the stat engine, under the “view” drop down tab, select the “Head-To-Head” option and discover the true odds of the match up being offered by your site. Enter any two players names to find their win/loss record against each other for each time they’ve played a course on the same day. You will get information on a per round, and per tournament basis. Even results on full tournaments where they both make the cut. Plus, a lot at what the “true” betting line should be, which you can compare to odds being offered to you to find value. General rule of thumb, if the number you are being offered is higher than the true odds, there is value there.

And, like everything on Fantasy National, you can customize the Head-To-Head tool however you like. Narrow your search by rounds, date range, to based tournament settings like grass type, wind or difficulty and discover the results immediately.


Head-To-Head Screenshot

Fantasy National Golf Club



Golf Course Breakdowns

While the average golf fan doesn’t realize all Par 72 courses are completely different, members of the Fantasy National Golf Club know better. Save hours of research using the “Course Breakdown” tab off the main stat engine gives you an inside look at how each course sets up, and what stats contributed the most based on past results. You can sort the stats by the results of the winner, Top five,10 or 20 finishers or by those who merely made the cut, or failed to make the weekend.

The visual aides will help you quickly identify where the important areas of each course rest. Whether it’s by a particular set of stats that have been relevant in the past, a specific length of hole which appears far more often at this event, or how individual stats like Driving accuracy, greens in regular, and proximity rate at this course against the average tour event. A quick scan of this tool can help you identify the stats that matter for the week and which are simple noise.


Golf Course Breakdown Screenshots

Fantasy National Golf Club

Fantasy National Golf Club

Fantasy National Golf Club



Ownership Calculation Projections - DFS Golf

Projecting ownership numbers for daily fantasy golf tournaments is an excellent way to, not only, get a sense of what others are doing with their lineups in terms of picks, but also lineup construction. This can be highly beneficial when used with lineup generator to figure out how exposure you want to have of a particular player compared to the field. It’s so beneficial, Fantasy National’s projected ownership percentage appears next to the weighting field in the lineup generator. Also, it’s the perfect tool to find players who are falling through the cracks to assist in differentiating your lineups. Use the menu tab, click on “ownership projections” and you’ll have full access to the who is projected to be the highest and lowest owned players of the week.

Here’s how it works: It’s all of us helping each other with information.

Uses the favorites from each member and the number of times they appear in lineups from the generator and works to calculate an accurate ownership number based on that data and the range of prices possible.

And, created by founding member Josh ADHD, there’s an interactive chalk-line graph to give you a visual guide to the ownership of each player and easy to find pivot options.


Ownership Calculations Screenshots

Fantasy National Golf Club

Fantasy National Golf Club



Golf Simulator

When you hear people say that golf is a sport with high variance, what they are really saying is: Golf is Hard. Anything can happen on any given hole. Our job as fantasy golfers is to try to figure out what is most likely to happen. The fngc simulator helps us do this by simulating an upcoming events. It does this by randomly generating scores for every player for every hole of each round based on how they’ve played on statistically similar holes in the past. Then it does this 1000 more times, spitting out a total number of wins, Top 5, 10s, 20s and the odds of each player making the cut.

It takes out bias. It also doesn’t weigh factors like in injury or mental composure, since no one knows how to accurately determine how those influence a players’ performance.

And remember, don’t take the simulator results as gospel. It’s simply another tool as a part of your overall research to give you a view of how a tournament will play out. Just think it of as an another set of eyes on the same information. But these eyes only see things in binary, like Neo in the Matrix.

Plus, you have the ability to go back and compare the simulator results to past events with the Fantasy National historic simulations.


Golf Simulator Screenshots

Note: Market:1 is current betting odds. Odds:1 is simulated probability.

Fantasy National Golf Club



Golf Player Detail Pages

The player detail page allows you to dig into each player’s stats at the event level so you can see how they have been performing over time. Infact, at the top of each page is a summary so you can quickly see trends. One of the coolest things about the player detail page is the “Then / Now” mouseover. Imagine you are researching for the 2018 Farmers Insurance and want to know how Tony Finau has played there in the past. You can filter his events by typing in “Farmers” in the search located top right of the data table.

Fantasy National Golf Club

Here we can see he has placed inside the top 25 each time he’s played here and last year he placed 4th. Ok… So we’ve determined he has some good course history, but has he played well here just because he was playing well? With the then / now mouseover you can hover over any stat and it will compare how the player performed in that stat on the 5 and 10 events leading up to it vs how he is currently performing in those stats.

Fantasy National Golf Club

Here we see that Tony Finau is performing better tee-to-green now than he was going into the 2017 Farmers.