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RotoBaller Live Chat: Fantasy Baseball Advice (7/21) - Yelich, Hamilton, Call-Ups & More

RotoBaller avatar logo - Fantasy baseball advice

The following are the transcripts from the RotoBaller Live Chat that took place on July 21st, 2013. Fellow RotoBaller Tyler Petagine talks fantasy baseball, waiver wire, trades and more with some readers.

As always, you can get some LIVE quick hit advice in RotoBaller’s fantasy baseball advice chat room. Let’s win some leagues!


21:03Tyler Petagine -

Hey Guys! I now offer you a late-night RotoBaller. My name's Tyler, but i can also go by Ty. Feel free to ask for as much advice needed. I will be chatting away for the next 15 minutes or so.

21:03Baller - Myles

keeper league choose 3: segura, machado, posey, encarnacion, strasburg

21:03Baller - Marita

Drop carlos martinez or Eric stultz

21:04Tyler Petagine -

myles: before i answer it, is this roto or h2h. and is it a re-draft or a permanent league?

21:04Baller - Adaline

pick 2 of 4 for 2nd half, Soriano, Myers, Rasmus, Heyward.

21:04Baller - Jeanine

U like Napoli or lucroy ROS?

21:04Tyler Petagine -

marita- for a one year league, i would rather have stults at the moment. but, if word comes out on martinez being a sp, then reverse my decision, hahaha.

21:05Baller - Myles

tyler: h2h and keep 3 and redraft

21:05Tyler Petagine -

adaline: heyward and myers

21:05Baller - Marita

Lol I'm scared to drop him for just that but I need room for darvish off dl

21:05Baller - Jillian

Drop Alciedes Escobar, Chacin or Erasmo for Wily Peralta

21:06Tyler Petagine -

myles: if you can only keep 3, i'd leave out segura and machado.

21:06Baller - Adaline

2nd half, Dickey or Lynn ?

21:07Tyler Petagine -

jilian: depends on the league. bc in roto leagues, alcides is hard to drop in deeper leagues.

21:07Baller - Jillian

its a 16-team keeper league h3h


21:07Tyler Petagine -

jillian: but i'd easily drop erasmo of the bunch, from a value standpoint.

adaline: give me lynn.

21:07Baller - Jeanine

lucroy or Napoli ROS?

21:08Real Talk Raph - Ro..

Lucroy wont kill your BA at least....

21:08Tyler Petagine -

jeanine: sorry for the delay. umm, tough question bc napoli has def been the better option overall, but with both player veering in separate directions, it depends on your statistical needs.

21:09Baller - Adaline

Lucroy prediction: Ends as top 5 C - Napoli is a strikeout machine.

21:09Tyler Petagine -

jeanine: if it's for roto, i'll take my chances with lucroy. but in h2h, it depends on your team's needs.

21:09Baller - Minh

Any opinion on Castellanos. Yelich, Bogaerts having a fantasy playoff impact

21:09Baller - Jeanine

thanks yea I dropped Napoli for him yesterday and Napoli hit a hr today

its h2h and I would like a little more consistent hitting

21:10Tyler Petagine -

minh- i think yelich has the most potential to do any real damage. simply bc he will have a very long leash, once he gets promoted.

bogaerts to me is a "must-own" keeper player, but you can avoid him in one-year leagues.

i think an 014' debut is much more likely.

21:11Baller - Adaline

1st SP to Add, Kluber, Gonzales (BAL), Archer ?

21:12Tyler Petagine -

jeanine- i think nap is a little more useful in h2h bc of the low ba. but i agree that if you need consistency, take lucroy.

adaline: archer

21:12Baller - Minh

Seems so on '14 but Bogaerts is sure pushing

21:12Tyler Petagine -

adaline: at least as a short-term option. kluber may have the most "staying power" of the bunch, but archer can provide more brilliancy while he's hot.

21:13Baller - Leo

Ryu get the start tomorrow against the Jays?

21:14Tyler Petagine -

leo- it appears he will be facing the blue jays ace johnson: intriguing matchup!

21:15Baller - Leo

Think I should start him?

21:16Baller - Minh

Ray's got the pedal down- 4 with the Sox this week

21:16Tyler Petagine -

leo- yes, definitely. he has been very shaky of late, but with the dodgers' offense exploding in recent days, the dodgers starters have great win appeal.

21:17Baller - Leo

The only thing that is scaring me off is his road ERA being over a 4.

21:19Baller - Minh

Drop Miggy for Heidi Watney?

21:20Baller - Leo

I'd drop a lot of things for Heidi Warney, including Miggy.

21:20Tyler Petagine -

minh- oh yeah! miggy has cooled off just enough to make that a justifiable claim.

21:20Baller - Minh

good call


Hmm got me thinking- Bogaerts a possible keeper with 6 keepers (12 team roto)

21:23Baller - Ted

How do you feel about Nova two starts this week? Sit Lackey.?

21:23Tyler Petagine -

i have about another 10 minutes of chatting actually: good news. i'm surprised it's been this long without any trade questions, ha!

21:23Baller - Soon

should i offer ryu for E cabrera or E santana for E cabrera/


21:23Baller - Minh

traded out

I ltke me some Ryu

21:24Tyler Petagine -

soon- i would hold trade for cabrera if you are needy for steals. and if not so, then it still could be a sensible move if you an have an excess of pitchers.

ryu i'd put slightly ahead of santana and he holds much greater value.

21:26Baller - Leo

Debating on dropping Jeter, Cole, Wheeler, or Morse for Archer...

21:26Baller - Soon

i have, hernandez, darvish, papelbon, Jim johnson, kimbrel, santan, nova, ryu, duobront, t wood, w peralta and beachy

21:26Tyler Petagine -

santana is one of my favorite underrated starters: but his biggest problem is that he'll have a few "blow-up" outings from time to time, and they are extremely hard to predict.

21:27Baller - Soon

my league just count IP, K, SV, era and whip

21:27Tyler Petagine -

leo- drop jeter.

21:27Baller - Soon

no W, QS

21:27Baller - Minh

IP? weird

21:27Baller - Hazel

prob drop wheeler

21:27Baller - Soon

ya, innings pitched

21:28Baller - Leo

I was thinking Jeter too... I have Desmond, Hardy, and Murphy for SS/MI

21:28Baller - Minh

agree Jeter

21:28Baller - Soon

i dont know why, but the comissioner wanted it that way

21:28Baller - Minh

just odd- I like QS

21:28Tyler Petagine -

soon- without qs, then ryu's value goes down- bc he brings great consistency.

leo- oh if you have desmond, then it's a no-brainer.

21:29Baller - Minh

ya he doesn't blow up

21:30Tyler Petagine -

5 more minutes until i'm out- but it's been a pleasuring helping you guys out so far.

21:30Baller - Minh

It is more fun when you guys are in here ty

21:31Baller - Soon

so, who should i offer?

21:31Baller - Leo

We have both SS and MI start spots, and I was looking for Jeter to replace Hardy. Hardy hurts my average.

21:31Baller - Ted

Any 2 nd half studs left to target in the minors? And what do you feel Beachy brings the ROS?

21:31Baller - Leo

Either way, Jeter dropped for Archer.

21:31Tyler Petagine -

soon- yeah, if you want more of a sure-thing, then keep ryu over santana. plus, the dodgers' offense has been on fire lately. but santana is more of a hit or miss type player. high risk/ high reward.

21:32Baller - Soon

i like the K's that santana brings to the table 

21:32Tyler Petagine -

ted- yes, i would keep a close eye on billy hamilton

21:33Baller - Ted

I was thinking that.. Or tajawn walker..

21:34Baller - Soon

im gonna offer santana first, if the guy declines then ill offer him ryu

21:34Baller - Soon

or santana and b miller for cabrera

21:34Baller - Minh

Ellsbury is looking good- some power back


21:35Tyler Petagine -

soon- try the lighter deal and you can always make it stronger, ha.

ted- i also think will middlebrooks will get another chance eventually.

21:36Baller - Jillian

Miller or Alcides Escobar in a H2H league

21:36Baller - Leo

I didn't see, does starting Ryu tomorrow against the Blue Jays get the yes or no from you guys?

21:36Baller - Soon

ill prefer miller. i had escobar and i drop him

im gonna start him, what the hell

21:36Baller - Ted

I have miller and will keep him

21:37Baller - Minh

Ryu isn't a must start nut is with me


21:37Tyler Petagine -

ted- some other prospects to consider: carlos martinez, christian yelich, and jonathan singelton. martinez has already been called up and could earn a starting rotation role in the coming weeks.

leo- yes. i'd feel comfortable starting ryu.

21:38Baller - Hazel

Is Tommy Millone safe to stream tomorrow

21:38Baller - Ted

Josh rutledge... Any value.. Huge disappointment. But don't want to drop him

21:38Baller - Leo

I'm just weighing my options because I am ahead on IP...and on paper, the matchup looks shaky

21:38Baller - Minh

no ^& no

21:38Tyler Petagine -

ted- not much usefulness, unless you are in a very deep league.

21:39Baller - Ted

Thank you..

21:39Baller - Lino

about as useful as CAmusta...LOL

21:39Baller - Minh

I targeted him/// Rutledge


21:40Baller - Leo

General question : Is it worth it to keep a backup catcher? I have Rosario as my usual starter with Castro as a backup...Castro has been fairly poopy as of late, and I wouldn't mind finding someone to fill that spot.

21:40Baller - Lino

I mean Carmona

21:41Baller - Ted

Just scooped up erased ramirez.. I like him the 2nd half once I lose miller or Harvey to innings cap

21:41Baller - Jillian

tyler miller or escobar?

21:41Tyler Petagine -

when it comes to prospects for this season, the two best teams to closely monitor are the marlins and astros. they could promote top-of-the-line players at several different positions.

21:41Baller - Minh

Are you guys all in Ohio>?

21:42Baller - Josh

looking to add Brad Miller, drop Markakis or Rendon?

21:43Tyler Petagine -

josh- i would wouldn't add him for either. but if you are that desperate at ss, then drop rendon.

21:43Baller - Ted

Leo.. We start two.. I have rosario and Perez and sat on yasmani till he got hurt.. Catchers go down often.. DArnaud might be up soon

21:43Baller - Josh

not desperate, but Markakis has done absoltely nothing going on 2 months now

21:44Tyler Petagine -

josh- ik, but he's still a must-own in 12 teamers or deeper.

21:44Baller - Josh

im 10 team

markakis has 2rbi for the entire month of july

no power

no SB

21:46Tyler Petagine -

ik, but his track-record is enough to warrant ownership. listen, if you have plenty of solid alternatives on the wire, then feel free to pull the plug on him. but, if you're in a deep roto league, it just doesn't seem like a sensible move.

21:46Baller - Ted

Josh... Miller had 5 rbi yesterday.. Lol

21:46Baller - Josh

10 team H2H

Miller has 2 rbi today alone, matching Markakis total for the month

and markakis has an enitre all star team batting arounf him

21:47Tyler Petagine -

josh- markakis is an OF, so he's the most replaceable of the bunch, but he's still the most valuable of the 3. drop rendon if you are still gonna be deep at 2B/3B.

21:48Baller - Josh

i have Tulo/Brandon Phillips/Aybar aside from rendon

21:48Tyler Petagine -

thanks guys for giving me some tough questions, as always. i have to head out now (getting late), so i'll hopefully see you guys during the week. take care!


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